Communist Islands Get Axis Support! (Tropico 6)

well let me amigos welcome to Tropico 6 we take control over an island I'm assuming some place in the Caribbean and lead it through the colonial times all the way up to World War 2 the Cold War there's gonna be outside purchase as well I'm sure I'm gonna be a horrible el Presidente you think again I mean that's kind of the theme here I can be a horrible president and still actually kind of do fine but we got to make sure we look good ok well there is no attack helicopter so what kind of look are we gonna go for what is gonna be our style I guess this is kind of nice I was thinking about looking like like a Castro pretty sure that should give us a bonus like dodging every single assassination attempt ever there's also a Roman and Egyptian look but I have to unlock those and I'll probably never get there so yeah let's just go soldier you got to go with Hispanic my my espanol as sub s muy bueno so I'm pretty sure I can get away with it now I don't know if we're gonna make it all the way to the Cold War but if we do I've got a side of the Soviets I mean there's no other option and I hope you like my red outfit so please feel free to send over all your missiles in terms of traits I got to go with corruption all payments to your Swiss bank account are increased by 5% that's great they can keep my money safe right next to all the Nazi gold they're still holding on to and then finally here's our palace our Palace is looking real nice I think and if any one kind of gets out of line we've got a helicopter pad just so we can take him on a little trip okay so we're gonna be starting off in the World War two ERA and I guess our Islands will have this volcano next to them that seems safe what we'll call our city Pompeii so I guess this is the constitution of our little tropical islands not much we can mess with yet but uh all citizens votes definitely want to get rid of that here we go wealthy citizens vote that's much better it's got to keep this group happy and we should be good to go now I'd really like an army but I don't necessarily want to educate them so let's just stay with this policy here again hopefully if I get lucky I'll get some free nukes where to get a pretty nice setup so far I like it I definitely did not do this myself because I yeah I'm probably gonna ruin everything okay this is what I like to see so we can choose a relationship between the axis or the allies yeah let's just go ahead and praise Oh laid off if he ever needs a place to escape you know we we always got a home for them so I guess I got to find a way to start exporting Gold's which is somewhere under or around this volcano but at the same time I noticed I'm being pressured by the axis which is fantastic okay we'll figure that out I realize my economy this propaganda might be a bad idea now now that I am accepting things from the fatherland I really hope they don't find that out oh okay so this is where all the gold is okay so we need to probably set up some mines there and start this up so yeah the Nazis wanted me to construct some sort of pirate Cove so we can start raiding I guess this is automatically gonna have pirates go out and steal things away ok well let's let's hope that that makes the Germans happy next up okay I just built this bridge and people are already flooding across good they're gonna build the mine we're gonna start harvesting some gold which bright prioritize this cuz it's like the whole point of the mission I'm looking at some of these trade contracts there's a lot of different nations that want all sorts of different things but Venezuela once canned goods I guess they're already having some trouble I see this man who's off constructing our mind is uh has had some interesting thoughts I'm glad that we can see within his mind again I I'm not afraid to take people out if I have to which is something I should maybe consider because his approval of me is actually not as good as I thought I'll keep you alive for now but I love that this is of course still an option in tropical my pirates seems something a raid they need some sort of mission there's plenty of things to do but uh man it's hard to pass some of these up heist the the Stonehenge so we can basically steal that away the Brandenburg Gate oh my god what what is this game oh good good and my El Presidente is looking I don't know where the hell I'm going okay hold up I might be trying to scape this island just as much as everyone else wants to is he doing Crossfit you might be doing Crossfit I think he's watching his weight or something just doesn't want to relax not gonna lie I completely forgot that I have different areas on the map I okay I just I didn't realize I had this area general Regas has had some weird interesting dreams he knows the Allies are gonna come for us something about falling bombs he's worried about the military okay let's yeah let's go and do that I'll take $2,000 wait a second okay why is it 1914 I'm thinking of a totally different world war I'm out here up in Wilhelm I guess not not the other one gotta say this and a good look we got this beautiful palace right here but right next to it we've got some slums can we get rid of those people that gotta be bringing down my property value for some reason the Dominican Republic are the only people that want to buy the gold very odd but okay that that's what we got to do Oh No okay someone's here to guilt me damn it at least what do you want have you gold mine upgrade okay I guess I can do this I'm actually working on my other mine it's being built over there please don't mind the infrastructure Gore oh I'm so sorry I this is the best I can come up with all hail now someone's sabotaging the mines someone blew up a mine I guess it collapsed okay it's time