Communist Daughter | How We Met | The Lowertown Line

[Johnny Solomon] Oh, it’s a horrible story. [Molly Solomon] It’s a horrible story. I mean it’s … Now, I’m … Okay, so … [Johnny] The way we met. [Molly] Ah, I’m really bad at this. Yeah, it makes me look really bad, telling
the story of how we met. It’s not that bad. It’s like a Saturday night, we were
going to have a dance party because the ladies love dancing. [Molly] My friend Trisha got a text message saying that there was going to be this party in Minneapolis – a dance party – so, we got there … We were the only people there and it was just
three dudes and Madonna playing in the background. It’s like “Hey, welcome
to the dance party!” That night, I heard you singing along to the radio and I was like “I used to be in a band” And she, of course, did not care. I was like “Oh, I’ve never heard of that
band.” I was like “Do I ask her to be in the band? Or do I just keep asking her out hope she says yes sometime?” And I was thinking that my prospects were probably
better to ask her to be in the band so we convinced her to be in the band. She
didn’t really want to be. But I roped her in. And we’re married now so, she has to. It’s in the contract. It’s in our prenup. This is horrible, I know but …
whatever. It’s okay. It was a long time ago. [Johnny] Thank you.
[Molly] You’re doing a good job [Johnny] You should edit this so I look really cool

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