Communist Misconceptions: Famines and Starvation

hello and welcome this video was originally going to cover a lot more topics but I had a change of heart and decided to split this up into a miniseries and some common misconceptions thrown around about socialist States the first one which as you can guess by the title is on the misconception of starvation and famines being rampant across these countries this idea primarily comes from China and the Soviet Union which happened to be the two primary targets of this production so sit back and enjoy the ride the only famines ever happen within communist China was the great Chinese famine of 1959 to 1961 during the Great Leap Forward this had not been the result of policy alone but rather by both horror weather conditions and poor logistics by the Communist Party which was trying to make the transition into socialism at the time had there not been this series of natural disasters that occurred during this highly sensitive time of transition or had the greatly for been executed at an earlier or later date the country would not have been caught with its pants down and the millions of deaths that occurred directly or indirectly as a result of the poor timing surrounding the famine would have most likely never happened are at the very least none of the extreme and often overestimated the extent that it did while this particular event was catastrophic similar crises on this magnitude have actually been a regular occurrence across China's history proportionally several periods of famine have exceeded the death toll of the so called great Chinese famine in very recent past take for instance another three-year family the Chinese famine of 1846 to 1847 people perished due to starvation if we acknowledge the great famine death range of 15 to 30 million based on several approximations and use the upper bound for a more conservative estimate we can see that proportionally the 1840s famine occurring with the Chinese population of 423 million in 1846 was almost 20% more devastating than the 1960's famine with a Chinese population of 668 million in 1959 using the lower bound of 15 million the difference is even more profound this just goes to show of history has and is being ever so slightly warped in order to push an agenda against Mao's China and communism on the basis of what was the last of a series of recurring natural disasters that devastated China threatens millenia long history but one may argue that the raw devastation caused by the great Chinese famine properly designates it as the great one however there is another famine that exceeds even this margin over the course of roughly four years the Chinese famines in 1907 in 1911 are created to a hard number of 25 million deaths this not only almost meets the upper bound of the deaths estimator for the 1960s famine but also exceeds it proportionally having been over 30 percent more devastating by comparison this simply concludes that the other famines in Chinese history could have been easily given the moniker of great through the efforts of the Communist Party after the Great Leap Forward these frequent devastating families would be completely eradicated from China since then it has been over 55 years without a single major starvation related catastrophe in the country but not many people talk about this perspective at all the notion that the Soviet Union featured frequent food shortages and famines largely comes from the many photographs taken of people in bread lines during the late 1980s and early 1990s this was not caused by the Soviet economic system but rather its deterioration by Mikhail Gorbachev there is liberalization reforms which the run democratic means instituted the period of unrest in the USSR that would remain up to its disillusion the strife caused by his liberalization policies began the string of bread lines that are now in an ironic twist tied to socialism and communism rather than capitalism in the Western world today what's even more shocking about this association is that the average calorie consumption of Soviet citizens eclipsed that of the United States is up until the Year Gorbachev took power the only instance of calorie consumption being drastically lower than the United States's was in the year 1991 when the reforms that hurt the country began seeping into the very nutrition and well-being of the Soviet people but one cannot talk about famines and starvation in the Soviet Union without mentioning the hold more well there were a couple of other Soviet famines the hold amour is often cited as a key criticism of the Soviet Union for its alleged genocide against Ukrainians in the early 1930s supposedly this was in an effort to depopulate the region and replace it with the Russian population however there are several major fallacies between this narrative and the factual information the most recent scholarly estimate for the famines toll hangs at around 2.6 million in excess deaths which is already half as devastating as the Russian famine of 1921 furthermore the famine did not only affect Ukraine but also southern Russia and Kazakhstan where conditions were equally as bad if not worse so if the famine was not organized as a deliberate act against Ukrainians then what actually caused it in large part poor seed quality poor cultivation dry weather and crop infestations in the years prior to the famine led to an overestimation of the total crop yield for late 1932 in early 1933 however the kulaks were peasant farmers of Ukraine in the surrounding regions are to blame for the deliberate killing of livestock in an effort to protest against Soviet collectivization which ironically was aimed at permanently eliminating the string of famines ongoing from the prior Russian Empire this wreaked havoc on not only Ukraine's population but the entirety of the Soviet Union albeit more sown in southern areas such as the Caucasus the Stan countries and of course Ukraine during the famine itself though the Soviet government made deliberate efforts to assist those in afflicted areas thus it could be concluded that the whole amour was not undelivered genocide but rather a nationwide catastrophe caused by natural disasters and petty greed and that the Soviet Union was not a starvation rate in place as many people are led to believe so I hope you guys enjoyed this first of several videos covering basic misconceptions on socialist States before I close I must give a big thank you to my good friend now revisionism for helping out with the information on the whole d'amour in this video his excellent compilation of sources on the topic and his youtube channel link will be in the description thanks for watching

