Communism walk Prague

take a tour of the significant places that have shaped modern check history communism walk still an active opera singer mr. joseph has one big advantage he knows every cobblestone in prague personally he's witnessed all the revolutionary events of the past century with his own eyes and he is a proud holder all types of tour guide licences ever issued for prague many monuments are connected to these sometimes sad sometimes cheerful times but we should always remember the liberation of czechoslovakia in june of 1945 the occupation by the Soviet Union in the spring of nineteen sixty eight and of course the Velvet Revolution which took place in November of 1989 now we are in the cellar were or President Asif other ex president was heaven discover the true wrong with frog walks personable atmosphere perfect English and a delightful experience to treasure their office is located in downtown just two minutes from the old town square but if you want pick up service from your hotel that goes without saying for complete information about discount pricing and other services please see broad walks website www prong walks calm

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