Communist Organization ACLU- Mask Off

the ACLU has proven themselves time and time again to be an anti-american organization dedicated to an effort to uproot the Constitution and America's judeo-christian values Roger Baldwin the founder of ACLU stated I am for socialism disarmament and ultimately for the abolishing the state itself I seek the social ownership of property the abolition of property class and the sole control of those who produce wealth communism is the goal therefore it comes as no surprise that the ACLU has recently attempted to stop my assembly program from being presented in America's public schools which teaches our posterity to honor the price paid for our freedom by upholding the Constitution and the values of our founders as the best of this nation look at every one of us then look at us and they say we bought you to set you free they posted a warning to Iowa schools stating my assembly is unconstitutional the Constitution of the United States is a stumbling block for the ACLU as a matter of fact they were caught red-handed omitting part of the First Amendment of the Constitution of these United States on their website they had the following version of the First Amendment Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances the First Amendment actually States Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances well they were forced to correct themselves on their site their actions certainly exemplify the omission they have waged a hypocritical war on Christianity and the Constitution while they approve and even defend radical anti-american policies the ACLU has targeted Christian organizations or individuals while allowing and even applauding the rights of Muslims to practice their faith in public schools and using government money now here are some examples of the ACL u–'s shameful hypocrisy the ACLU has filed suits throughout the United States to remove Christian crosses Christian flags and the Ten Commandments from public buildings although they were erected at the community's request the ACLU has targeted a movement called the silver ring thing a case in which the Department of Health and Human Services was held in violation of the clause by providing inherently religious activities in its promotion of an abstinence before marriage program the American Civil Liberties Union threatened to bring a lawsuit against the Hawaii State Senate for its long-standing tradition of opening each legislative floor session with an invocation in a letter the ACLU cited Christian prayer in any reference to Jesus Christ at the legislature is unacceptable the ACLU has broadcast at its role in eliminating intelligent design courses in Pennsylvania Public Schools in Virginia the ACLU has protested the issuing of choose life license plates and a moment of silence for school children at the beginning of each day however Carver Elementary School in San Diego was going to allow Muslim students to pray in school instead of the ACLU threatening this school they made the following statement in defense of Muslims performing these prayers is widely if not universally recognized as one of the five essential pillars of Islam one of these prayer times will always fall during the school day at Carver when students are required by law to be at school the ACLU was happy to represent a high school teenager who violated her school's dress code by wearing a nose ring stating it was a part of her religious beliefs being part of the Church of body modification in 2004 the Massachusetts branch of the American Civil Liberties Union contended that the display depicting the birth of Jesus in a Bethlehem manger violated separation of church and state and its presence on the grounds of a public school sent a message that the school's endorsed Christianity however the city of Boston virtually gave away land and government officials at every level endorsed the construction of a 22 million dollar religious structure the religious structure and institution was neither a church nor a synagogue it was a mosque and not just any mosque the Islamic Society of Boston's mosque project will be the largest on the east coast of the United States and will be funded primarily through middle-eastern money to Muslim inmates held in a special unit at the US prison in Terre Haute Indiana say they aren't allowed to pray in groups as often as their religion commands and have asked a federal judge to ease limitations on worship imposed by the Bureau of Prisons the ACLU was right there to sue the federal prison on the behalf of the law breaking individuals the ACLU has also protected criminal activity the ACLU defended the North American man-boy love Association nebula for this paedophile groups role in the brutal murder of ten-year-old Jeffrey Curley in 1997 Salvatore Sakaki and Charles Jaynes picked up fifth grader Jeffrey Curley and took the boy to the Boston Public Library where Jaynes accessed nablas website later the men attempted to sexually assault Curley but the boy fought back attempting to restrain him Jaynes gagged the ten-year-old boy with the gasoline soaked rag and eventually killing him the men put Jeffrey's body in a tub with concrete and threw it into a river the American Civil Liberties Union argues that the newsletters and other NAMBLA materials remember I said pedophile organization in James's possession which contained photographs of boys of various ages and nude drawings of boys are protected speech under the Constitution it is obvious to see their clear discriminatory manner in which the ACLU operates the definition of a hate crime is defined by state law as one that involves threats harassment or physical harm and is motivated by prejudice against someone's race color and religion the ACLU has proved themselves to be guilty of bullying targeting and harassing Christians after one of our assembly programs in dung Curtain Iowa the ACLU in conjunction with three homosexual organizations sent a letter to all of the Iowa schools telling them that our pro Ram was divisive and unconstitutional they also stated assemblies like ours have no place in our public schools the ACL u–'s only reference to what happened during our assembly was a media report filled with false information folks even the kids attending our assemblies know better than to believe the media without even knowing our content for themselves and without contacting us the ACLU has attempted to shut us out of their schools based on their obvious discrimination against the Christian faith and against the Constitution that we base our entire assembly program on the ACLU but be unequivocally supportive civil limited for all peoples the Ranger can't make any exception to say well it's all right to have civil liberties here but not there the ACLU American Civil Liberties Union is guilty of the very hate crimes they claimed it a cry you

  1. American Civil Liberties Union is not American, not Civil but Subversive, not concerned with your Liberty unless you are also Anti-America. Union = Communism.
    Communist Organization ACLU- Mask Off

  2. Check out the Jewish protocols ? Please and who is truly in control of things ? We cannot keep supporting them hope people really watches these videos and share

  3. Here we see a clear allegiance between muslims and communists and freemasons in their hatred for christianity.  This is the very underlying issue in the manifestation of isis. 

  4. Obviously, republicans never learned grammar in all those tony prep schools they attended. They must have all been absent that day. Can you say ellipses?

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