Communism is not dead

good afternoon Chuck Morse here I'm still new at this and I was supposed to have Brian Maloney on today who was live from CPAP conservative political action committee where President Trump just delivered an incredible speech by the way but for various reasons the the technology wasn't there I couldn't quite he couldn't hear me well he didn't have headphones I only heard background noise I think it's partially because I don't totally understand the technology involved in this new and incredible be live Facebook system but nevertheless we had to put the interview off I will do it when he gets back to his office here in Massachusetts unfortunately I'm not going to get a lot of take on CPAC but you know I shall forge forward anyway and hopefully this program is going out there I'll be obviously checking it later you know this little technical issues here and there as I develop this program my goal is and I have been consistent to do a program live Monday through Friday around 12:00 noon if not give or take given the fact that this is internet you don't have to do I'm no longer on a schedule and then download it to the YouTube channel where I welcome subscribers and where you can view and listen to the program either me doing solo or or a split-screen interviews or even three or four people at once it's incredible what you can do I also downloaded it to iTunes stitcher Google Play and tune in and I'm building an audience especially on YouTube so I'm very excited about that but I since up I'm kind of flying solo here I'll just comment that the CPAC convention from what I've been able to listen to one on Patriot radio it's fantastic it's filled with energy it's filled with direction there's positive things being said there's ideas and policies being presented which is very typical of conservatives anyways liberals always just have a lot of you know rah-rah rhetoric and hate Trump and you know everyone that doesn't agree with them must be racist or something like that it's ridiculous they don't have any positive vision they don't have anything to say other than just attacking and ripping apart their enemies with a lot of lies and half-truths and using a lot of false empty platitudes about how they want to be involved we have to be active involved with what active about what they never say anyway the theme of my brief program today and by the way you're welcome to comments if you'd like on Facebook I'm looking at live comments as that come in and I'd be happy to read those over the air is that communism is not dead this is actually the title of one of my books which is available at Amazon and am I getting in a quick plug why not and it relates to what I'm realizing now and what's going on now which is that Russia under Putin while they're not hard level Marxist Leninist Stalinist Maoist Hitler right type communists it's a softer communism frankly they nevertheless have still retained many of the vestiges of the old regressive communistic system that seems to be obvious to me at this point and I didn't think so before I mean I was willing to give Putin a break I thought here's a man who he's a Christian he's a nationalist I mean I'm realizing that there's still involved in a communistic movement it's just taken on different stripes and my thoughts on that are based upon this these revelations of their their meddling in American not just American politics and American elections but an American cult sure I read an interesting article this morning posted on The Drudge Report that there's this organization of Washington called the Hamilton group that monitors internet bots and they've been monitoring about 500 internet sites on Twitter because they suspect that those are part of a Russian effort to influence our culture and they found that these same BOTS would release almost act simultaneously and release almost identical information out into the cyberspace and they did so right after the Las Vegas shooting and now they've done it again after the Parkland High School shooting and that the information that they were leasing is meant to create divisions and fission in our society you know they've come out with these cockamamie conspiracy theories and they've tied them into the so-called right they've come out with you know angry divisive you know information and comments on the question of gun control on both sides you know the the gun grabbing comments and the you know the super you know gun ownership comments you know and they've created they're doing what the Soviet all Soviet Union did what Marxism teaches what goes back to you know the original thesis put forth during the French Revolution and that is to create a dialectic it comes from Hegel Hegelian philosophy Georg Hegel was a an early 19th century professor and and philosopher in Germany who had as a student Karl Marx and others and he taught this idea that in order to affect progress change in order to you know what Obama called change you know positive change in order to do that you had to create a thesis on one side and an antithesis on the other side opposite polarized points and then pit them against each other until they kick the you-know-what out of each other and destroy each other eventually and out emerging from the ashes is the thesis a new paradigm a new way of looking at the world and that thesis is more likely to conform to the greater goals of the socialistic enterprise which is authoritarian power to create a better human being to to move society in the direction of this system nted utopia that they dream about and so they create these conflicts Marx created the class conflicts he identified classes you know the bourgeoisie and the proletariat and he pit them against each other in the early 20th century this was developed by a philosopher from Martinique by the name of Franz fanon who wrote a book called the wretched of the earth where he changed the paradigm from from from class to race and region he wanted a pit