Communism by the back door - Part 5 the Roman Catholic Church

  1. Your “Communism by the back door” series raises some pretty serious questions. Do you seriously believe Goldman Sachs executives are planning to establish a world wide government dictatorship, and have been planning this and working towards it for generations? Sorry but it’s fine if you want to believe that, and it’s fine if a few others choose to believe it, but I live in the real world. There’s a lot of crap on YouTube, if you want to believe anything there will be a YouTube video to support it. I’m sure there is a YouTube video proving invisible pink elephants fly around all day.

  2. Have to call bullshit on one thing, paedophilia has been rampant for millennia through all reforms and caesars of the roman empire.

  3. Bella Dodd is a great source for detail on how the commies infiltrated the church over the years. Of course like Darby and Scofield the Catholic church had to be subverted eventually. The Vatican is a sovereign state within a state only two others exist. City of London for finance and Washington D.C. the military arm. A rare few countries opt out of their power grid though. Anyway good vid. Better dead than red and yellow.

  4. I've got the full documentary saved on external drive because this won't last forever on Stasitube. The playlist I have saved on my channel is blocked in my country. The Greatest Story Never Told is another I have saved for good.

    The Secret Masonic Victory Of WW Two is another must watch. Not yet complete but there are 19 parts out already.

    Good luck with putting the rest of this out.

  5. How do people send their children to Catholic school or church
    The biggest killers of Christian from the beginning
    The Roman Catholic church
    And if you Catholic you keeping them in business
    The west was better before the Catholic flooded it
    The Catholic church evil and I heard created islam I believe it
    Common themes
    Prayer beads
    Women in black dress
    Molest children
    Wogs control
    False reglion not truth
    Men in dress
    Homosexual most of them

  6. I always ask practising catholics what they think of pedophelia within their church. Most get very angry with me for daring to point it out. Priests are wankers, literally.

  7. We are in the end times and its moving fast. Hope you down under can fight back harder than in most places in europe, though.

  8. I can't even share this on Facebook or Instagram I was kicked off of both platforms for speaking the truth about Islam and the illegals that are infesting the United States

  9. Your a true patriot Shermon. Support from Ireland. Do you have an email etc, be great to get in touch and discuss etc 👍. Also thinking of making a YouTube channel for doing videos etc.

  10. hey man, have you listened to owen benjamin – i recommend, he is not a shill….. good place for us like-minded folks to converge

  11. Great doco so far. I got educated by Jeremy Lee in the early 90s on the subject. You've surely heard of him…?

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