communist party of India - left party - history in HINDI

  1. Youtube pe aajkal loi bhi kisi bhi topic par video bnane lga hai… jo log Left Politics ki ABCD bhi nhi samjhte hai, history nhi jante hai vo bhi video bnane lagte hai…This video is disgusting…

  2. India is the last frontier for communism.. this country will rise conquer and defeat all inequalities through parliamentary democratic liberal communism… Right parties are never meant to rule such humongous pluralistic and complex country like India… jai hind… Lal Salam

  3. The present TMC regime which had been survived through undemocratic rigging the elections resorted to a reign of semi-fascist terror.
    This TMC also made the way for the destroyer (BJP) to come to Bengal.

    Now ahead of the General Election, opportunity appeared for the people of Bengal to punish BJP & TMC severely for its authoritarian and anti – democratic activities through electoral process.
    It is therefore suggested to all concerned to take care of the following ::

    1) Rigging, Silent Rigging, Booth Capturing, silent booth capturing .
    2) Plz take care that even Agents of Left Parties are threatened & asked to stay away from Booth(s), they must not get buckled. 👉 Most important.
    Security aspects to be taken care by the Party Leaders.
    3) Ensure that people are allowed to come to the Booths to cast their own vote. 👉 Most important.
    4) Organise, identify and finalize most dedicated, reliable and efficient Workmen for safeguard of all Booths during election process.

    Once people are allowed to come to the Booth to cast their own vote, and Booths are safeguard as required, it is sure, this time, it will be repeatation of results as witnessed in 1977 and a surprise to the LF itself.

    Lal Salam.
    Best wishes
    (from Bengal )

  4. Before pressing the button on EVM, please keep the following in mind ::
    1- Jet Airways closed,
    2- Air India in terrible loss
    3-Bsnl's 54,000 jobs are in danger
    4- HAL does not have money to pay salaries
    5-Post department losses of 15000 crores
    6-Videocon bankruptcy
    7- Tata DeComo went,
    8- Aircel went,
    9-Jp Group Finished
    10- Worst performance of ONGC till now
    11- The country's 36 largest debtors are missing from the country.
    12- Big loan waiver of 35 million crores, benefitting big baniyas
    13 PNB Crisis
    14- Other banks also suffered huge losses,
    15- Debt on the country is $ 131100 million
    16 railway assets put on sale
    17- Renting out All Heritage buildings including Red Fort
    18 – Millions of people unemployed after the note ban
    19 – 45 years biggest unemployment rate
    20 – Three times more martyrs than the previous government.
    21- Airports sold to Adani.
                  !! All is not well !!
    Nation is under deep crises and needs immediate action by the people of the country to "replace the present Govt at the Centre". As even otherwise, we are also likely to be sold at any moment without our knowledge.
    It is particularly for the young generation to come out, organise serious campaigns, protest, rallys against the odds so as to make the people understand and take action accordingly to reach to the destination.
    Best wishes.
    Lal Salam
    (from Bengal )

  5. Communist india se khtm nahi hua abhi to aur badhega log jitne educated honge communist ideology utna hi badhega. Communist is the need for india like undevloped unjustice unsocial unequality country.

  6. Left majdooro ka support karti hai na ki capitalists ki jisase wo us had tak chanda nahi juta pati or na prachar kar pati hai

  7. Hum enke wazood ko ktm kr denge ar hr haal me karenge….. Chahe kitni bhi jaane quarbaan ho…….. Ladenge ar jitenge…… Hr haal me ktm Hona hi hoga communist ko….. India se ukaad fekenge…… Aaj hamare SAATH enke log khud jud rhe hai kerla at bengal me ye kabr ke kinare pahuch gye

  8. Sab log dhokebaaz hai . Congress bolo ya communist party ya bjp.
    Sab party kisi na kisi Tara se religion ko Rajneeti ke saath jor dete hai.
    Hamara Bharat sabhi dharmo ke Insaan o ko jaga dete hai .
    Bharat hamara matribhumi hai or "jai Bharat Mata ki jai" bolne se kisi vi bharatbasi ko koi problem nahi hona chahiye.

  9. इंकिलाब ज़िंदाबाद।🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒

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