"Communism and Co-Existence," 1963

the documentary film you are about to see were shown to mr. Alexander Kerensky president of the Democratic provisional government of russia overthrown by the communists in 1917 mr. karensky consented to make a few introductory remarks about our picture we present 80 year-old Alexander Kerensky in his New York City apartment on October 10th 1962 this gentleman in few minutes you will see the documentary movie of the development of communistic movement throughout the world the majority of this audience is too young to remember that this communistic movement began in 1917 during the first war in my country in Russia I was in this time leader of the provisional government of Russia when you look this film keep in your mind that Russian people was the first victim of the communistic tyranny I think that is now is time to study the communistic movement and to understand it not by different legend created during these long years but by the documentary sources as for instance this film the Russian Bolsheviks Latimer Lenin the father of the communism of our time developed the theories of Karl Marx and charted a course for communist revolutionaries the world over the fall one of the principles laid down by Lenin was his concept of coexistence the communist Republic Lenin instructed can exist of course not for a long time in a capitalist surrounding as soon as we are strong enough to defeat capitalism as a whole we shall immediately take it by the scruff of the neck close quote Nikita Khrushchev currently leader of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union declares quote the foreign policy of the Soviet state from the very day of its birth has always been and will be Lenin's policy of peaceful coexistence close quote Khrushchev has been trying to convince the free world that Lenin's policy of coexistence is a peaceful one the more is no longer inevitable and that peaceful competition exists between communists and free State we present our documentary film which shows the development of communism in the image of its leaders and what the communists mean by coexistence 1917 Vladimir Lenin is an exile in Switzerland in Petrograd Russia Alexander Kerensky who directed the revolt against the tyrannical regime of Tsar Nicholas the second leads a democratic provisional government German Field Marshal paul von hindenburg hoping to get Russia out of the war spirits Lenin across Germany and a sealed freight car in Petrograd Lenin agitates against the provisional government promising the masses a dictatorship of their own a dictatorship of the proletariat on November 7 October 25th by the old Russian calendar troops of the demoralized army and navy under the direction of number-two Bolshevik Leon Trotsky seized the Winter Palace the government headquarters and destroy the assembly Lenin now controls all of Russia Bolsheviks soon changed their name to Communists Lenin immediately creates a terrible weapon against counter-revolution secret police battalions and builds a new war machine and a commissar of war Leon Trotsky shown here reviewing the troops the dictatorship of the proletariat the laboring class promised by Lenin is a myth in reality the dictatorship is that of a privileged new class the Communist Party its ruling clique and particularly that of its chairman Lenin's coexistence policy is revealed communism side by side with capitalism for a long time is unthinkable one or the other must triumph in the end and before that end comes a series of frightful collisions between the Soviet Union and capitalist States will be inevitable in 1922 Lenin suffers a stroke front on this podium our Grigory zenovia and Lev dominion exercising power for Lenin in the back is Joseph Stalin the new general secretary of the party's Central Committee and at this time still relatively unknown January 24th 1924 Vladimir Lenin dies a sordid struggle for power begins Stalin forms a collective leadership with zinovy F and Khomeini of scheming to destroy the image of Trotsky as Lenin's successor using his position as party secretary Stalin's staff ski posts with his followers and takes control of the secret police and army Stalin proceeds to split and direct the collective leadership his competition Trotsky here with his wife and son is exile starting informs the masses the dictatorship of the proletariat is in essence the dictatorship of its communist party the opposition B's independent farmers religious leaders and inconvenient minorities are forced to dig the Volga dong canal slavery becomes an essential part of the communist economy slave labor camps are set up all over the Soviet Union 125 camps 10 million slaves on their backs Stalin bills and industrial Russia geared for conflict with the West an image of Stalin as a demigod is created and a new communist culture comes into being artists and artisans find communists fame and fortune glorifying Stalin Stalin becomes a man of the people the source of all goodness all wisdom all love Stalin is now pictured as lemons closest associate the revolutions greatest general communism most profound thinker the great educator this communist narrator says traitors lorry drivers Hydra recognizes and others are studying the economic laws discovered and substantiated by gender in as pictured as the guardian of the hearth and home a hero for children to worship he is very much aware of one of communism primary objectives to capture the minds and hearts of the young he gives great attention to the Komsomol the young Communist League whose aim is to link every step in the training and education of the youth toward victory in the class struggle a world under communism family ties are discouraged the state is Sabri translation religion is the opiate of the people religious satires are staged throughout the soviet union atheism continues to be the official state doctrine since Lenin's time communism instructs never forget the clergy are the greatest enemies of the Soviet state indoctrinate errs are guided by Lenin's instruction children must be taught to hate their parents if these are not communists students preparing to teach find that 40% of their coursework is made up of subjects promoting communist doctrine and while the peaceful coexistence theme is sold abroad at home the organ of Soviet writers defend Soviet policy not to abandon the war theme we must write a war so that the generation of young people which comes after us can love arms and be ready for struggles and victories Stalin claims the Soviet Union must develop its military might because it fears attacked from the West however the Communist international reveals Wars for the emancipation of the world from capitalism will necessarily and inevitably