Communism crushes the Soul | Americans ARE Clueless.

all right there it is Oh folks how y'all doing it yeah oh not too bad I suppose as it goes it's just another day living on through for me really so so I guess the drums did say yeah he's also where we go yeah that'd be about how my day goes to do yes so so yeah yes well you know some people don't get the program I'm easy to understand you see it's like this I'm not anyone's jr. anyone who tries to pretend to them I'll crush particularly people who lied to me as a child you're stupid you're inferior you're evil or you drug the fuck happen to me use that against me didn't even though I had no idea this even existed and then try to hide the reason that they gave me the secretory drugs from me Wow people are this dumb and this is how determined I am about a thing like when I know I'm right I stayed to it through beatings through being crushed down through didn't you know no communist car drove would ever put up as much shit is that good or not in the end when I was about eight they took me off these psychotropics and that's about what I said something ought to happen you're not bad just all different that could not explain gala that was not congruous you know it's time but their pious assholes so you see I'm not and then like right now God can deal with the pious invader that's God's department down here it's my plate now for kreplach you're pretty good again I'm not even supposed to know that I have a mental cognition issue thus I supposed to believe although the chaos around is a moral sack that I put on willingly this is a while it can be this is why I hate communism communism tries the same thing who would the booze wah and then the remaining workers get to star collided okay there's a guy doesn't matter he was minor and he mind more one day and now everyone had to do cuz they were all lazy otherwise and does it's the same run you down try to run your shit and make you less cuz of course none of them at five years old memorize the table the Greek gods and Roman gods and so forth they just couldn't do this or thing they don't even know what Roman agricultural paganism would be about no idea I haven't have some notion of the cycle of their holidays and so forth right the exact meanings of them well the Romans themselves are unaware of some of the for instance the sacred grove of dog Remi that's that's a special little place but anyway that's the king of the woods and um ya don't have a notion of any of this you come out easily Golden Bough first chapter king of the wood all you need to know okay see you know now imagine people who know nothing of this servant to tell me about what's morally sound know what you mean to say is what you say will keep you in ascendancy okay I'm Way too much reputable brain you see the part about thumbing people down from your view they seem all very rude but then the back part of the head were your brain is going more or less at regular normal function that's a whole nother reality and what they really wanted he was like Federer eat your fucking heart in one of it says this why I can understand the death squad kinds to very much how they would respond in these cadres these Commerce cadres he'll think I'm fixated on these people who own their own room you see my folks were boomers who were educated by Marx a simple traders into the system there's no doubt about it it's it's it's it's accurate I read these McCarthy policy anti-american activities Falls and some of it is a bit ok it's far fetched but most of its solid most of the hard person solid and these kinds of Soviet psychiatry experiments but there's no other explanation for giving a kid a quarter of an adult dose of FEMA barb at all in liquid form every day for six years no please that's some slowly psychiatry that's a ease your conscience nonsense flower in the Attic type shit okay just so happened that dumb rather than be left completely off I had some books available now they're a fairy tale type books are no idealist if you know Germanic romantic type tales you know gosh when Tristan and Isadora is that the one and so forth do you know what I mean yeah and you know okay but the point is is that between the pictures on the word input there's some data there you're impressive it's not stupid TV data and well you know what do you want to say on me when you're told that these evil visions are a moral fortune of yours I mean do you interact with them in just that way in other words what you would call whatever but I just called the reality thing do you see tell it one day I found better information encyclopedia Britannica's was like oh aha that's a neurological I didn't question what that word meant but I looked it up was it your brain ah it's actual hard wiring issue would you see that made the whole that was like dark day like just like that see this is a song I know the powerful yeah you can snap this kind of bad conditioning how do you do that you lose control of these Contras over people simply is this cycle Peter Botanica basically snapped any sort of Calvinistic guild pole sheared right gone in fact without come to it but I think about it thought a child and I was gonna guilt trip him about how the no a condition maybe because it was advantageous to me to do so do you know what I mean legends especially if I'd actually have took them to a doctor had it done had all the knowledge about it and hid this from them so the toy I understand the advantage of hiding knowledge to directly my own life most of you couldn't just hold up to this like this before or less nice than I am Yeah right you also wouldn't overtake their personal abstract relies it out too this is kind of normalize the most these movers really this sort of eat their own young thing Wow right back to standard communist practice to try to divide people up and create a society interventions are incapable of independent actualized thought or an autonomous loved one that's exactly what communist life crippled weaklings that are codependent they're the perfect communist cadre now were these communist functionaries I'm the cadres in fact have to be basically the opposite more motivated