both Republicans and Democrats really don't want to confront the issue of taking down Fidel Castro a dictator over 44 years has killed and tortured more people than Saddam Hussein Osama bin Laden combined yet some reason we leave him only nice miles off the shores florida he is a greater threat to the United States than any of the dictators in the Middle East or even Asia for a long time Republican democratic administrations alike and there was more of a concern for stability than for either regime change or for the specific merits of an individual or an individual's case the concern in the last administration it was some justification looking at what happened in 94 era with the wraptor crisis was to prevent another exodus of mass exodus and I'm afraid from my distant vantage point that this was an issue that drove policy it was what can we do to placate Castro that's this madman in this island and after the Cuban Missile Crisis I don't think he gave all the nuclear bombs back I think he may have one or two left and he has a big bioweapons capability wish he could unleash on the floor and he has intelligence agents all over Miami in Washington DC and elsewhere many of them arrested just in the last year alone he probably has information that could compromise American politicians who knows we've seen that recently with a spy scandal in Los Angeles involving a Chinese five of sleeping with half of the FBI so you can only speculate but I believe in the case of Clinton that because of gastro affinity is closeness with the Communist Chinese and because the Communist Chinese were effectively bribing the Clinton administration and getting national security information in exchange that the Chinese helped Castro extort the cooperation of Clinton that's a theory I don't know that for a fact but with the Clint administration anything was possible we have a history at the United States and having Soviet agents infiltrating the White House hello again Harry Hopkins who is the right-hand man to President Franklin D Roosevelt he was so close to Roosevelt that he lived in the White House part of the time and he was a Soviet agent we know this no documents that have been unveiled in recent years documents coming out of Russia in the documents of the dawn of favors going to Russia so it is quite conceivable that there were people in the Clinton administration who had cognitive sympathies customers and sympathies Hillary Clinton according to former friend of mine now deceased sadly Barbara Olson worked for communist law firm in New York some people believe that Hillary Clinton is a cognate Hillary was when she was out in Berkeley California she was very close to the cognitive snot at Berkeley she was radical and she was also deeply involved in a foundation who was very left-wing that's true that she was she was a he's sympathetic to the communists in Berkeley basically Castro is what I call a left-wing Nazi he's regarded by many people as a progressive as a purveyor of social justice basically a good guy because he is of the left has a perception of people if you are the leather you're basically okay problem is there's such things as left-wing Nazis in Spanish would be alpha she's modellist delysia Dada for the word fascist the word reactionary is very very seldom if ever used for people of the left it's always used for people of the right and there are such things of course as right-wing fascist and reactionary right but they're also left-wing fascists the reactionary left and if Castro were understood to be a man of the reactionary left then one-third of the Congress of the United States would not be in bed him because as leftist they're not supposed to be in bed with fascists Mel Castro's a communist a dictator never stood for an election as persecuted the people had roared the Cuban economy we have all of these liberals humanitarian Americans who have nothing but the greatest admiration and sympathy for the plan he took power actually was the help all Americans the good Mathews was a correspondent for the New York Times was instrumental in bringing the attention of the American people to the fact that Castro's her left of the mountains there was some troops according to her but Matthews reserved American support to know because Batista was such a terrible person Castro had a chance to overthrow him and there were many journalists who had similar ideas it was the reporter for CBS who helped organize a fair play for Cuba committee which was a committee set up to provoke Fidel Castro in this country despicable things that Castro was doing to the Cuban people have been glossed over Castro was very careful not to prevent journalists to come into Cuba who were hostile he had the vetted in advance since they were hostile to him they couldn't get into the country so it was the people who were he could trust them not to report to realities that were admitted as journalists why enlarged mostly reporting including now we have this Lucia Tobin who was other for CNN Lucia Newman was supporter of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and she is a leftist there is no way that she is going to say anything