1. That was truly a moment of opportunity. I wonder what happened to the Occupy Movement? Bought out?

  2. The USA doesn't need a fucking communist party at all! They got so far without this type of governing system so why destroy it now? I repeat, the USA shouldn't even have a communist party. It's just… ridiculous


  4. Communism just like any other system, just like capitalism is prone to fail sometimes. But we have to keep trying because it has best ideals for us all.

  5. Greeting Comrades, may we advance into History and bring forth the Communist ideal into the American Society. F&%*ck FACISM. DOWN WITH THE NEO NAZI IDEAL!!!!!!!

  6. It´s said that only brainwashed people reject people that fight for their rights. I don´t know but in this society most people tend to accept ideologies from the ones who exploit them. the real men rights fithers are the communist.

  7. We're all the same people. But we divide and hates each other's because of what ideology we believe in. Anyone can believe in what they want. This is what they want to believe in.

  8. Yes communism exist in this country and yes there are democratic entities in communistic countries. The difference is we allow them to speak, in communist countries they throw them away in jail and forget about them like Cuba.

  9. don't be subsumed. Dare to be who you are. Of the place that's water still flows within you. Dare to be of the place that became you. Dare to speak and create life with a grounded heart. Hearts are partly made from that point of earth which sprung you . This is the defiance against the forces of men.
    To be singular within any attempt at union. It is only the knowledge and love of who you are and what made you – that can finally save you from annihilation. The collective artifice is a murderous fool – vain and selfish and prone to self destruction. Dare to love. Dare to be you. Only then can you see the sacredness in other individuals.
    In that knowledge of the sacred soul and heart in one = the world is saved. Kindness and love and understanding can begin then. Because identity is established and is sovereign – sacred. As it is in heaven. (rk)

  10. What a let down. That was a perfect time to start the revolution. Just bring your arms and take down the bourgeois in a giant marching front with everyone.

  11. Oh yes. Let's embrace communism. Where you government decides if you can have a kid, how you should spend your money, politicians and people in government are rich and the vast majority are poor and no middle class. Oh what a nirvana. Why don't people grow the hell up already?! Are you that envious of people who bust their ass who end up being successful and rich? "Boo down with capitalism". Don't ruin my time here. Nobody is asking you to stay here. Go move to Iran or North Korea.

  12. Dumbass people supporting Communisim . If you still want to support Communism , go to china and live there for just 1 year and comeback . Then decide if you still want to support Coummunism lol .

  13. The problem that the new generation in usa
    are not educated at all it is not my opinion it is what them media said
    and now you can read in the comments that every one think Communism is bad
    they can not understand that the cold war it is not about communism it was about       ( usa – Russia )
    no one can fight Ideas
    Ideas can not die
    i am very happy to see this video …. and i wish those young men try hard and hard for them rights
    it is not important if it is called Communism or Capitalism 
    it is just rights

  14. Capitalism, socialism/communism are perfect on theory.

    But people fail to realize that the problem lies on the humanity. They are the cause of problem.

  15. As a European that actually decided to look into what United Statesmen actually hold dear, I can actually see why so many of you guys are against what is red.

    It's practically against your constitution…

    Seeing US commies, feels… odd…

  16. I'm currently living comfortably under capitalism.  That does not mean I believe capitalism is sustainable for the human species in the long term.  I am willing to make sacrifices for humanity.  We're going to have to get off this rock before the next global extinction event or before we simply lose the ability to support our numbers here.  (Oh that's right Google or wiki mass extinction)  the industrial, educational, and scientific effort will not be profitable.  The only example we have in modern history of incredibly vast numbers of humans being pushed into a new era so rapidly ahead of an existential crisis is the forced modernization of the Soviet Union by Joseph Stalin ahead of the Nazi invasion.  The Soviets went from medieval peasantry to a strong industrial world power in the blink of an eye.  They won the war causing 80% of nazi casualties and pretty much saved every non "aryan" human on the planet.  BTW you cannot compare famines (which occurred in Russia under the tzars as well and ENDED under the Soviets) to Nazi purpose built human stockyards and slaughterhouses.  Too many of us believe capitalism is a silver bullet because its nice in parts of the US, Europe, and for upper classes in a handful other spots.  Meanwhile, its worse than communism for the other 95% of people living under capitalism in Africa, Central and south America, and Asia.  If you live in an aluminum lean to in Bangalore selling potato cakes on the street, a small apartment and free education, healthcare, and retirement in Cuba is paradise.  

  17. Lol people still believe in this crap political party? I guess even thou millions have died from the idea, third times a charm right?

  18. theres a reason the prolareat are called the IGNORANT masses.  Geeesh.  So easy to manipulate morons who can't think or want to do anything for themselves…we are the 99 percent…where's our free hand out?

  19. Hahahha, half of these dorks in the comment section don't even know what Communism is, and no guys the USSR was not Communist.

  20. lol hmmmm Communism in the United States….that makes no sense whatsoever. Please dont have children….hooah. It wont happen on my watch.

  21. North Korean is a poor and miserable country because USA embargo them. Long live revolution. Rise up all revolutionaries. Bloodbath American dictatorship

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