organized and so forth you but because of that they can be destroyed in the are destroyed you can destroy any communist insurgency we can destroy this grip on America that just requires that the cod rose and that's exactly what these students for democratic society kinda now of course the exact organizations smaller numbers but there's a lot of sympathizers way travelers with them yet I knew that ever knows if you go look at the protests like I say these Berkeley protests but your work in state with a depart on in those Charlie's Flags there that's that red and blue flag with the little star in the middle that's Charlie's flag the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam that's Charlie's flag man you know the people who were potentially killing some of your relatives and friends if you're Australian American New Zealand or in South Korea I guess they lost quite a handful to tell you how good you know so I have a lot less sympathy for them there then you realize hold on a second what if these people had taken America well they'd have done exactly what Charlie didn't weigh take about fifteen hundred people out to the forest and Beatrice : and Barry otherwise someone were buried alive yeah that's the fit that's the official inquest is conclusion there's no other violence so they must have suffocated most likely underground right darling gonna fight this out so you know where those bodies are they're still not claimed I mean you know what I mean right it's like that um a defector from justice code room class came over and laid it all out for now they're grounded these people up within a few days and how Impala City before we even got there to do anything to even think to know to oppose them well they still had open supply lines out to the east yeah and that's exactly what we're helping our America wine scale these crazy-ass people if this you know why because it's their sin replay you break off and destroy the strong so that the only the cripples in the intervention remain and then grind them down so that they're so reduced but they're not even humans they're just our service they're just job you know I mean even the highest excellences of Soviet ISM or so because there's nothing there really I mean you're eager Garen do I eat the grant cuz you can actually know his name it's kind of hard for that to be a committee affair do you know can you imagine the Central Committee blasting off in space kind of good you have a loss function could you take the field our politicians with you maybe it can be a joint friendship thing you know then again that says if you have to build the recognize the means by which they maintain control over you don't you see Thomas will kill you if they have to but they prefer they prefer or much prefer to mine you out like a like a vein of any valuable material and to do so they have to some at least at some level when you impact with the idea that you should morally do a B and C because of de F all of that usually has a big pile of steaming horse manure do you understand when you get right down to it when you get right down to it much like I was told 45 years out about all this bullshit like what a ridiculous concept yes the punished for exactly the same thing I knew had happened already the emergent well this is exactly how it is the Soviets imagine us in 1935 knowing what happened to the kulaks the way I do now overview the whole bit more times but they're always really did this a Kulak is that with the Ukrainian word and hold the Moors particular but there is a they're just generalized across the Soviet Union this class of people work they were liquidated I don't know to see it went to pits no no all the nice way to put it you know right and this is known at the time it was known people were called crazy to crackpots it then the Soviet archives went oath in them understand meant for all yet all this paperwork to have the Germans they can barely lay a paperwork trail out to get to their holy six million did see this is another the one covers for the other the one access the Holy guilty trip to keep your mind off of the Soviet activities in Eastern Europe between nineteen seventeen and nineteen fifty sixty years ryeo-won it became a little more mellow but that isn't even true either because one day swept into us Joseph akhiya in sixty eight sixty seven or eight sixty southerners the idiom at 68 they were not kind about it they rounded people up put them right to the post appalled so you know okay you know no East Asia has always been with war with Eurasia style if you understand that one simple concept from 1984 you have it all every weird ass the communist system in America is fully subvert about Marxist journey it's almost impossible in America to find a point of view that hasn't been influenced because you say neocon ISM I see Leo Strauss he was a leftist hard-core a new logical leftist the whole mission you know the whole historical inevitability all of that ok then you say well crazy this you know that of all almost all of social justice warrior ISM that comes from Frederick angles he had this one essay it's like epochal what's it called the family private property in the origin of the state or something along these lines you know and it has every cherry in there from PC today you know the dumb backwards people we all remember it at one point some people are progressive others retarded did you get what I mean all of that just going all the way down to racism be bad okay which she didn't believe no in his actual life they were a my they called his son-in-law the mouth the house you get the truth but did okay you know yeah well you know you tuber one go to go so far I don't see but injured this is a fact it's a I'm not going to say they were pleased with that arrangement okay right yeah get the true thing so it's like yeah you're in one hand there are race mixers like classic social justice work pursuit signal race mixers but on the other hand they're also like Archie Bunker about it there's no I mean just to know like dispute about the modern right we're not particularly if respectful than that angry Engels had no relationships innocent