  1. Its reported by Prager University, a very trustworthy place, that Communism has AT LEAST killed 99999999999999Googol people! Still think Communism is a good thing?

  2. only rat wing cum shitters think communism created famines while they can't go downtown without seeing homeless crowding around food banks

  3. Famines are purely logistical. If the Soviet Union prioritized food production or even imports over industrialization, it would not have killed so many. Just like the Ireland potato blight and England's response to hold to the mercantilist principles preventing food imports, the perceived economic needs of the nation were placed above a starving underclass.

  4. Capitalism allows growth and development buddy, the rich (who run the businesses and corprorations) invest in the right places to make the businesses more profitable expand and create jobs, by that making the gdp fat and fighting unemployment and increasing production, and as well having low taxes which is less expenses and less expenses is almost always good for the economy the people and the nation. Countries with the least regulated market are rich and developed, care to explain why commie?

  5. "Everyone is equal in Communism." While the Government officials are up living the high life while everyone else has to be poor. I guess even in a Communist society there will always be higher class people.

  6. Kim ZeEngels, ruler of Soviet Armenia ate 40,000,000,000 babies a day while instituting a no food policy.
    Still think Communism is cool?

  7. Great Apologetics! So, by forbidding gleaning, the Soviets were trying to save live stock? I don't follow the logic. And by torturing farmers to steal the last little scraps of food that they tried to save for their families, the state wasn't trying to leave them with no option but starvation? And no, the intent was not necessarily to replace Ukrainians with Russians, but to force an unworkable economic theory on them. F.O. with your revisionism!

  8. but dapperton said this is false, even though he had no evidence. ohwell who cares about evidence when you got a way too cool character for the person who actually owns it.

  9. Other countries had unfortunate famines. You have to go to a Marxist country to see a famine deliberately orchestrated by the socialist regime, either for personal profit or to deliberately dispose of millions of people, or both.

  10. The food shortages were real and caused by the system of government. This isn't some kind of speculation about photographs, but our and our ancestors' first-hand living experience in Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Any statistics from those times are a heap of lies. People from the other side of Iron Curtain don't get it… This kind of hubris and ignorance is really dangerous!

    Regarding your comparisons, It's a relatively greater fail to starve significant population later in time given the technological progress we had in XX century. Even though I didn't know about China's famines and it's great to learn new information, I still believe that communism is a big contributor here.

  11. Communism is of JEWISH Origin!!
    The Revolution of 1917 was Not a "Russian Revolution"!!
    It was a JEWISH Revolution!!
    Vile Murdering Sons of Satan!!

  12. Hope you see this. You forgot to mention the export and import of grain during the said period argument.
    In short, Soviet grain import reduced to half of 1927-31 numbers. And they even had to buy some grain abroad to distribute and help the starving regions. Need a source or do you have one?

