Communism, the Disease - Ronald Reagan

mankind has survived all manner of evil diseases and plagues but can it survive communism I'll be right back when a disease like communism hangs on as it has for a half a century or more it's good now and then to be reminded of just how vicious it really is of course those who have the disease use all kinds of misleading terms to describe its symptoms in its effects for example of you and I in America planted mines on our borders ringed the country with barbed wire and machine gun toting guards to keep anyone from leaving the country we'd hardly describe that as liberating the people but we've grown so used to communist double-talk I sometimes think we've lost some of our fear of the disease we need frequent vaccinations to guard against being infected until the day when this health threat will be eliminated as we eliminated the Black Plague how many of us are aware of some of the differences between those who have the sickness and we who don't right now there are a number of Russian women who fell in love and married Americans and other foreigners who happen to be stationed in the Soviet Union for a time now falling in love isn't something you set out to do and among well people it isn't considered a criminal act but these Russian women are separated from their husbands some of them for several years when their American husbands finished their assignments in Russian came home their wives had to get Soviet government permission to go with them the Soviet government plays a heartless game of bureaucratic paper shuffling never coming right out and saying no but just keeping them filling out papers renewing applications and so forth sometimes for years there's the case of a young teacher who married an American during the application process she was fired from her job reason she fell in love with an American that's reason enough for the Soviet is concerned her students all loved her they presented her with a farewell gift of flowers a Soviet official appeared in the class to tell them that for doing this giving her the flowers none of them would be permitted to go to college they would all be assigned to a labor force upon graduation now The Associated Press brings another story from Berlin illustrating how the Communist sickness looks upon human life even the life of a child Berlin is divided as you know into the East or sick with communist inside and the well or western side between the two flows the Spree River around noon on May 11 a five year old boy fell into the river fireman from West Berlin started to go to his rescue and East German patrol boat barred them from entering the water because at that point the stream flows wholly on East Berlin territory the five-year-old boy drowned the mayor of West Berlin described the refusal of the East German guards to permit the Westerners to come to his rescue as quote and incomprehensible and frightful act placing political considerations before the saving of a human life unquote which is exactly what they did remember they were in a patrol boat they chose to prevent the West Germans from entering in the Eastern water rather than go to the child's rescue themselves but they did tidy things up three hours later East German frogmen recovered his body communism is neither an economic or a political system it's a form of insanity a temporary aberration which will one day disappear from the earth because it is contrary to human nature but I wonder how much more misery it'll cause before it disappears this is Ronald Reagan thanks for listening

  1. Communism is not a disease, it is a dream. A dream of peace, freedom, and liberation from the absolute slavery of the common man brought upon him by capital's terror. This dream was fully achieved. You can call Communism every name in the book but you're only adding to the flame of the Proletariat. We will stand united and use your blood to color our banners of beauty crimson. And to all viewing this: do not fall for propaganda like this video.

  2. – The communist hates capitalism because capitalists enslave the masses.
    – But when the communist comes to power he also enslaves the masses.
    – So which is the lesser of 2 evils?
    – Capitalists create wealth for themselves and in the process create jobs for the masses, most times poor jobs.
    – Communists dont allow any wealth to be created, but are billionaires themselves.
    – I prefer capitalism all day than communism. Enough said.

  3. The Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan were anti-communist.  The communists, after all, were trying to make 10 year-old girls learn to read.  The Islamic fundamentalists, including Osama bin Laden,  rose up against the communists.  Reagan, of course, supported these profoundly religious "freedom fighters."  And, you know?  Even now there are NOT communists in power in Afghanistan.  GOD BLESS REAGAN.

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