1. The giving of free food is something that should happen every week, all over Europe. Far better that than them throwing the food away, as they do everyday!

    Reply to various people below: 

    “Can't wait for them to start rounding up dissidents and murdering them in droves just like ALL SOCIALIST GOVERNMENTS HAVE DONE.”

    -This is a very common but silly misunderstanding of what has happened in history. First it depends what you mean by socialism. Sweden has a strongly socialist aspect and i dont think they have done much murdering of dissidents. So, its not ALL socialists governments. 

    Stalin did, yes – millions! But was he socialist or communist? He SAID he was, but was he really? Its highly debatable. Just because someone wears a white coat does not make them a doctor. They have to do the stuff that doctors are supposed to do. Stalin and Mao etc did not do the stuff that actual communists/socialists are supposed to do. Or not enough of it. and too much stuff against the very basic aims of socialism/communism.

    Plus, just saying that comment above totally ignores the actual things these folk are doing in Spain – how about directly commenting on what they are doing now, in real life. No answer to that?

    2. “What a mess- Socialism wastes so much time, money and energy. “ 

    – the whole video is about how they are using time well, and putting energy into good practical and useful stuff, that seems to work. So, you are completely avoiding what is really happening by applying a silly prejudgement. that is to helpful. 

    3. “hes building his own home, thats not communism that right to property”

    -in full communism or anarchism or socialism people can have their own homes and cars and TV etc. there will be no rules banning us from such private things. its  daft cliche to think there will be. 

    4. “communism is not self-sustaining or innovative in itself. It can’t survive for long”

    – why is it not? The mess they made in Russia held back various innovations, yes. but, various historians think they did much better in some areas than we think. i notice they managed to beat the nazis! Isn’t that a huge example of sustaining the self? Also, it always has to be remembered that soviet Russia or Mao’s China really was not fully working, democratic, good ‘communism’ . it was, at best, a sort of ‘half communism’ or ‘quarter communism’ more like! ….We can not take the mess they made of it and say ‘ok, communism was tried and it failed’…. Its simply not an historically accurate or scientifically valid way of thinking.

  2. Make no mistake: Marinaleda is a subsidized town. The land they farm don't belong the they. The regional goverment pays the rent to the owners. The regional goverment pays part of the cost of building the houses. They can live in their communee because of the money all of the rest of the spanish inhabitants pay unwillingly with our taxes. When they say "fighting for social conquers" they mean that they go to the capital city and provoque disturbances unless the goverment accepts to subsidize them even more. Marinaleda is a fraud.

  3. First cut the fuck that hair and you can call yourself a communist. Otherwise you're a retarded hippie.
    And some of these people are Andalusian separatists, which makes no sense because communism knows no borders.
    Fuck off hippies!

  4. If it works, it’s because it’s a town. It doesn’t work for a country. Also, communism is not self-sustaining or innovative in itself. It can’t survive for long.

  5. Um…Spain is a capitalist country. I have been there. There might be a local program in that locality, but it will only be propped up by a capitalist economy. Dumbass Marxists.

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