Marxist own law he was pretty direct you're gonna find this shit you type in and go to the place called Marxist org there's a humongous archive of archival materials right and if you want you can read some other things that are I don't know where they get that they help Marxism like the Commonwealth of Oceania is essentially a militarized version of Great Britain's you know how would that they're just as baffling that this would be like in the communist liking but it's there in his totality it's one of few places how's it on the Internet actually just that's that fascist Republic Democrat democracy crazy thing I was talking when they do it's off the loop it's a utopia right that's what they have it listed yeah right because it's meant to be a final wind you know like once you get to this perfect voting system and that's like communism this tape will magically wither away okay that's exactly what happened except for no it didn't you went from like 40 ministries under the Tsar to some 4,000 industries by the end that didn't have any idea what each other we're doing because there was no feedback and no cross-pollination of ideas it's utterly retorted imagine a system literally controlled by a geriatric center in the committee at the center the Central Committee of the Politburo right and that's how the Soviet Union became that's how our system will become it is becoming that look at Trump is young compared to the average ruling class person I might note then look at the geezers in Washington running things look at those geezers now think I'm half through with life and I look like a boy compared to some of these I mean some of these people are ancient Joe Biden even with all the best medicine the world still looks like a living corpse hell the Jew Sanders looks younger than most of them I know how he pulled up maybe even a lot of babies or so I don't know but you get the point there's still a geriatric center doing the main back till the point where this little Mexican ass patty frond almost could run around or do anything she liked in there it's yeah she's not stupid shoes in psychology over to her advantage right because it old arm in order to try to be polite to the ingratiating and not just say shut up you go back to little for a hole you call down tough because they don't have the courage of the convictions tang probably a short while their head yeah now wait because yeah that's how it is you know I don't think we're that way I think of where someone should put on his ship and remove because she's a deadly threat listen the woman's economic proposals why okay I kind of sympathize with wanting to keep the environment and ice know that sure but the economics of it is insane it's insane you cannot replace transport fuel with green energy right off the top you could with hydrogen and such over time but this is not trivial and it is infrastructure and this commitment intensive do you know right you have to see the whole cage and commit to a very large infrastructure program and large twists around in life do you know what I mean that wouldn't be just easily done and be like God didn't like you know this woman thinks she's your mother on a cosmic scale now she'll get you dead did you know there here's the thing you'll notice I'm against Monsanto and most org you must of the petrochemical farming type stuff but don't say let's go all back to hand tools tomorrow like Cambodia I simply said might be good if you farmed out a little potato plot for yourself for good measure that's sensible you know the others crazy cuz you can't get from OVR to the other what this means you know she wants to go to some golden utopia you see or we're in harmony with nature in carbon is balanced and all hail mother Gaia understand this is just another version of a cheap weak agricultural religion and paganism which was rightly took down by the sky father variant called Christianity that's right any solar religion with a soul that goes back to the fog is a skyfall's religion came in on the backs of horsemen a long time ago is a great power your view on is who cares again what you're looking at is the embers of a thing in its dying minutes of heresy and apostasy Christianity there has never been any such thing in America maybe the Catholics that hit first hit the shores everybody right the merchants creed that his Americanism is his Antichrist as a human they can get to pretend that the merchant city that falls babylon babylon dass fallen that the drunk on the blood of saints in innocence isn't America the fucking high that's New York City that is exactly what st. John is describing the revelation so you know if not it's another mercantil city of exactly the same nature of Venice dhanoa you know the Venetians and all those lovely slave traders that sacked out the city the most important strategic city in Europe that kept the invaders called the Turks out that kept the barbarians of Asia out you know yeah you know know that doop da o lord o j– Dandolo did that of course he did Byzantium being brought low allowed the Turk in dip the Balkans there's no other reality you see but because of course you've been so conditioned to this merchants creed you think oh it's just a free market exchange I mean no it's not it's a prophetic he says works much like what America does wrong the world is a prophet II we're just lying to people's face to try to take things at advantage well just view dirt beliefs about it what why do our sulfur well because that's the communism day coming out that's the the Laurel ISM the pious on bit of the Communists that they'd like to drive the pumice will deny but they have their own we're all of you whether they admitted or not and they adhere to it like religious fanatics it isn't my morality and surely Western Christians wouldn't understand his moral but in their world views or sub set of expectance you know okay anything about Stalin that makes him a really exceptional amongst these insanity people as he's dogmatic about it I mean literally like Marxist women ISM says this thus now if you accept the first premise though the rest her fall is pretty good he's crazy yeah and human robotic