Communist Heresy: Norinco’s M305A M14 in 7.62x39mm

Hi guys! Thanks for tuning in to I’m Ian McCollum and I’m here today, up in Canada taking a look at some of the guns that Canadians have access to that we in the United States maybe don’t. Specifically, today, a Norinco M14 copy. Now, Norinco sells this as the M305. And, uh, they’ve been selling them up here for a little while Due to some quirks in Canadian gun law M14 pattern rifles are unrestricted. They’re – you have to have a license, a firearms owners license. Once you have that you can buy these, you can carry them you can hunt with them You can do pretty much what you want Uh, However, virtually all of the other similar .308 self-loading rifles are specifically prohibited by law. So up here in Canada They don’t have FAL’s. They don’t have G3’s. They don’t have access to, really, any of the other common, commercially available types of .308 semi-autos. And that makes these, very popular. Couple that with their price, which being a Norinco product is quite low They’re like five or six hundred dollars retail, Canadian. And that right there, you have the makings for a very popular rifle. So, they’ve been selling these for awhile. This is the 18 1/2 inch version. Equivalent to what the commercial Springfield Armory company in the US marketed as the Squad Scout. Although without the scope rail, up here. Pretty cool, you know? It’s a Norinco made rifle. The fit and finish is kinda rough. The Parkerizing is kinda rough. But, for the price, it’s kinda hard to go wrong. Now what’s really interesting to me is a version of the rifle we don’t have at all in the US. And that is Norinco’s 305 A. Which has just recently come on the market up here. And that, is an M14 in 7.62×39. using AK magazines. Now, some of you are going to probably come up with some stupid questions like, Why on Earth would you want that?
Isn’t it just, like, a heavy SKS? And the answer is, well Yes. Shut up. No, there are a couple good reasons – There’s one good reason to have this That is, uh, the ammo’s a lot cheaper than .308 There’s another good reason namely, its cool and different Um. if you’re up here in Canada and you want a neat M14 looking rifle well, this is just kinda, I think, looks pretty cool. Different. Interesting. If you’re in the US, of course the obvious answer is If someone else can get it, but we can’t get it it must be awesome Therefore, we must be able to have it. So, for that reason, I wanted to take a look at this one while I was up here. So, lemme show you what they did to convert this to AK mags Cause, it’s actually pretty simple. Externally, there’s really not that much difference going on here. If you don’t look up inside the magazine well, there are only a couple of telltale signs that this isn’t a standard M14 sort of rifle. One of them is that the stripper-clip guide has been left off. That’s because the stripper-clip guides are, of course, set up for M14 magazines. and they don’t hit the right location to use stripper-clips on AK mags. Now, if they wanted to, at some point, there’s no reason they couldn’t design a slightly longer stripper clip guide that would work and certainly, there are stripper-clips for AK magazines. So maybe they’ll add that at some point in the future Norinco has decided to sell these with a little shortened version of an M14 type flash hider They did put a bayonet lug on it which is kinda goofy because like, the whole reason that the M14 flash hider was so long was so that you actually had enough space between the hook on the bayonet lug and the ring that went over the flash hider On this, you can never actually mount the bayonet but they put it on there, so… Ok. Uh. And then of course the markings are also kind of a give away It’s an M305 A Which is their designation for this gun in 7.62×39 and its pretty clearly marked. 