arise it goes on with an excellent example of double-talk there is a glaring contradiction between the imperialists policy of piling up armaments and they're hypocritical talk about peace there is no such contradiction however between the Soviet governments preparations for defense and for Revolutionary War and a consistent peace policy Revolutionary War of the communist dictatorship is but a continuation of revolutionary peace policy by other means 19:33 Stalin emphasizes his peaceful co-existence program to get diplomatic recognition from the United States at home Stalin plots to get rid of his opposition he confides to his friends to choose the victim to prepare the blow with care to satisfy an implacable vengeance and then go to bed there is nothing sweeter in the world on the right is Sergei Kirov Stalin uses the assassination of Kirov as the excuse for the executions that claimed thousands of lives the first to go Stalin's former associates xenovia –the executed Khomeini a–the executed ranek executed PR akov executed Leon Trotsky comments from Mexico there are no crime in history more terrible in intention or execution than the Moscow trials of Genoa coming of an addict category what is not my principal task to reveal the truth he's showing to demonstrate that the true criminals hide in the deep work of their accusers what will be the next step in this direction the creation of an American in European and subsequent also an international commission of inquiry composed of people who incontestably enjoy authority in parts his future assassination back in Moscow the cream of the officer corps condemned without witnesses or defense is shot within 48 hours literary giant Maxim Gorky dies under mysterious circumstances one of those benefiting most from the assassinations is Stalin's new protege Nikita Khrushchev now first secretary of the Moscow party organization Khrushchev acclaimed Stalin hailed the greatest genius of mankind who leads us victoriously to communism our own star Molotov McCoy and kaganovich also approved by 1939 in America to the tactic of United and Popular Front organizations Stalin controls the activities of Communists and their sympathizers everywhere communists maneuver their way into the French government [Applause] in yen in China another stone in Protege gorilla leader Mao Zedong takes advantage of his coexistence with president Chiang kai-shek to firmly establish himself in the north waiting to take over the whole country and the Ukraine Khrushchev Stalin's troubleshooter becomes the new secretary of its Communist Party in Moscow instead of the withering away of the state promised by Karl Marx the communist dictatorship has become a monster dependent for its power on the secret police and Red Army Stalin waits for the chance to spill communist forces over the borders of the Soviet Union world war 2 gives Stalin his chance first with Hitler and then with the Allies with the close of the Second World War Stalin steps up his campaign for closer coexistence with the West however the Communist international reminds his agents the disarmament policy of the Soviet government must be utilized for purposes of agitation in support of the only way toward disarmament and abolition of war arming the Communists overthrowing the capitalists and establishing the communist dictatorship while the coexistence theme is played throughout the world Red Army troops and security police in East Europe aides local trained in Moscow agents to capture key posts in newly created coalition governments soon East Europe falls to the Reds in the Presidium are leaders of the party and government representatives of the various Soviet republics and of the Communists and Workers Party the pro cember ii 1949 at the peak of his power stalin celebrates his 70th birthday Khrushchev joins in the deification of his leader starting he proclaims genius leader teacher father of the nationalities great industrialize er great collectivise er creator of Soviet culture careful gardener gingerly rearing the human beings in his charge president of the Supreme Soviet Nikolas Veronique makes the introductory speech to his left our Georgi Malenkov first secretary of the central committee and Lavrentiy Beria Stalin's Minister of Interior and state security next to Stalin are Mao Zedong Walter Ulbricht Deputy Prime Minister of East Germany and in a place of prominence Nikita Khrushchev to further lull and psychologically disarm the West Stalin steps up the clamor for peace throughout the world a rash of peace demonstrations breaks out this is one of them the communist narrator says the German youth is greeted by the delegates to the world youth festival representing 101 countries among those marching of 35,000 young peace champions from western Germany who managed to get throughout an hours police cordon and 2 million persons take part of the procession in the evening there's a youth meeting on the square the speech of greeting is made by Valtor Ulbricht Deputy Prime Minister of the German Democratic Republic 1952 there is no peace in the Kremlin as Stalin again prepares to assassinate dissident elements in the party this time he plans to include his entire inner circle Molotov marenkov beriah mcian and thousands of others are threatened Khrushchev is an ardent stalin supporter long live the wise leader of the party and the people he proclaims the inspire and organizer of all of our victories comrades study before the murders can begin the end of a tyrant at the beer the beginnings of a struggle for power reminiscent of the aftermath of Lenin's death again a collective leadership takes over molotov barrier and Mullen cough will becomes premier khrushchev waits in the background the East Berlin uprising against the communist dictatorship gives true Schaaf an opportunity to split the triumvirate Khrushchev says it has now been established that this villain barrier had climbed up the government ladder over an untold number of corpses among other charges maria is accused of treason by his failure to foresee the uprising and he is executed Khrushchev takes barriers place in the collective leadership and uses his position as Secretary General of the party as Stalin did to staff key posts with his followers premier malankov on cruise shops right is disgraced and forced to resign Malan coughs successor Nikolai Bulganin shown here with marshal Zhukov is a Khrushchev puppet and Khrushchev is soon to succeed him Molotov is banished then in a manoeuvre that astounds the world apparently to obscure the role he played a Stalin's protege Khrushchev seeks to destroy the overpowering image of his former mentor February 25th 1956 this is the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Khrushchev