detrimental to Castro this is the kind of thing that CNN does I mean they're doing it in Cuba by having a reporter like Lucien de they couldn't get the reporter who would be critical of Castro daughter would be allowed to put somebody like that in so this is why the reporting from Cuba has not been honest and it is not given a fair view of the misery of the Cuban people I don't think the media has been fair and telling the reality about Cuba not the not the establishment media some elements of the media have some talk-show hosts and the Fox News perhaps the American media has it's very romantic image of Fidel Castro almost like Woody Allen's movie bananas they think he's funny he's not funny it's a very deadly and serious dictator the media often just will give lip service to some outrageous repression that Castro is a regime engage in so they can't be accused of having said nothing but then they go on to somebody else and basically muster of the media doesn't want to talk about it because their record is one of accommodation with Castro Castro has kind of this romantic image you see all these visiting and everybody from Barbara to Spielberg down there basically shining his shoes and they think it's very chic to be a friend of Castro and thinking of him and talking of him as a progressive and enough such a bad guy after all literacy has been better in some rudimentary health care and the excuses to blame someone of who is someone of the left as they would blame a dictator who is otherwise known as a right-winger it'd be all over his case then but the left tends not to be critical of the left and that's for that reason the media has not been adequately a descriptive of the evil that man has brought with Cuban people for what almost half a century and then I think the media looks at this is a war that we fought 40 years ago and didn't win and it's over and it's not newsworthy but all of that is not true and we'll certainly see the evidence of that soon Castro has been collaborating with dictators and terrorists in this Hemisphere and around the world not just a sama bin Laden not just Mohammed Qaddafi in Libya not just Saddam Hussein but you have a terrorist now as president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez he's not just a communist he's an about terrorist he is admitted tonight that we've got Lula in Brazil the president of Brazil we don't know where he is yet but we do know that he has communist leanings he's a good friend of Castro's so the whole Castro issue is going to become much more widely debated in this country and we hope to educate the American people as to what a threat is it's absolutely light on that the American people and particularly the elected representatives of the American people understand the truth and reality about Cuba there are a lot of forces at work that try to present Cuba in a way that is not appropriate they do this because they think that there's some advantage to themselves whether it be the sale of products or some kind of ideological gratification it's unclear but nevertheless there are a lot of people saying a lot of things which just flat-out are true about Cuba Castro talks about the Battle of ideas but what he means by that is he wants his ideas put forward he can't withstand a clash of ideas and we have to be that we have to provide the clash we have to put forward to the American public and to the world of the reality of what astro regime has done to the key would be all over the past 44 years former political prisoners we've suffered this unspeakable degradation and punishment in the tropical gulag that castro maintains if someone has to kind of bring them forward and let them meet with elected members of Congress somebody has to be the voice also that goes into Cuba and it tries to give hope and encouragement to those Cubans who are prepared to step up and say enough is enough we deserve to live oh I that's we see fit not as someone tells us to wake up and look at what's going on and my experience is that when you present the facts and you tell people take a step back and look at what's going then they do and they come to the right yoky she related kissed illusions for me for me photo or a me felicidad he'll seeketh any affair hito the mellow crazy funny oh okay the oysters come second civil for veneer he Navi aqui subpoena in Lodi Aramis Libre they called America

  1. Is this video honestly claiming that Hillary Clinton is a fucking communist? That is one of the most insane claims I've come across probably in years. Hillary is about as close to the right as a ''liberal'' can possibly come without being called a conservative. For fuck's sake, there's a laundry list of REAL reasons to criticize or condemn her. Why make things up?

  2. Hello!That's  so one cares,  no body tells the truth!See! we in big trouble.My Dad told me years ago….  Listen Son!  read at least  3 books per month. thence write and compose…. Dear Mr, Blazquez  thanks …See! that short film VIDEO  Communism  VS CUBA 2004. That's why ? TODAY'S  2016  unfortunately we are going DOWN!Tks/Coop Charlie G./ Miami Fla

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