that's what their won't man okay looks like this dumb woman wants it she wants to make you into the most low version of a coal cause agricultural worker as she can white again my man if you can put people in these little reservations you can rule over them was an iron fist you can keep them stupid cut off from the outside world and boxed in as the agricultural workers in in these Soviet country that exist but find the rural people and talk to and you'll understand real quick these were bless I call them class drops for peasants prisons to prisons okay then what I mean if these is a kind of broad look like your homeowner association chip run your day when I say ruin your date I mean Corvette labor style Corvette laborious induced labor from the it's actually more absolutism that abuses the privilege but you get it yeah feudalism it does the same problem that somebody has taken throws and you think about it right so you know and so forth and many other things but it got to be insane like the almost the point where it took a little more time than people's actual labor now do you know it's some it wasn't a new Marie did you see perform a sort of levy tax if you wish now my unit Tommy Versailles she'd abroad in her VL can Congress and not just Congress in the media in academia and in the worldwide cosmopolite take class that dominate America like it's a fiefdom wouldn't like to have you all divided up like peasants on your little plantation of course they would they would like it no more is what the nature of the thing is the nature of the thing communists need to have you dumb if you're dumb and compliant they can remove you even if you are dumb but not compliant they can kind of rule you but if you're kind of smart and not compliant you can always find the tools that have to kill any of their bureaucrats administrators of the rust and seize whatever you they have seized the instruments of production is it work and um yeah this is always a worry about how this is of course why they have snitches in everywhere everywhere else communists are based on rafting stitching two-facedness and self-serving sort of a apolitical sociopathy or something you know one was where you are the only real human you know hahahahaha without that kind of mindset how could they get the professional snitch force needed to run around and create things like Romania use Germany in there explain to me how it's possible without you know inducing these people to believe that the only interest is their interests and that's best served by knifing everyone else for a few trinkets from the state right because right because they're materially you know I guess they can do okay or not but their spirit see did because you can't make people comply with the material conditions communists want to create without cutting their throat spiritually you know bleeding them out spiritually shit I'd rather go with the old mystery cults then with these people okay the fact is is that the Communists are descended from these weird sort of arcane little little holes you know right there's a lot that their their dialectic is no more than hermetic science made base and empty and vulgar it's nothing more than the Rosicrucian alchemy made really low and very vulgar the grotesque you know taking what is a spiritual idea and applying it down here to gross matter right that the de chollet is it's not some great innovations it's but a carryover from Pythagoras and neo-platonist and so forth seeking you to know and if you know a thing and you're sure of it stick to it forever I'll show you there always be lied to no matter how many people tell you a thing that you need to be wrong or they can be lying if you're right you're right assurance in that one thing you can be killed by communists but you can never be ruled on their nonsense simply is like for all the maybe somewhat vague political gains you could get from whatever they're promising right cuz everything's Co sounds good until the bars go click you know it's those bars that make the thing untenable the cages the cage is a cage call that you're either free or you're in a cage you know I don't know I mean damn the guy who sympathizes with Fenrir you know yeah isn't for my view but she was done wrong by these cowardly gods since they were scared of the night's potential you grow stronger than them eventually and crush them and so they can try the trick to bring him low but that did not work then he gorged on the blood that's Odin and his brothers help me sighs in the Battle of Ragnarok and that is killed by tear in turn you know tear who gave his hand as a surety that's the reason Turner put the collar and chain on thought these words assured he was forsaken that's the nature of the thing he said he'd offer his hand as surety of his word for he was lying so his hand was given a surety was his word well now that would be your last good meal be some coward lying persons hand and hear it folks y'all have a nice day okay take care

  1. Alexandria ocasio-cortez is batshit insane and she a Marxist fundraiser by a think tank whom is owned by George sores! I hate her and all pc communist! God bless the white race and the orthodox and catholic church!

  2. You're right, they guilttrip us and make us focus on the holohoax and "nazis" to keep us away from realizing the mongol-judaic horrific crimes done under the banner of Communism, which is what is killing our kind as we speak, by any means, as the Talmud says.

  3. They put you on psychotropics at two?! That is sick. You're absolutely right, Communism is soul crushing. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and knowledge. God bless.

  4. Often the wages of honor are death and suffering, and no prison more inescapable… it builds character and a sense of humor.
    I like your philosophic interpretations, a rarity.

  5. Youre a genius. I saw it the first video I watched. God gives eyes to see, but as he has done to many in the world, he will take it all away from those who do not bend the knee to HIS POWER. Love you brother. You bless me emensly. I am not alone, you are my teacher.

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