7.62×39. If you’re used to looking at a regular M14 you would probably look the heel of the receiver for markings but, on Norinco’s production, there’s nothing up there. So the receivers of the two guns are identical what they did was just convert the magazine well and then a few bits, presumable, in the fire control group and probably the size of the gas port But, if we look in here This is the .308 gun and we have the hook in front that the magazine catches on and, that’s pretty much it, it’s a normal mag well. On the 7.62×39 version They’ve added this support on the front and that Is what the lip of the AK magazine Right there. That’s what that’s going to hook onto and then they’ve extended the magazine catch a little bit What’s interesting, is if you look at the two magazines These are both, basically nose-in, rock-back magazines and while the AK mag is shorter it has a much longer rear catch on it than the M14 magazine does So, If we put these side-by-side and line then up, like so you’ll notice that, in practical terms, the M14 mag is actually not that much longer than the AK mag. So here’s what an M14 magazine looks like in the receiver Obviously it’s going to fill the entire magazine well, front to back, ’cause that’s what it’s designed for The AK mag actually kind of sits nicely right in the middle. They’ve added a support here in the front, to hold the front of the magazine and then you can see a bit of a gap at the back here, and that’s there because of that kind of long extended catch on the back of the magazine. On the AK, the magazine doesn’t go into the magazine well and receiver nearly as deeply as it would on, or does, on this M14. So that’s why there’s a little bit of a gap in the back there, where it’s being held. But, you know what? It actually fits in there remarkably well. You will also notice that we have an ejector right here that has been lengthened so that it reaches far enough back to effectively kick out a shorter 7.62x39mm cartridge. You can get a little bit better view of this front magazine support with the stock off like this. The receiver really isn’t modified very much at all, It’s just this magazine well support that’s been changed. There’s the receiver… And here’s the thing pulled apart into it’s major assembly So, pretty simple, tears apart just like an M14, One kind of weird thing about these Norinco M14 copies, the 305’s is that they all have this strangely tall front sight. Not entirely sure why that’s there, it’s on the .308 and the 7.62x39mm and it’s on both the 18” 1/2 and the 22” barrelled versions. So the rear sight appears to be normal, so I’m really not sure what the rationale is behind that tall post. It looks kinda goofy, but presumably it works okay. I think what I’d really like to do at this point is go out and do some shooting with it! So we should be able to use basically any AK mag in here… Here we go… Alright, this magazine’s sitting a little bit low. So I’m using a Yugoslav mag here, which has some pros and some cons. The pro is that because the Yugo mag has this bolt-hold-open follower It actually locks open even in a gun like this M14 when it’s empty. The downside is the dimensions on the nose of the magazine are slightly different, and I kind of had to hold it pulling backwards on the mag or else I would get the occasional feed failure. Norinco ships these with their own standard magazines that have different pros and cons. They fit and feed fine, but they don’t lock the bolt open like this one does. Well that’s a really neat little rifle! It’s obviously extremely comfortable to shoot because it’s a pretty heavy gun, I didn’t look it up actually. I probably should’ve. It’s 9 or 10 pounds but shooting the nice little 7.62x39mm cartridge So, makes for a very fun little plinker. Little bit less fun in Canada when you’re restricted to five-round magazines, but you know what? It’s just neat and cool. Yes it’s basically a heavy SKS, but It’s cool! Well there’s the wonders of communism turing into capitalism. We have M14 clones in 7.62x39mm. And you know what, it’s actually a pretty cool rifle. I think they’re neat. If you also think they’re neat and you’re up in Canada, check out Marstar if you’d like to pick one up because they have them available and they’re pretty cheap actually. Certainly by U.S. standards. If you’re not in Canada, well, I don’t know. I can’t help you specifically. But thanks to Marstar for letting me play around with this one. Thanks to you guys for making the videos possible, and stay tuned for more interesting forgotten weapons.

