Communism VS english socialism (from 1984 by George Orwell) PART 1 - government and social classes

this video is meant to be a comparison between two political systems the first one being English socialism as described by jewelry well in his book 1984 and the second one will be communism most specifically communism in Soviet Russia I will compare those two system using as my basis some of the nine elements of utopia wherever I will not have time to use all of those as this is only a five minute video so the first aspect I will look at will be government which means how is the country govern what is the structure the organization of the decision-making that happens in any regular government first of all they are both totally Italian which means they are centralized forms of government that hold all powers and can take decisions without any consent from the citizenry the common citizen also has a period time accessing the power structure which in this case means joining the higher range of the ruling party both country is also on on a unique party system as no form of political of those official opposition to the government is tolerated I will dive into the specific party structure later on in both cases the government is totally incorporated into the party both governments are won by the very top by a dictator big brother being the dictator for Oceania and Stalin being the best example of a dictator of Soviet Russia finally both governments the power not as a mean of accomplishing something but rather as they go the long-term goal of both parties is steam is simply to stay in power we will now take a closer look at the actual structure of both parties as I mentioned they were both governed by a dictator in 1984 the dictator is called big brother he is a god-like figure who apparently was the leader of the revolution that brought English socialism to Oceania his image is still used propaganda technicians are still taught in school and he is often mentioned by the media but we do not know for sure that he actually exists as it could only be an invention that our party created to instigate admiration and fear in a CNS population during the era of communism in Soviet Russia different rulers were in power at different times three of them were full-blown dictators the first of them is Adam if lenin is the first leader of the Soviet party he started the Red Terror after the October Revolution which was a plan to ensure the success of the revolution a killing or imprisoning anyone who could damage the newly formed government after his death came Joseph Stalin Stalin was one of the most notorious dictators in history he is known for the ruthless killing of anyone who threatened its position of supreme leader or who would undermine the authority of the CPSU he committed massive purges and he is believed that he is responsible for the death of up to 60 million Soviet citizens after Stalin successor which was quite a liberal or compared to other Soviet leaders came Leonid Brezhnev bresnavitch dantos known as the two previous dictators but he was very much a dictator – despite denouncing the behavior of Stalin during his political career he acted in a very similar fashion one in which the top level of power in Soviet Russia his death was followed by a period of liberalism known as the perestroika which ended by the dissolution of the USSR the ruling class in 1984 consists of the inner party they have nicer standards of living than anybody else in Oceania and they are basically running the country supposedly following Big Brother's agenda its members are chosen at a very young age then trained in specialized party school and must show strong loyalty to Big Brother and to the party to integrate the ranks to represent 2% of Virginia's population in Soviet Russia the Politburo was the equivalent of the inner party it was the de facto ruling body of the country during Stalin's era choosing who would sit on the Central Committee of the CPSU deciding policy indicating party lines the rest of the Soviet Union's higher institutions were basically just a giant rubber stamp organization they would accept everything that the plate below would propose after Stalin's death the Central Committee of the CPSU overcame the plate below but acted very much in the same fashion the Politburo add up to 25 members who were all permanent Soviet figures but most importantly extremely loyal to the leadership the Central Committee varied from 76 to a couple hundred individuals chosen by Soviet leadership most members of the Politburo ended up assassinated because they were seen as too influential and those dangerous although we do not know what is happening inside the inner party in 1984 we can probably guess things unfold in the same manner I proof of that would be what happened to Jones I want another phone who were assassinated as they fell out of a row then there is some sort of mini press which would be the other party the number 13 percent of all sinners population they are bureaucrats who work in the administration of the four ministries of the government and they have slightly better standards of living than the lower class citizen but live under constant surveillance by the state the equivalent of them in the Soviet Union would be the CPS to party members especially in the PPO which had to pay a small sum of money regularly to be part of the party and could participate in different elections and evidence these elections were actually more actions and did not have any impact during their application to the party they were heavily scrutinized for political orthodoxy any sign that they that they could be not loyal to the Communist Party and they would be imprisoned or executed finally there is low class citizens the parole in 1984 and the regular service citizens in Soviet Russia basically had the same purpose cheap labor and cannon follow both are really poor standards of living and they were almost completely disconnected from the political decision-making that happened in the higher spheres of the country


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