1. +Hammyway you brainwashed idiot. Communism would be great if we people would be nice to each other. everybody equal no rich no poor. but as +Telekinesis Entertainment said there wasn't real communism on earth. the closest country that got to it was yugoslavia. and the west knew that, and that's why the destroyed it. if you think i'm bullshiting. watch Weight of Chains. you can find it on youtube.

  2. He also knows exactly how good it wasn't/isn't. The theory is great, but in practice, like with most utopian theories, it breaks down pretty badly.
    Basically, if all people only did good things, the world would be great! But since they don't, any political system is various degress of f—–d up. But hey! Jokes!

  3. In some states communism is not very good, but i and many people know that in Yugoslavia it was very good

  4. Actually, Alan lived in the former Soviet Union for 3 years growing up, and in Vietnam, and the People's Republic of China. He knows exactly how good it was. 🙂

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