Communism in Our Schools, Colleges and State Run Universities!! Glenn Beck

four heads man and just I mean what are they learning in school have you ever experienced this where you're like wait wait wait wait they're teaching you what well there's a new book out outlining the top schools that are offering training courses in radical politics David Horowitz is the author of one party classroom how radical professors at America's top college indoctrinate students and undermine our democracy boy the titles of books are just getting so long now how are you David you have to topi okay so talk to me a little bit about let's start with the lady I think she was in where is she the University of California right her father was the leader of the Communist teacher when I went to a communist party school when I was young and now they've moved it into the University of California at Texas Penn State she really designed the Women's Studies program it's now called the department of feminist studies and it's basically an indoctrination the whole program is to indoctrinate you to think that the difference between men and women the differences gender are created by men to oppress women you learn that America's a racist sexist homophobic Society you get courses and global feminism's which in which people talk a professor's lecture against the global market system but these professors are qualified as they have credentials as comparative literature teachers it's a total for Geling operation I'm concerned David because the generation that I'm from I think it's probably one of the last generations that ad that had any kind of route into America and what we are what our founders you know the 60s changed absolutely everything now it seems like everybody feels that they're entitled to something there is no responsibility it's all rights I mean it's it's it's craziness how do we as a parent what do we do how do we navigate this how do we because it's it's happening in elementary in high school and I think parents have to speak up I mean the students are in a difficult situation and that is that if they speak up they get punished because there are almost no conservative professors left you're you're a former communist revolution sir marks the Marxist okay yeah you're a rebel I would have been horrified by this I would just as I we horrified by the left is a supporter of anti-semitism the Jew hatred of Hamas Hizbollah I like to think that I never would have supported those it's just a degeneration in what we have a there's a there's indoctrination of revolution you say yeah there's a course that again the University of California it says this is from the catalogue this is the description of the course the goal of this seminar is to learn how to organize a revolution and then it tells you that it's an anti global capitalist revolution these are leftists who it's just what's happened to the press so you know David can you imagine if if this was done in Reverse in a southern school screaming bloody murder bloody murder just for just for me pointing out in warning America there is trouble on the horizon I'm hammered and as their of course is where they say this is activism for credit finally if you will serve in a social movement and then they give a list of left-wing movements I will give you 200 credits towards your grade I we did 150 courses and it's laid out this is what the professors say about their own courses this is how they describe them if there are ten courses for university we did 12 roughly and there are 4,000 universities that means they're between 10 and 30 thousand indoctrination okay real quick let me let me ask let me ask you this how close to the goals that you believed in in 1960s how close are we to having all of those things accomplished the left in this country has never been more powerful it's changing the values I mean that's what you're talking about through the schools I mean I haven't I don't even talk in this book about k-12 schools which are oh yeah further down the line the education schools are the worst schools in the universities we do the Columbia one which Bill Ayers is the is the Guru at Columbia Teachers College the premier Teachers College in America he's got a series of 12 teacher guides called teaching social justice you know in the classroom I've read a book called teaching social justice in mathematics how do you do that well when you do numbers you use a rack body counts when you do percentages you show two percent of the population that's this percent of the wealth you go all through college yeah all right David thank you very much we'll we'll talk again America it is crazy and and David said it's exactly right we are missing the values and the principles do not miss Friday's live broadcast in this studio from New York this Friday now

  1. I'm involved in the socialist movement. Currently we have most representatives- even the republicans. Soon we are targeting churches. We will only concentrate on the book of Mathew- the Old Testament is irrelevant since Jesus-right? The Christians will be educated in the communist teachings of Christ. The few capitalists left do not stand a chance- you will simply be devoured by our growing numbers- we have your children.

  2. The 60's changed everything………………for the better. I don't like communism but the music was good.

  3. college is liberal, because republicans think if your not republican your liberal, to them centrists are liberals. Because truth and science is liberal to them.

  4. College is very liberal, but they don't promote communism. Glenn Beck's worst enemies are educated people. He hates intellectualism. He talks to people as if they are ignorant children in which need to be kept as stupid and one sided as possible.

  5. @edro9494 I am not clear on your point about the idea of gender being "socially constructed" being a communist one. Communism is a political and economy theory that advocated class war and people being paid according to their abilities. How do gender studies apply to communism?

  6. @bigfatpig85 All I'm saying is most universities are left-leaning and if you don't know that, you need to go back to school. It doesn't look like that long since you've been out of school, so you should be quiet when grown folks are talking.

  7. @bigfatpig85 I went to college too back in the late 90s and early 2000s. They did teach Marxism and Anti-Americanism. Of course, I didnt notice it then because I was a liberal, brainwashed puppet too.

  8. Haha! Gender is a social construct. That's good. I suppose that goes for other parts of biology, too? An organism is only a hedgehog if society treats it like one. And the yellow fever virus is only a disease because of the horrid mores that society piles up on us.

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