  13. Does anyone knows the song that plays at the chinese intro? The link at the description does not lead to the correct song

  14. also fug u

    capitalism allows you to exist

    wait what do you mean there were bread lines in america too

  15. Almost every time a country collectivizes agriculture famine occurs. Even post WW2, the USSR’s small private farms produced a disproportionate amount of food compared to collective farms. At best this shows that Mao just began a red dynasty with the same problems as the previous dynasties

  16. Director of Research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Paris, offers the following rough breakdown of the numbers of people that communism killed:

    USSR — 20 million

    China — 65 million

    Vietnam — 1 million

    North Korea — 2 million

    Cambodia — 2 million

    Eastern Europe — 1 million

    Latin America — 150,000

    Africa — 1.7 million

    Afghanistan — 1.5 million

    In total, this is not far short of 100 million deaths at the hands of a single ideology. Nothing like this has ever happened before. (As an aside, my personal view is that the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews was the greatest single crime of the modern era, while communism was the greatest criminal system.)

    To be sure, these numbers are approximations. Courtois gives a figure of 20 million for the Soviet Union. Alexander Yakovlev, formerly the chairman of Russia's Presidential Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression, estimates the numbers executed or done to death in prisons and camps for purely political reasons at 20-25 million.

    But, in his book A Century of Violence in Soviet Russia, he reminds us not to forget the 5.5 million victims of famine in the Civil War and the 5 million in the artificial famine of the 1930s. Other respected authorities offer even higher numbers.

    What should be clear from the Soviet Union and beyond is the staggering scale of what we are being asked to internalise.

    Apologists have adopted a number of strategies — beyond outright denial which lasted for decades. One of the most popular and enduring is that we should not spend much time on the crimes of communism because Western countries have also committed crimes, most particularly when they had their empires.

    To say that this is disingenuous is an understatement. Even if it were true that Western countries had committed similar crimes — which it most certainly isn't — why would that be an obstacle to discussing the crimes of communism? Jack the Ripper isn't any the less of a killer because Ted Bundy was too.

    But more importantly, Western imperialism was no more oppressive, and in many ways it was a good deal less oppressive, than any of the other imperialisms throughout history. The British Empire was the first ever to abolish slavery, for example. In any case, imperialism isn't a blueprint for societal governance. It isn't in the same category as ideologies such as communism, fascism, Nazism or even liberal-democratic capitalism anyway.

    This is all easy to pin down, which brings us back to the question posed at the beginning of this piece: Why isn't the Black Book of Communism on the curriculum of every school in Europe?

    The answer is not all that difficult to get to. The reason why the crimes of communism are given so little societal prominence is that very large sections of Western political society were supporters of or apologists for the Leftist ideology that gave rise to those crimes.

    To talk openly about the history of communism is to talk openly about the history of the Left. And even among those who were not communists themselves, vast swathes inside the Leftist tradition stayed far too close to the communists for comfort.

    It's their very dirty big secret, and although they can't do much these days about tracts such as the Black Book of Communism lying on the dusty top shelves of our public libraries, they'll be damned if they're going to start handing them out to children in the classrooms.

    Of course, I am using the school curriculum issue as a proxy for a wider reluctance fully to come to terms with one of history's darkest chapters.

    The angry reaction of the British Left this week to the Daily Mail's discussion of Labour leader Ed Miliband's Marxist father suggests that that reluctance is as deeply embedded as ever.

  17. Oh my God! Stop making excuses for the most evil ideology devised by man! In Russia the starvation of their people was by design. It was to break the faith the Russian people had in God. The Communist leaders of that era openly stated what they were dong and why they were doing it!

  18. You forget the famines in comparison in British India where 54,000,000 people died ! Also the Nepalese famine 4,500,000 people!Or THE GREAT famine in The Congo Free State that killed 20,000,000 (at least 80% of the population)

  19. your forgetting about how the USSR was buying machinery and equipment from the western powers with raw trilaterals because the USSR needed equipment. The Western Powers would only accept raw materials as payment and not the USSR's currency because the western powers were trying to cripple the food supply of the nation.

  20. Although I don’t support communism, it is nice to see people clear up misconceptions. That way if anyone criticizes communism, they will make less shit points such as “communism caused famine in China.”

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