Communism Could DESTROY The World.

mixed in with Marxism is atheism a hatred of God no why is that so important we’re all irreligious in our country in this country anyway so why would that matter it’s important because our country is based upon the ten commandments our justice system is based upon the ten commandments and we are a Christian nation we’re not a Christian people anymore because we have found other gods ourselves mainly why is this important because you look at what happens when you try and kill God when you try and get rid of God and this only ever really happens in atheist super states and communist states look at soviet russia how many of their people were killed millions upon millions upon millions and this was not only because the fact that god had gone but because there were no morals and God when God has gone the ten commandments must get a bit blurry and the idea of thou shalt not murder well in certain circumstances at least with religion you get that dogmatic view that yes or it’s no it’s right or it’s wrong in the last few years of the Soviet Union the abortion rate was higher than the birth rate when you lose the concept of human life being made in the image of God every human being equal you start to think that other humans are not right yeah that’s the root of it but if I could get to a young person and get them to listen what I would say from is this the very foundation of the world which you are standing upon is reliant upon you not becoming subservient to the state you not becoming some subservient to yourself you are not a slave of your own desires as the founding fathers said America is designed for a moral and a religious people that does not mean you have to be religious it means you have to be moral you have to understand that you are not your own god you have to understand that if you become a slave to your own desires as is the main aim of marxism and communism then you’ll become a slave of the state please reject these lies in favor of morality

  1. You continue to mention that Communism kills millions of people and rightly so that ideology has. A socialist or even communist nation would need morality whether it's law or religious. I am an atheist, yet i welcome religion and i do not discriminate. I believe all shall be equal. People call communism evil and people like yourself use Soviet Russia (pre and post ww2 period) as a prime example but look to the lighter side and one that wasn't run by a harsh dictator. Why not mention on monarchism? Would you be happy to call yourself British? The British Empire has approximately slaughtered or killed around 150 million of their own populace in the space of 50 years. That is more than Maoist China or Stalinist Russia combined. It was never initially created by Marx that the poor classes were being undermined to give the people a sense of them deserving more. The lower classes as they are now have been working numerous jobs and are the majority of most countries, they run the state and get paid minimum wage, history has taught us that there are no good or bad guys. It's a race of deception and a battle between the lesser of two evils. Communism (which i may not wholeheartedly agree with) isn't able to "DESTROY The world" for they look after their people. Lenin said that when he refers to the state he refers to the people. Religious morality is good and needed but when it comes to a communist state it heavily relies upon their leader. Look at Cuba, Castro may have not been the nicest to his enemies or foreign powers but for his people he was a great man. He increased the literacy rate to one of the highest in he world ("illiteracy has been eradicated), Cuba was the highest contributor to worldwide disease vaccines and they provided amazing healthcare, some of the highest life spans, birth life expectancy was better than the U.S and more. Although Castro was harsh before the collapse of the soviet union to his people. Look at how he added on to what he did for Cuba after 1991.

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