is delivering his secret de-stalinization speech comrades he says the cult of the individual acquired such monstrous eyes because Stalin himself supported the glorification of his own person was it without his knowledge that Stalin monuments were erected throughout the country these memorials to the living and when Stalin asserts that he himself wrote the short course of the history of the all-union Communist Party the work created by a group into a book written by Stalin this calls for at least amazement his short biography is an expression of the most dissolute flattery we need not give here examples of the loathsome agile ation filling this book they were all approved and edited by Stalin personally Khrushchev continues Stalin knew the country and agriculture only from films that dressed up and beautified the existing situation and so pictured collective farm life that the tables were bending from the weight of turkey and geese evidently Stalin believed it was so the power in the hands of Stalin led to serious consequences during the war to his leadership were dedicated many literary works and paintings full of fantasy when we look at many of our novels films and historical scientific studies they make us feel sick and then Khrushchev concludes we cannot let this matter get out of the party especially not to the press it is for this reason that we are considering it here at a closed session in October 1956 Khrushchev waving the banner of peaceful coexistence brutally extinguishes Hungary's bid for freedom Khrushchev who earlier established himself as a man of the people begins to build a new image he becomes a great educator especially interested in the young people these third grade students are being sworn in to the Communists young pioneer organization the children take the oath and answer to the question quote are you prepared to give us your entire strength to work toward the noble goal of communism gustaf becomes a man of the world interested in people and problems everywhere he meets with Sukarno of Indonesia with Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro khrushchev organizes movements for the abolition of atomic weapons he hammers away at the United Nations demanding coexistence on his own terms the world has an opportunity to learn that Khrushchev strand of communism is in the same tradition as Lenin's and Stalin's he breaks a solemn agreement for no further testing and resumed some 40 nuclear explosions detonating a multi Megaton hydrogen bomb apparently to frighten the world preaching disarmament he maintains the largest standing army on earth a constant threat to peace and ever present instrument of blackmail says his Minister of War Rodion Malinovsky glory to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union which has inspired and organized all our victories working for world peace the Soviet state shows its ceaseless concern for the army which has been called upon it appears that drew sharp is following Lenin's advice every peace program is a deception of the people and an hypocrisy unless its principal object is to explain support aid and develop the revolutionary struggle he continues to exert pressure all over the world Khrushchev says hands-off revolutionary Cuba where a brutal dictatorship under longtime communist Fidel Castro imposes the yoke of Marxism Leninism on the Cubans and serves to export communism to Central and South American countries Khrushchev Awards Castro the Lenin Peace Prize jeff has been trying to persuade the free world that there has been a basic change in communist ideology yet he predicts a world under communism in his time and continues to support Marxist Leninist Dogma he says if anyone believes that our smiles involve abandonment of the teachings of Marx Engels and Linnet he deceives himself fully those who wait for that must wait until the shrimp learns to whistle from the text of the Soviet party's draft program to the 22nd Congress October 1961 as presented by Nikita Khrushchev come the following quotation the tried-and-tested marxist-leninist principles of communist internationalism will continue to be inviolable principles which the party will follow undeviating Lee the peaceful coexistence of states with different social systems does not imply discontinuance of the ideological struggle peaceful coexistence affords more favorable opportunities for the struggle in capitalist countries the success of the struggle for the victory of the revolution will depend on how well the working class and its party master the use of all forms of struggle peaceful and non peaceful parliamentary and extra parliamentary and how well they are prepared to replace one form of struggle by another and how quickly they may do it and how unexpectedly the communist parties are the vanguard of the world revolutionary movement they have demonstrated the vitality of Marxism Leninism and their ability not only to propagate the great ideas of scientific communism but also to put them into practice with more than 37 percent of the world people in the communist orbit by 1963 the Communists continued to subscribe to Lenin's doctrines convinced that Lenin's techniques which they are followed pay hansom dividends coexistence is the keystone to the success of Lenin's deliberate and predictable program for world communism the Communists want to avoid total military involvement while a warfare that is unconventional precedes by unorthodox irregular and indirect means when Khrushchev threatened the Western Hemisphere by stealthily setting up offensive missile bases in Cuba November 1962 he did so while the Kremlin propaganda apparatus around the world was promoting their peaceful coexistence fee any move to dismantle the bases was made only after the United States and deployed vast military might Caribbean to reinforce our demand that the missiles be removed communist pressures continue to be exerted around the borders of the free world this chart shows the historic strategy shifts in the communist coexistence policy since 1918 first militancy then conciliation the hardline the soft line repeatedly to the present but one of the future as long as these pressures exist the best we can hope for is an uneasy truce between the communist and non-communist world's rather than any condition for genuine peace the hope of the free world for real peace continues to depend upon a knowledge of communist methods about our own alertness and upon avoiding the tendency to read too much into tactical changes in the party life communism and coexistence is presented in the hope that it will contribute to a better understanding of this problem which is faced by all free men [Applause]

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