to use that helicopter pad oh crap okay apparently the volcano's yeah it this really is Pompeii I decided not to evacuate citizens as well just because the gold was more important I hope that wasn't a bad idea I guess as long as it doesn't destroy any of these buildings my people should be fine unless you're working on the volcano Islands I think I think yo you'll be safe oh here we go I should have done this a long time ago wasn't researching anything I know we have a crime problem maybe I should go with military police for now yeah I think crime is gonna get worse it's just yeah it's kind of bad right now – oh yeah part of our problem we only have a hundred and forty-four people luckily support is pretty high and it's actually going up that's kind of a miracle what is going on right here oh oh this is an axis embassy I think we realize we had that okay I guess we do have to go this route I was just I was wondering if I really wanted to do it I guess I have to now okay so a protest is happening that's what's going on and I just sent the military in to you know fix that oh I thought that was military no that's some other dude yes please come over and shoot him why is that literally what they're doing I mean it could look like that I guess it was just a threat they could have probably done that I don't even know it's time for our first high school because the military came to me and forced me to do what didn't force me but he was gonna give me a lot of money so he kind of forced me do professional army which means I've gotta educate more people unfortunately oh we have a decision to make a decision to make so we've got the capitalists versus the militarists I've got to choose aside what's gonna cost me more money because right now I'm not doing too good I mean I guess I'll get more for this but I guarantee you that banks gonna cost a lot more that's why the reward is higher I guess I'll do it okay here we go this is what I was looking for so overall happiness technically we are above the Caribbean islands even though we're massively in debt I'll take that two points that's the win for El Presidente damn it I should have built a fake this this is what I she looked at before okay so there's four different factions we got to keep these people happy I should have known obviously did yeah I'm messing up interesting okay yeah so whenever there's a protest all you got to do is just send the military that usually fixes everything that's at least what I've learned I need to take out a damn loan I need to figure something out I mean we are making money but I just can't I need stop building things that's like my biggest issues we need to get some Soviet spies out here I keep getting buildings blown up I still have figured out who the hell's sabotaging everything sorry allies I have chosen the other side yeah I mean even if it was the Cold War era you guys are just not the fun ones you know what I'm not even gonna worry about the debt let's just let's just try to pack in the people even if this Islands a complete disaster actually you know it can we get Germany to come bail us out I'm not really in that much debt let's see I'm oh yeah they gave us $20,000 that was nice okay well clearly crime still sucks probably should get on that Liberty I guess is fine fun quality yes there ain't no fun happening here okay I mean I knew that was probably a thing but yeah buildings can catch on fire and be destroyed yeah I just want to confirm that it's already election time and approvals at 67% so I will take that let's probably yeah let's give him a speech we're also gonna blame the Allies just cuz I mean it doesn't really matter they're both on kind of the same terms let's just deliver the speech see what happens okay feels a little weird there's only like 200 people on this whole TIFF Island and there's maybe like two dozen actually listening to what I'm saying there we go our efforts are aided by our communist comrades this is where I was trying to go the whole time the first bank has been completed we also just won the election by like 30 votes I mean out of 213 people that's not too bad anyways you know as the buildings get nicer and nicer over here we might need to kick out some of the poor people like get rid of all these shitty structures we'll put them out on the volcano Islands it's nice over there I promise it's kind of strange that we haven't cleaned up this pirate ship in the last I don't know several decades it's just a landmark I guess a historical site oh that's nice we can build a little park out here increase the beauty which yeah this Islands not very beautiful a lot it a lot of out this way overall happiness is that a 36 I don't really understand that I don't understand how people can be unhappy when I just bought a circus it doesn't get any better than that I had no idea we had a damn sniper just walking the palace that is pretty badass we need to figure out a way to use this guy anyways guys hope you enjoyed I really like tropical six and I would love to come back and do some more especially in the cold war era we still have some time it's 1936 so actually maybe I can convert this over to holy for I have been doing a lot of conversion videos that make sense thanks for watching I'll see you next time I think thanks to Patrick Harvie etus that fetus Reiki fruit mr. 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  2. I'll be honest, when this first came out the thumbnail looked so much like one of your HoI4 thumbnails that when I read (most of) the title I skipped it, thinking "that's a fucking stupid idea for a video". I only literally just realized it says "(Tropico 6)" at the end of it.

    It's still a dumb idea for a video, but now I'm gonna watch it.

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