you know non-whites against whites people of color against white people and North against South on the planet and he wanted to see that replace class conflict as a way to advance the socialistic enterprise and and with the ultimate goal being the one world ant colony the where everyone basically is a lobotomized human being we no longer have such prejudices that make us different from each other and unequal as family faith property the right to trade goods and services you know anything that involves eye or entities that make us unequal that make us different from each other the idea is absolute equality as if this is a virtue and it requires the giving up of all of these ideas what Marx refer to as false consciousness invented by a conspiracy of the powerful and you know Marx had the the exploitation theory which is the central conspiracy theory of the left that the so-called haves are secretly conspiring if not consciously then unconsciously to take something away from the have-nots and increase their power thus they pit the so-called haves against the have-nots I mean it's a false and really really nasty conspiracy theory and and the idea is that basically it puts aside the fact that it doesn't ask why does someone have more or why do they have what they have to they achieve it nor does it consider the possibility of why someone has not are they responsible for that condition do they have not and if so is it is it their own fault or is it a fault of the of conditioning or nature or bad luck or whatever they don't look at the individual case-by-case situation it's all looked at collectively because they've put everyone into these dialectical categories before pitting them against each other you see and so this is what the Russians did I mean this isn't the first time the Soviets interfered in American politics take a look at the you know what they did in the 1930s they helped elect Franklin Roosevelt president they thought Roosevelt would be a kuransky like figure Kerensky Alexander Kerensky was a Democratic Socialist who came to power in Russia right at the time of the abdication of Tsar Nicholas a second and he was a weak figure he only stayed in there for less than a year setting the stage for the Bolshevik tako / and the Bolshevik coup led by Vladimir Lenin they viewed Adolf Hitler as a Kerensky light figure which was why Stalin and his agents in Germany helped elect Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany they thought that he would be a transitional figure that could eventually be taken out and replaced by a real communist Bolshevik style leadership and government and must move Germany in a further direction toward the one world air colony and I think it's safe to say that that's exactly how they viewed Franklin Roosevelt in fact if you look at the the letters that were exchanged between Alger Hiss and some of the other Americans who pushed his election and who later turned out to be the Communist Party members or people working for the Communist cause secretly they this is how they viewed Franklin Roosevelt he was America's Kerensky and he would be able to be toppled once he was in there by a more Bolshevik a more authoritarian a more fascistic style government you know they thought that he was weakling and he was a a dumbbell and kind of one of these aristocratic you know fellows who could be manipulated and and maneuvered and in a way I mean I suppose they were right but not really Franklin Roosevelt rose up and proved to be much more than that and my theory is that that is how they see Donald Trump that is why they helped Trump and I think that they did help Trump I mean the Muller investigation is partially right these Russian BOTS did help Trump now I do not believe there was collusion I don't think that the Trump campaign knowingly or consciously was taking help from the Russians and knowing what they were doing any more than Roosevelt did or Hitler did or even Kerensky did but the the end result was that they did help Trump I think with these these cyberattacks it isn't the same as it was in the days of Alger Hiss when they had real communist spies who were doing things to sabotage the government and who were engaging in the crafting of policies that would hurt America and help Russia now it's more based on computers at some point they made the decision that the best way to go was through technology only because you know and to set up these technology sites these bots that could then influence politics as it were and so they they meddled in not just this last election but apparently other elections I mean we know Ted Kennedy in the 1980s actually he had an envoy his best friend senator Tunney of of California go to Moscow and meet with n drop off to try to set up a campaign against the Reagan so it's not the first time that and then in that case it was conscious that's covered by Peter Schweitzer in his book about Reagan so it's not the first time the Russians have meddled in American politics but what we've learned now from not just the Mahler investigation but from several other sources and now it's been acknowledged that the Russians had been messing around with our social networks since 2014 when Obama was in office just starting you know in the middle of his second term not starting it but in the middle of his second term and that they were doing things to deist what they thought would destabilize American society by pitting us against each other and the way they did this apparently was to exacerbate and fanned the flames of racial conflict around the Ferguson riots around the killing around the the death of of the man in New York who was up with it with the with the Lucy's with the cigarettes who suffocated and around the death of the man in in Baltimore who had his neck broken now these are terrible things but these BOTS and these these these uh you know they abused they threw kerosene on the fire you know they took what is a real problem and they made it