is it is literally 12 a.m. I'm tired but you'll need sleep when you got you to be is so it's just browsing the internet and I found this we need communism by see this gonna be fun hey remember this is a 12 in and last night I had three hours of sleep so yeah as your old house eatable here and I wanna make a video about why to this day after the time history went when it was founded we still need communism what they let his coming has never worked well it has works but it just doesn't work well yep why am I doing this now Oh communism is the idea of a nation we've all read history books okay we know why communism is Oh was your 5/10 sharing the wealth and awesome I'll call it distributing um if I were to ever start a country's economy this government wink wink wait 12 years okay I'll see you in 12 years then um I'd probably make it he's perfect it would burn without shame yeah like have these company like these buildings what you can put in my he's seriously like nine ten years old and he has a YouTube channel granted I'm ten years old bits I'm not as dumb as this kid you funny for other people to have you know kind of a share share now I know not all communist state you like this let's all right exactly do a little dab there these buildings what you can put in money for other people to have you know kind of a share share now I know not fall and that seems like a dad this was me in 2017 all communist state you like this but still distributing is just as fine as sharing it well I'm not explaining why we need communism I'm just giving the difference between edition is getting because they technically are because hey a parent you need with communism you need to work to get the money or whatever you get the money or food or ever by working yeah that's what the what Russia did to North Korea it could make their child share a toy or something anyway you are comparing literal money and food and stuff that people things that are so much more valuable than joy now compared to children do a whole country its I we actually need communism like actually hots cold out here um it's coolant that's the best reason you gave us for why we need communism it's cold out here this reason why we need communism yet I have two reasons one poor people we really can't have pork he's looking over his shoulder like the FBI is watching him well it's not good for a bunch of for like a whole class of people to be poor people need money we can't just let people can live perfectly happy lives alright let's read some of the comments so we oh yeah that one your mind check Crabtree trial expires yeah okay then you have two robots for your friend has four yellow Joseph's 12 years can see ya mom listen to a ten-year-old toe telling me why I need communism yeah that's me yeah that's me when your large fries cost $1 yeah and you have 98 cents 2017 nope 2018 nope play 19 we got me that huh and your brother steals less done right in front of you when your best friend does girlfriend and doesn't just share it with you when you're free minecrafter out he's really trying to tell this is gonna roblox probably anybody airpot users we can't have poor people when you find that out you're the reincarnation of Joseph Stalin your parents will buy you row bugs we can't have poor people maybe you should share your chins yeah where we get favorite praise for those on eBay and your ahem sorry your friend at as 100 more V of X then you coming in this kid Soviet anthem please well hi Haley keeps looking back like she's being tracked down by some Airport pod users when I saw Mia's see someone using wire do you like some earbuds in public boy you really have a thing for Mulan Ronny ten-year-old we need comunism after 20 years 30 years KITT good Capulet this my jam' like a finish that sentence Sanibel we need communism dad what mom I'm gonna get the American flags say flags in the yard with America playing up we have one diamond bunny in Minecraft why your friend that's two then your friend Watchers lunch don't need to go on know there's people Oh beat around just be homeless meliss because as they can't get jobs money is important so that's another reason need communism and secondly some people might say oh we have welfare 3/4 of this video is literally him explaining to us who don't care we're just here for the meme to see what was this thing he's won 3/4 of this is just him explaining what communism is we don't really care we're just here for the memes I mean seriously time people make good YouTube videos all of this I don't wait and I'm very enjoy anyway well if they're just promotes lazy people and I don't know yes think about Russia China oh no but I'm pretty sure welfare especially down in the United States costs a bit of moolah [Applause] so yeah all those morons I mean people don't need welfare I mean seriously my family is gone without that welfare for a while my parents have like seriously they're in their 80s can they literally just go welfare last year I mean seriously saying the communism is the same as welfare you when you this is scrubby winning this is curvy onec she's a god can't go leave because you are just an absolute moron scrubby he sees a gun just look up that definition of that I'm sorry that a little heated but when people say it's the same as welfare um a little a little I get really angry anyway yeah that time there you go that's why we still need communism bye okay I think we're done

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