Communism will SAVE sports (and the world alike)

a sports world has a huge problem huge problem and the only solution is communism now I know you may be wondering how how is that the case isn't the point of sports competition isn't the point of sports people being able to compete and fight against each other and have winners and losers no that is not the point of sports when you hula-hoop do you have a winner no when you talk to your family you shouldn't have a winner you should be in connection and just agreeing all the time and that's the principles I want to bring into the sports world for instance the Warriors win the championship every year nobody wants to see that we need to have a tie a three-way tie every year in the NBA would that not be more interesting than the Warriors running every year you know we are all always complaining about the worries running every year so why not everyone just tie for first every year you know all the arguments that come about about who's better LeBron or Kobe who's better Michael Jordan or LeBron who's better Magic Johnson or Shaq who is better be honest or Harnett who's gonna be MVP who's gonna be the champion all these arguments create division and they create anger and they create upset feelings and that's the last thing we want we the last thing we want Society is upset feelings so I say we get rid of talks we get rid of debates and we just have everybody tied for first every year everybody should have infinity MVPs and infinity defensive part of the years and scoring titles and all that and I should make just as much as LeBron James at the end of the day I should have as many things that I want because other people have as many things as they want know what Jeff Bezos oh yeah you started Amazon you think you're special but if I started Amazon first I would be the one with the money so why don't you just give me the money why because you're selfish I'm tired of evil capitalist society that incentivizes sports to have competition when that is not what any of us normal people want stop it LeBron stop it Michael Jordan stop it Jeff Bezos we want your money and we want to own sports teams we want to be rich and we want to have cars and I want to be able to dunk I want to be able to duck guys and yes I'm so annoyed I can't make a free throw why can't why can't I make a free throw this needs to be fixed everybody should be just as good as everyone else I'm tired of losing to my friends in basketball and it's not my fault it's freaking sports and their evil ways they're so selfish the only answer is communism if you disagree with me then you can go subscribe comment and like and if you agree with me please subscribe comment and like and if you're not really sure or you're you're kind of you know care subscribe comment like watch the videos on the screen and follow my Instagram with my Twitter please have a good day loves and fellow comm unites and anarchists I want to be I'm kind of an anarchist anti-communist people don't seem to understand that it's kind of annoying it's really a simple thing

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