“Communist News Network" billboard across from CNN's L.A. office! | Martina Markota

the guys at the faction have pulled another gorilla art project they are the ones behind the multiplying Trump stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the NPC billboards I have reported on them a few times and I even have an interview that I did with them you guys should check that video out but this time they have turned a CNN billboard on a busy LA intersection near CNN headquarters into a communist news network billboard that says keep Korea divided with an asterisk that says because orange man bad featuring CEO Jeff Zucker I asked the faction for a statement and they said when Trump speaks glowingly of Kim jong-un it's a tactic that allows Jong hoon to save face and show his people that the American threat has ended back away from a war footing and toward normalized relations its Reagan playing nice with Gorbachev to pretend instead that Trump has bonded with a dictator over their love of torture and tyrannical rule is laughable Jeff Zucker and has Cherno activists know this but are more than willing to try to torpedo this summit with such claims the future on the long-suffering North and South Korean people be damned it's one thing to believe orange man bad and the clown who network for all time but to do so with the fate of millions of people hanging in the balance is immoral when Trump calls the media the enemy of the people he means the enemy of freedom loving people not just in America but the world over does Jeff Zucker ever wonder what the thousands of North Koreans wasting away in prison camps might think of his tactics when the reunification party happens on Western Avenue in Koreatown just a few miles from CNN's headquarters CNN will not be invited and that's the best part is that this all happened right by CNN headquarters it even drew the attention to Scott Adams on Twitter CNN has been a joke to conservatives since about the 2016 election they have promoted Hillary Clinton and reported that polls say that she will be the winner of the presidential race and Trump will not have a chance and they were dubbed Clinton News Now work they have gone on to attack Trump at any chance they can no matter how petty Trump has not let the slide and he has famously called them fake news can you give us a question B I'm you not going to give you a question can you say kind of you are fake dude sir cNN has continued to push their propaganda publishing fake news about Kavanagh having additional sexual assault charges just so many stories that they push that are just blatant fake news so CNN is not me favorite nor are they trustworthy and it is showing and this type of artwork is great as I've said before it's time we take over the arts and frankly we are kicking butt the left street art is bland and unfunny just calling Trump orange and bad I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of these guys stay tuned for more updates on the faction and guerrilla art if you like that and want to see more like and subscribe and don't forget to click the little bell symbol so you never miss another video you

  1. My dudes at the faction 1776 are altering reality using right wing analog memes. Martina, have these guys on your stream again. Absolute mad lads 👌👌👌

  2. Our family just cancelled att service because of our perceived anti American working class attacks by CNN and upgraded to a competitor with much better service.

  3. Conservatives have thought CNN was fake news way before 2016. More like 1992. They are just more blatant in 2019.

  4. CNN is a propaganda mill. The modern equivalent of Dur Sturmer or Pravda. They peddle lies, misrepresentation, irresponsible hyperbole, and hate. I sincerely hope that Nick Sandmann wins his lawsuit against them and gets every nickel of the $275 million he's suing them for.

  5. i wasn't a big fan of Trump early on but his willingness to call out the enemy of the people at CNN has really won me over….I now think he belongs on Mt. Rushmore.

  6. Calling CNN fake news is frankly…generous. Since 2016, they've kinda given up on stances like impartial, fair, and factual.

  7. Barney the purple dinosaur gets higher ratings then Cartoon News Network! (CNN). Why is this bullshit station on in every airport, and public place? Wheres is the conservative stations? Europe mostly gets it's new source from these clowns! Why also, since the left is CLEARLY anti-Semitic would a Jewish man (Zucker) continue to support the democraps, self serving, socialist regime? CNN also stands for "CAN NEVER be Neutral"!! Orange Man good, Fake news bad. I'm a deplorable and proud of it!!!!!

  8. Scott Adams is a joke now too. He shut down his channels comments section to keep all the people calling him out on his growing leftist (not rational liberal) view double standards, hypocritical views, an general dismal understandings of too many bigger issues to ignore quiet.

    His first silenced video today already had far more dislikes than likes which is something given any typical video of his normally a good 10 – 20+:1 like to dislike ratio at any time.

    I'll be curious to see how fast his 19K subscriber number falls next. I unsubscribed today so that's a 19K -1 there.

  9. I like your video. But I thought these CNN offices like Los Angeles, Washington, New York, London, Tokyo, etc. are just CNN bureaus. Atlanta is the HQ.

  10. From Communist News Network to Non Player Character News Network by way of brain damaging fatal ideology.

  11. These guys are the BEST. Can someone get back to me, I would like to send them $ to keep their art work coming ?

  12. What kind of pathetic sheep continue to watch or worse yet believe this network. You would think that common sense would kick in at some point. I am amazed that the “commentators” are able to keep a straight face with some of their “reports “ and “interviews”.

  13. CNN has been a joke since the gulf war. Remember their fake report from overseas that was made on their rooftop?

  14. I was wondering the hell was going on there when they WOULD NOT stop reporting on that Malaysian flight that went missing..for two weeks solid..that was ALL THEY TALKED ABOUT…It was like NOTHING ELSE happened in the world!

    Was that PRACTICE for the non-stop anti-Trump coverage?

  15. Martina nije sve bijelo na crnome.Svijet je oduvijek u kurcini i bit ce.Religija protiv religije,rasa protiv rase,susjed protiv susjeda….oduvijek je postojao konflikt i uvijek ce ga biti….pogledaj iza kulisa svjetske politike I medija….necija pametna glavica sve to pokrece i u svoju korist okrece…demokracija i kapitalizam su to dopustili…nazalost

  16. Why do CNN reports get their feelings hurt when they are called fake ? If I call rebel media personalities fake they laugh it off and think I’m a mindless libtard zombie. Why ?

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