into like a you know they created anger and discord and accusations and they sent out false information about you know the right and the left and they got everybody kind of riled up and and attacking each other well now this evidence that they've done this around these shootings including this parkland shooting where they set up these phony conspiracy theories this is and then that then they left people like you know on the left like like like a Michelangelo senior ill I'm listening to him on the progressive radio he can point fingers and say look what the right-wing is doing you know there were they conspiracy theories right never mind the fact that the left the entire left edifice is based on conspiracy theories and that it was the left that was behind the the 9/11 truther conspiracies and you know others more recently I would argue that the entire Muller thing is a conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia that's a conspiracy theory never mind that I mean now they're gonna go after but the thing is said yeah whether they need the Russians or not and they probably don't they probably do it themselves because they all think alike nevertheless these Russian BOTS are involved in this they are doing this to destabilize this country and who knows what else they're doing they're probably behind a lot of the anti-trump stuff in fact right after the election and they did not expect Trump to win no one did I think they just wanted to rough up Hillary because they knew that Hillary would you know be probably a useful tool of theirs since since she was already compromised with the big money going into the the Clinton Foundation and you know flying Bill Clinton into into Moscow to deliver a speech and get half a million dollars you know they put him on a first-class jet they met him at the airport with a limousine it took him to a ten thousand dollar a night hotel you know and then they egos in and he has a great lunch to live as a 20-minute speech goes back to his ten thousand dollar hotel the limousine stays maybe another night next day the limo picks him up takes him to the airport and he is rushed into first-class airplane service to fly home all they paid for all of it and not to mention that they gave I don't know how many millions if not tens of millions I've even heard figures like 100 million to the the Clinton Foundation which was a very questionable racket I mean it was kind of a slush fund for the Clintons apparently they were using it as a personal piggy bank but putting that aside she was compromised and I think that they might have wanted to rough her up even further because for a lot of reasons and so they were you know they were injecting kind of this this this garbage into the campaign where they would attack her and that Trump people unwittingly grabbed onto it what else is the campaign so you had the Russian BOTS helping Bernie Sanders helping Jill Stein and helping Trump and all because not because they liked or wanted to support anyone but off of the purpose of the dialectic to create division to create conflict to create dissent to create discord in our society with the idea that they would weaken us but they miss the point the Russians like I think other communists they underestimate America because we don't fall apart because of dissent it strengthens us that's what we're about you see they don't understand individualism and what that means even the left in this country you're not really on the Left they may think they are you know but it's and then we're doing it because they it's as fashionable but the fact is when push comes to shove they are fairly conservative you know they believe in the individual they believe in private business you know they're in business many of these people have investments they've got you know they want the children to have good schools they're good families you know they want their daughters to and sons to be moral and to to be innocent and to be protected you know I mean you know even if they might might you know genuflect a little to the left it's all let me look my father was a man of the left and I remember once he said to me that um you know communism is a great idea but it could never happen in America because we're not ready for it I think that that's you know so in a sense it's like it's something for some other time for some other people let's not think about it too much and let's get on with our lives and we'll feel guilty about being successful but but nevertheless in the de facto sense we are Americans and we are conservative because America is a conservative country so the Russians don't understand America and they don't understand our society America is on the right always has been was that our founding and is today regardless of how much you know people on the Left might pound their chests they're not giving up their pre freedoms they're not turning their their capital over to a socialistic enterprise they're just as conservative as the rest of us in reality and so these kinds of divisions while they may cause us an indigestion in your pain they're not going to work like they did in Russia well like they did in Germany which brought it brought forth the most leftist government Germany ever had that under the former communist leader Hitler you know they're not going to get away with that in this country because we're too imbued with freedom we are too much believers in a creator of the universe as opposed to the state and because our experience and our culture isn't going to have any of it they'll never get that kind of influence so those are my thoughts today I apologize I couldn't had to Brian Moloney for not how being able to have the technology here to get him on the air I'll figure it out and I want to thank you for watching everyone my books by the way to get in a little shameless plug my books are available at Chuck Morse alright thank you very much everybody


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