  1. Ian how about a Walther PPK? Or the classic Springfield 1903?
    I would love to see you do a piece on a Lewis gun or maybe even a Scar-H? Idk man I'm just throwing out ideas…
    I love your videos and I'm a huge fan! Keep up the good work. You have the best channel about firearms on YouTube.

  2. They have a poor reputation here in the north. Some work. Most have a major problem. Price keeps them moving.

  3. hold up, m14 is unrestricted in canada??? why did i bother with a 5 round undetachable mag sks then????

  4. They are pretty cool guns I have a norinko knock off of the old school trench shotgun From World War II it even has that funky bayonet lug

  5. Ian dont mistake communist, for socialist, They are nothing alike. If you are half as smart as you seem, you should understand the diferance. and your pride in capitalist america is disapointing.

  6. Now what in Canada (and wherever else this is available) is cheaper, AK ammunition or 7.62 NATO, I feel like the 7.62 by 39 might be cheaper, this could be a great way to have a cheaper to use 30 cal

  7. Pffft. Everyone knows Communist weapons are superior. BECAUSE COMMUNIST WEAPONS ARE MADE OF STALINIUM

  8. norinco bought springfield's machinese and they've been making all their m14s on them so they pretty much the same but they cost wayyy wayyy lesss.

  9. I had a Norinco M-14 (308 cal). Useless shit! Jamming all the time, problem with mags, spare parts etc. Was happy to get rid of it . Now I'm proud owner of AR-15. Best rifle I ever had.

  10. Ok so not that I dont appreciate this gun, I think its nifty, but why on earth was it even made is my question. Youve got an opening where the mag is where dust can come in, and this gun takes more parts and machining than an AK does if im not mistaken. I can understand the chinese m1 copy to an extent since it could be used if the US or other countries that use an M14 invaded, say maybe South Korea in the Sixties or Seventies, maybe a few are still in reserve there currently since they have a large reserve force and would be handy in a draft, meaning Chinese soldiers could take and operate them fairly easily. But the AK mag variant,what advantage is there in having that over just making an AK, M14s are fairly pricey by comparison and unless its practicing a conversion method to make use of American M14s once captured, I just dont see the strategic or tactical gains made by this decision.

    Not the knock the M14, I am not a fan and think the G3 and FN FAL is superior, but its still handy and Americans like it. Can confirm, I am American, but unlike my more ignorantly patriotic brethren that would just dismiss this as the Chinese wanting better guns than the AK, which I do not view the M14 as by any metric except having a more powerful round, what is to be gained from this. I can see the 7.62×39 conversion making sense, giving it more fire control and a more prolific cartridge in China and other Asianic nations since they mostly use that round even today, but the M14 platform perplexes me. Any thoughts yall

  11. Me when I see a foreign sports car: That's awesome. Take my money!
    Me when I see a Chinese M14: Damn Canada…'ll #@$% anything.🤢

  12. 2:18 "It's cool and different" is the only justification you should ever need for buying a gun you like. Or anything else, for that matter. I'm reminded of this:
    today at my bar one guy made fun of his buddy for drinking a blue hawaiian and he goes "I don't give a shit if it's baby blue this is fucking delicious. how's that budweiser taste you basic ass bitch" and then slammed the rest of it and went "FUCK you and your beer Kyle"

  13. Norinco has a bad rap. I own one my brother owns one and I know a few people who own them. Hitting a 12 inch steel plate at 300 yards with iron sights. None of us have ever had misfires or jams. Its inexpensive and never fails.

  14. In France Norinco is seen as the shityest gun brand in univers, like "Norinco steel is not steel, it's whatever barely looks like steel, as bells, cars, Chuck Noris's balls…"

  15. I've had one of those for about 10 years, it's called a Mini-30. I wish mine took AK mags tho, that would be amazing

  16. Slow mo is a nice touch, I like the perspective you dont normally see like how violent the action cycling is. On this almost looks like some "m4" feed ramps would help. Maybe.

  17. The Springfield M1A is made in China assembled in Mexico and imported into America this weather in the blue Box

  18. it's interesting how a lot of people in the gun Community will talk shit on China all day but if given the chance they'll buy up all the Chinese firearms

  19. Not sure why but this gun made me think of the terrorist attack in Norway where 77 innocent people died, most of them gunned down on an island summer camp.

  20. Americans: If someone else can get it but we can’t it must be awesome and therefore we must have it.

    QBZ-97: I’m about to ruin this mans whole career

  21. We have a few non restricted .308s AR10s, Famae, Rob arms XCR, Keltec RFB, But yea they did scrcew us out of a lot of those battle rifles, literally by thier picture in a catalogue to make the decisions

  22. Norinco sounds like the name of a company that makes electric razors or something. Just because the citizens of another country have access to something does not automatically mean I want access to it as well. If people were allowed to carry around great big peanut encrusted, corn kernel studded turds elsewhere, but our own health department wouldn't allow it , that wouldn't bum me out either. Will people hate me for making that statement? Yes, shut up.

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