Communism: The Promise and The Reality - Red Flag [pt 6/6]

which the wardroom your damaged socialism by destroying people in all parts of life agriculture they are military on the party you party destroy people everywhere he still won't see reached wasn't that evil against those great goals we have in mind salam ya toy movie liquid sweetly Syria ARCA touring with shimmery megawati in the second half of the 1930s alone over seven million people were executed in an estimated seven million more sent to the camps there was no socialism have any kind under Stalin Stalin himself destroyed all socialism if it hadn't been stolen it would have been someone else someone would have destroyed this system because probably the time had not yet come for such a society blew the call option in the camps ordinary men and women toiled and died victims of a political system whose lofty rhetoric and utopian promises had become twisted into one nightmare but far from dying communism would continue to grow to become one of the most powerful forces of the 20th century dominating the lives of millions and bringing with it the same popular hopes in the same vicious realities

  1. Communism didnt kill those people. PEOPLE killed those people. Communism as a regime itself is as good regime. No one says indians were killed like dogs because of capitalism now do they? And by the way this documentary is complete bullshit american propaganda.

  2. @LeeFoxRox that's not true haven't you heard what those people said? ''there was no socialism of any kind under stalin'' although officialy the USSR was a sociaist state but what happened in the USSR was not socialism or communism of any kind it was just a cover for stalins regime

  3. @Fonyod2008 Translation: "Durka durka! Muhammad, jihad!"


    Go back to Germany, you Hitler loving dipshit.

  4. @Fonyod2008 Trying to get people to understand this back home in Australia is an up hill battle, I can tell you. I am going to start a political party in Australia if I get enough support. bellaswan. com/alrp

    My website is libertyeverafter. com which I am involved with the Ron Paul political campaign at the moment.

  5. The only system that works are ones based on liberty and freedom. The only system with will ever work is a minimal Government and a free market. Nothing else works and all attempts end in corruption and financial collapse. Free market capitalism is the fairest and most social and community based system that works. Capitalism doesn't work when the Government regulates the market, even if you think it is for the good of all, it always ends in corruption and financial collapse.

  6. @DEVRIMCI2007 Bush, a mass murderer? Please, child, go back to bed. You don't understand the meaning of the words. Being a murderer would require intent, rather than the many accidental civilian deaths in the wars. The terrorists, on the other hand, deliberately kill their own people to turn them against us. Also, coming from a Communist like you, it is rather funny that you are calling others mass murderers, when Stalin and Mao are responsible for the deaths of millions.

  7. @DEVRIMCI2007

    Wish bush came back it was more then than obama, at least bush isnt a walk over like obama.. obama will fuck the US economy mark my word! 🙂

  8. Historical patterns repeat within societies, regardless of the "ideology" in power….Ivan the Horrible, Catherine, Peter…all the way up to Putin…is there practically any difference?

  9. Of course this is biased. People fail to realize that propaganda isn't character to countries other than the US. Every piece of media has bias. From school books to the news. Watch FOX news. You'll believe democrats are the antichrist and that the United States is going to make people buy healthcare. Or else. None of that is true. On the other hand MSNBC will tell you the same about Republicans and that we need gun control. You have to look at things and decide for yourself.

  10. @StiftikBoliovich i know i agree with you i was just sayng that this is the messege thay this king of documantaries want to transmite to the people…that there is no hope comunism dosent work capitalism is the only sistem that works…is propaganda there are not real historical documentarys…but i belive the only way a socialist revolution can triumph is when people and society will evolve from a culturaly and technologicaly point of view there is to much ignorance and stupidity now in the wor

  11. @sebidelpi Well some may believe that. I don't. I believe in reteaching and getting new influences. Why do people look at celebrities as role models? Celebrities get paid pretty much more than anyone else. For what? For looking good. I believe we need to bring them down a noch. Same with politicians in the US. In senate minimum wage is 150k a year. President gets 400k a year every year after he's elected. Pretty much all the politicians get free healthcare. It's ridiculous.

  12. @Thymonico I would even go so far as to say the countries that try implementing it are fascist.

  13. @blogbat Better quote. Stalin-"Death solves all problems. No man-No problem." At the same time capitalism has been around longer and has caused many more deaths. Every war this century has been for profit.

  14. so in the and the conclusion is that comunism is a utopia and humans must remain opressed with all the strugles that the capitalis system bring with him!!!
    i wonder what the romans they were sayng about their slave society

  15. @DanMorin007

    Talking about communism, the ideology, or the nationalities that have tried implementing it?

    The Soviet Union was communistic, not communism.

  16. @Thymonico Communism has never been about sharing. Watch the documentary "The Soviet Story" which is the story about the first Communist country (the Soviet Union).

  17. @DEVRIMCI2007 Bush is not a capitalist, but a fascist. Big business and big government IS fascism. Bush is to give corporate welfare and bailouts. This is NO way capitalism.

    Capitalism is an economic concept of civilization that is based on the private ownership (and control) of the means of production. Capitalism is the antithesis of statism, socialism and communism which are based on government ownership (or control or regulations) of the means of production.

  18. Hmmm…when a communist country is shown to be a hell-hole the "its not real communism" revisionism always comes out. Sorry, not drinking that cool-aid.

  19. you are right, the only true form of communism can be seen by looking at an ant hill. another example is the borg on star trek, those are the perfect communist societies.

  20. The idea behind communism, sharing, is great – the problem lies in the way evil people have tried to implement it.

  21. I am impressed that there are still fools who dare to fillow an ideology of destruction and terror, the communists!
    Just surrender allready!

  22. I think the roots of utopianism go way further back than socialism, which is itself a form of gnoticism. In fact the word ideology itself does not allow the within it confines the use of reason, moderation or compassion. It, by its very nature, dissolves the world into stark absolutes.

    What yousay about the west eventuallly flipping the bill for these guys to stay in power though is absolutely correct, its the greatest irony of the cold war era.

  23. good shit hooah. i love videos that expose communism for what it really is, pleasure for none-misery for all.

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