Communism, Democracy, Left Wing, Right Wing - Sadhguru at JNU

guru in your one of the earlier videos you have mentioned of having those leftist orientations you have been involved in putting posters and you have been in that League of attending attending meetings late in the night and putting posters and all that but when we were interacting with the students in the campus we found out that there is this dominant perception about Sadhguru being right-wing though you have tried to explain it earlier as well but this only right but said guru this perception is because you have supported government earlier on the issue of the monetization then later on having no bomb blast occurred in the country so is sad guru has Sadhguru turned right-wing now is it see right now we are working with the Tamil Nadu government which you know is AI DMK nobody knows which wing it is we're doing a lot of work with under Pradesh government still I think even that you can't decide which wing it is and that wing was part of the big wing in the center but now it is not it is flapping against it now we are working in Kerala which is left wing and we are working with the central government if you want to call it right wing you can call it right wing I am saying what is this problem with the government government means in a democratic country it's people's choice isn't it now I don't respect people's choice I respect only my choice I think you're a nutcase you're you're you're fanatical you're fanatical about your own beliefs I don't belong to any wings but when people elect whether I agree with it or I don't agree with it personally how whether I agree or I do not agree with it I will bow down to people's will because that's what democracy means now the significance the significance of democracy is just this why can't we have well you mentioned about my say that I was only 14 okay please pardon me that time even now 10 you up even now young Sadhguru you are putting it as it was your mistake no I did not say it's my mistake it is just that I am Telling You this is 70s 1967 che passed away you don't understand at that time che was like he was like our elder brother he died and how he was killed those stories spread everywhere and there's a lot of emotion in all of us even today I see people wearing chase t-shirt and going most probably a whole lot of them don't know who he is they think he's Bob Marley or something so at that time it's like our elder brother was killed in Bolivia and at that time the nation was in a state where it looked like this is not going to be any solution in this country at that time so we thought we and a whole lot of other people believed unless there's an armed revolution there is no way out for this country and even in school there were teachers who are giving us talks and everywhere there was Russian literature and we read and read you know we devote Russian literature and it all made sense and I am always angry you can't believe this but I'm always angry because everywhere I see injustice in home on the street everywhere everywhere in politics and religion any damn place I see only injustice and injustice and injustice so I am all the time 24 hours angry about something when you're angry you want a quick solution you are not willing to wait for solutions to happen you want a quick solution so the quick solution look like armed struggle these were the heady days of Charu Mazumdar and Sur Malou in the south well we were fired up by that I'm not regretting those days but we have come to a time now where we are threshold on a threshold of possibility through Democratic means now before this has happened in the world I want you to know this the only nation which is moved a billion people from poverty to a certain level of economic well-being is the Chinese China okay but they did it the hard way violent way all bullets and bullets and bullets but they've done a great job because keeping people for generations in poverty is worse than killing them in extreme poverty where nourishment is issue so they did what they did in their own way you can condemn them or you can admire them for me it's a certain wisdom painful wisdom which they employed and they did and once they achieved what they have to achieve now they're trying to move slowly towards a democratic process to some extent at least open market system they're going into but with India we have a unique possibility we can move 500 to 600 600 million people from abject poverty in which they are right now to a reasonable level of well-being in a matter of next 10 to 15 years time we are just on the threshold of that through a democratic process without bullets without killing without massive repression nothing no force without force we are able to do it if we manage to do it if all of us get together it will happen otherwise we'll sit on the threshold forever right now there is a possibility we can cross the threshold I think we must make the possibility of reality because never before any nation anywhere has moved 600 million people from poverty to reasonable well-being in a matter of one generation it's not happen anywhere we can do this in this country for the first time so well when you were young you were communist now you're saying this I have not changed my position I'm still that because for me communism means an individual embracing the community as myself that I still am I may not be in the party because the party didn't make sense to me but communism has not gone out of me we are a community where we live together a few thousand people without any distinction of caste creed religion anything nobody I've ever asked who come to each service until what is your religion what is your caste I don't even ask be good he never occurs to my mind so how I became right-wing in J and you I do not know so I feel today when information is available everywhere I think young people educated people should all of you research scholars should do some research at least alright just making wild conclusions about somebody whom you have not even met this I have seen everywhere especially in this country this doesn't happen anywhere else in the world this what I am seeing in this country people who have never met you seem to know more about me then I know about myself those who have never seen me those who never met me those who have never spoken to me they know more about me than I know about my own life I think you must give them a PhD because there's such a imaginative PhD research they are doing so I'm working with down means I will always work let everybody know this whichever government gets elected because I bow down to the people's will my opinion is not bigger my opinion is not bigger than the people's will of this nation always Sadhguru even if we buy this argument there's a predominant option that there is some leaning towards the right because like this is did you did you feel this is high time this is high time to galvanize votes for 2019 that the youth and truth campaign see okay see if I give a call I don't have to go university to university if I give a call any party will get substantial vote okay but I will tell you this but I will tell you this my daughter comes and asked me which party should I vote I won't tell her I tell her you need to think she is an artist so I tell her you need to think what's good for you and people around you maybe not good for me it doesn't matter what's good for you and people around you for your community of artists whatever you must vote for that party not what I say in the you know in the Yoga Center and everywhere I go people as his guru whom should I vote for I said I will not take the step of destroying democracy because if I give a call and let's say 10 million people out have you not destroyed democracy you have turned the democracy into feudalistic process that one leader gives a call so everybody blindly will vote for something this is what you're trying to change people are voting on the basis of religion caste creed and all kinds of rubbish this is what needs to change only when individual people think for themselves and what every time fresh not committed to even a party only then democracy will stay alive this is the most precious thing we have because what is precious about a democracy's power can shift without bloodletting never in the history of humanity such things have happened even if power has to change in a family somebody will be somebody will bleed yes or no this how it's mean but for the first time in the last hundred years or 150 years we are able to change leaders without bloodletting do not underestimate that do not ever under the cement [Applause]

  1. You can clearly see how much he loves leftism. People who think about others, who think about humankind cannot be anything other than a leftist.

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