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hey everybody I'm brand MacDonald and today we'll be starting communist in America again okay I don't know what to talk what today I haven't started to show up with the lifestream in a long time so even I don't know how to run this hopefully I can find something to show me I'll be able to answer your questions and do a regular livestream laser but trying to think of anything I need to talk about oh yes so I found out something but so this channel on this show also does Bible prophecy because it kept connects to the communism in America a lot so I occasionally talk about it so there we go so it recently a couple week is either last week or the week before we had the first part of the peace treaty revealed if you do not know that that is in J Daniel 9 chapter Daniel chapter 9 verse 27 he shall confirm a covenant with many for seven years so that means if this is the peace treaty then it will start the final set countdown to the final seven years of de belem get in and the second coming of Jesus Christ and basically they the people in the government a lot of them are wanting socialism so they can create this endtime one-world government so what if this piece of treaty signed that will happen halfway through so three and a half years after three and a half years is seven years into the seven years we will start the Great Tribulation when the Antichrist starts the abomination desolation now if you don't know the abomination of desolation it is when the Antichrist so first they have to disease will have to build their temple back so they build it by the end of the first three and a half years it's done well the Antichrist I'll resume animal sacrifices then the Antichrist will tell them not to do em tight I mean animal sacrifices and basically what was I thinking I don't have a script for today so it's weird anyways the he sets in the throne in the tower in the throne of God be claiming to be God and that's when every all hell breaks loose freakin part of Israel will go into captivity a lot of stuff there'll be another Jewish Holocaust taking place anywhere by America Israel and Jordan so the new pet the West Bank or Judea Samaria as Bible said it was basically will not be will be government it will be so that was Bank in the rest of world besides the United States Israel and Jordan will be under a holocaust for all Jews and Christians yes that's right we are also having Christians be that way so yeah that's what the government wants us to do send the government Bernie Sanders Alexander across the cortes a lot of those Democrats yeah almost all are freakin bad news actually I can't think of one well besides this girl that is that hard to talk about but she's more conservative than anything I don't know what she does in the government but yeah she's cool sounds like she'd be my pick for the first Democratic president I just came across this video about her but I haven't seen anything about her in a while so yeah but good old Bernie Sanders wants to take your as his money and then make you have to pay taxes for student loans and free college and all this other stuff like literally he's crazy getting off track here so where was I so right now the the peace treaty may be signed soon Donald Trump's Pete first part of the peace plan the economic peace plan part of the peace plan was revealed on a couple weeks back on the 25th and 26th of last month so yeah it's been a couple weeks anyways so they go and so he revealed it to all the Arab nation there's a couple Palestinian businessmen to see what's going on but no Israel because Israel's bunkers are election so that it's kind of hard for them to be there but it was mainly for the setup for the Arabs that's the big reason why they're there all their nations and some of the EU the United Nations some of those two who were there yeah it was crazy buzzing so the first plan was part was released and then we should be expecting mijung the second part the political part which is the absolute critical part we need that was just to sum up to get the Palestinians on board the first part now they're gonna want to be even more curious if this goes through when the political part is gonna be released now really it's actually a religious conflict right but Donald Trump didn't want to upset the wall community which he hates so he just called it the political plan which is kind of good so yeah fuss about it want to bring us into one wolf government who does that like literally like the Democrats want open borders literally if what in a whole bunch of freaking illegal immigrants so yeah it's crazy and I can't believe they do this anyways yeah so it's kind of gotten crazy we also had people rebelling against communist leaders in Oregon recently I'm not sure if they're back in the stage or not but some cock Congress people that were a minority that were Republican that won a climate bill change the climate bill passed actually up and left the Congress behind right let's say Congress of worgen so they left went in the hiding then state bullish started forming telling the cops to get out and there's a video about it out there the guy says something about be armed in something I can't remember but he said that and he was warning people that there are gonna be state militias so the cops just left them alone but they were being fine the governor of Oregon was finding them five hundred dollars every day thought they missed it so it's kind of cool that they got the wish wasn't passed great if you're not familiar the Constitution and the Articles the reason why we have the Second Amendment is because we can form state militias against a tyrannical government which is what were experienced nowadays literally they want to bring the communist one world guy went into our frickin country and I know it's not gonna happen mainly because Bible your Bible says so it talks about protecting Israel in the end times which if we were probably one-world government we want to be protecting Israel like the Bible talks about in Revelation it talks about a the wings of a great eagle flying her away to a place four times time and half time times and half a time which is three and a half years the final three and a half years of the seven years which starts the Great Tribulation so yeah this get me crazy now if you're not for sure there's only three and a half years mentioned in the Bible there's nothing about seven-year tribulation literally the only thing you hear is words about like times times half nine times for two months yeah so it's kind of crazy there's some others I can't think of anything there's the number of days for three and a half months so yeah so it's gotten crazy lately and I will be getting back into my regular creepy videos soon so if you're wanting to see that I'll be doing that okay no I don't want to have been doing this how about 15 minutes 10:15 yes it's gotten crazy what else is in the news right now oh yeah prof see another prophecy update as you know the u.s. I mean Iran's been bombing oil tankers and shot down a US drone blew it up and after that Donald Trump was going to write war against them but he had a kind heart he knew that there's people in there it actual human beings so he called off the strike right before it could happen it shows you how much he cares about our country clearly and the Democrats want to just thrown him aside literally they want to discredit him now the bible does prophesied woolworths 3 which is the sixth trumpet war which you'll find in Revelation so yeah he protected those people even though he knew he had to do something about it but he had the kind heart not to do it and try to find another Ellucian lately he cares about people I have literally seen him do nice things for people that no one's got to do before like literally he helps the weak he helps the poor it's just crazy how the Democrats in the media want him to be just some evil racist sexist person I don't get why feminists think that all white males are frickin racist and freakin sexist that's what to dip little Breughel steak because they're taught that to the media our schools are flooded with communistic shit all over the entire school system almost all public schools are being taught calm mystic ways and it's just stupid I literally remember seeing some of this stuff during the Obama administration was in school literally Obama literally this guy is so stupid he didn't care about a country so yeah well I'm getting out of here so please like share subscribe if you want me to do any topics on this show please contact me write in the comment in there and I'll get back with you yeah it's crazy what they're doing here so yeah Patriots out there keep going I'll try to find something on there yeah Patriots out there keep on fighting for our country and vote for Donald Trump in 2020 if you can thank you out there all you Patriots so like share subscribe and leave comment for anything well this prior worked all signing out why are they doing this sorry guys we're having technical difficulties shutting this off if this is still going

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