Common Sense is Dead in Texas | The News & Why it Matters | EP 287

welcome to the news and Wyatt matters I am Sara Gonzales we are joined by a couple special guests today Josh hammer from The Daily wire back in studio G back with you thank you thank you for being here and for the first time in the news and why it matters history we have a presidential candidate on the show ami Horan Horowitz running for president how lucky are you people to have anything I mean the ratings through the roof and believe me you and Louisville thanks for being here let's do what's your top story tonight approach the CNN Town Hall ratings with that I can't Secret Service away from the table Tim thank you thank you I want to talk about the death of common sense and personal responsibility in Texas of all places all right Josh let's talk Brett Kavanaugh is the OU liberal is the Pro plaintiffs bar is he anything other than conservative ultimately figure it out all right I mean we're gonna discuss with you know to leave anti-semite or not spoiler and it's not even close 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individual blood-alcohol levels of every patron that comes into this bar like how the hell am I supposed to do that and some people hold their alcohol better than other exactly you know how would you possibly know and I think it's a completely unfair standard to put on some bartender who's you know 23 years old and like I mean you know everyone should take a step of personal responsibility as well if you're a bartender and you think it could be a dangerous situation the restaurant can have a manager come in and try to enforce these sorts of things but to put a law on it to try to make you know to to make to take away the personal responsibility from the person who might be driving drunk and put it on the bartender to me is completely insane right off at the start but I realize I'm not necessarily you know not everyone agrees with that but this case I think everyone does agree with because it's completely nuts so it's a woman near her name is Lindsay glass she was a bartender at a bar in Plano Texas and if you'll remember the story from a couple years ago it was a really terrible story a guy murders his ex or his estranged wife and seven other people at a cowboy they were watching a cowboy and it was you know a mass shooting basically it was it was a big story at the time for sure but only now is this coming to light where Lindsay glass who was the bartender that this guy went to decided is now being charged for over-serving him and you know the idea I guess being that he was so drunk that's why he committed these murders and she's basically an accomplice to this is what it feels like so that is the kind of setup here let me give you the actual details of story first of all you know you drinking a lot how much would you have to drink to go to murder eight people I feel like it would be a lot like hey I can't even think okay so I know the number yeah yeah I know it exactly yeah I don't wanna get into him okay okay but she was he was served five drinks at this bar five drinks now five drinks for you know a guy you know of normal size is not going to be to the level where you're going to come along yeah right exactly good point so he was actually only served for the drinks don't buy this one bartender who's getting charged so she served him for drinks now for drinks even in an hour would not be enough to you know be completely crazy though you know you might be over the legal limit but whatever so four times she was served but that was over two visits two visits to the bar split over four hours so so she was there at 2:30 and they came back at 6:30 over that over the entire day he served she served him for drinks that's the drink an hour a drink an hour which basically would add nothing to your blood alcohol level so ends day for me so it was – well gins and two beers she served him now she noticed that she's a little worried that he may have drank in between the two visits at another bar so she was a little concerned about this so she took the extra step to actually text someone else one of her friends too and asked him to say hey like you know look this guy seems a little drunk he's acting a little weird he's talking tough talking about I gonna even ask or with somebody and so yeah but that's bar talk right like that sort of stuff happens at bars all the time so he cuz she actually texts her friend her friend comes in to to the bar and actually starts talking to this guy as well now he's acting a little weird and you know but again I guess they eat was a regular and they kind of knew him and he was kind of a strange guy so then the guy tries to leave the bar okay at this point she thinks he's drunk she's texted mr. Frane I know he's drunk he's acting weird so what does she do let him go just abandon all responsibility no she actually steps in and tries to stop the guy from leaving now what is she supposed to do tackle him shoot him like I cut his Achilles heel I don't know what he's supposed to do but he she tries to stop him unsuccessfully he gets into the car and and she and he leaves so what does she do she abandons all responsibility no she leaves the bar to go to try to find him okay like to me they say she's already way past the point yes where she's taken more responsibility than she needs to and incredibly she actually finds him she finds him at this house where this shooting eventually happens had not happened yet so what does she do she just drives back and says oh well I can't believe that's it's probably over an abandoned responsibility no she calls 911 danger I have a friend in danger and he is in possession of a gun and a knife now this is a lot of steps she's done a really good job to me here at this point she then goes back to the bar but then sends her friend back again to the house they get the guys the guys going back to the house the the heat flags down a police officer and tells him it per in person that we think there's a dangerous situation going on with this guy right as that's happening the calls start coming in about the shooting and they go over there and the shooting has occurred now I mean and and the one additional fact that is interesting is apparently when she was being interviewed after this entire process the detectives on the case told her she acted admirably and did I mean and I think she did I honestly their self in harm's way really I mean if my girlfriend my wife I am NOT telling her to go chase down some drunk guy with a gun to try to prevent whatever the hell he's doing stay the hell away from him so she went I think above and beyond so many times so many ways and I think this boils down to something where instead of her being acted I treated like a hero she's being treated like a criminal and this is like number one the the responsibility for all of the terrible things that are happening they're trying to spread it to her and it's like personal responsibility should still be a thing she shouldn't be responsible for even as driving but let alone the idea that for drinks over four hours somehow increased his chance of murdering eight people is completely nuts and then beyond that you know there has to be some level of common sense what are they even attempting to do here I mean what is the justice they're looking for I mean this is someone who obviously even if you can say she made a mistake and should have recognized and not served him another drink or something I mean she obviously tried to do everything she possibly could including calling the police and contacting them twice to try to stop this what is the goal here can we not apply common sense at some level and say here's a person who should actually be holding up because honestly if she just let him go there's no they wouldn't they wouldn't have done anything the fact that she did all these steps and texted and got worried and did all these additional things is the reason she's in trouble and we're encouraging people to not be involved it's like the opposite of she's being prosecuted something she's being prosecuted for this for over-serving she could spend a year in jail where it where is it this is really know Texas here it's about 20 taxes yes right now we need a presidential candidate would do something like this something like negative order yeah exactly yet the can week any part and I don't think II can pardon yeah but this is fully insane I mean one thing that you learn in law schools you talk every first-year law student learns about theories of liability is like when you're suing your you're prosecuting you who can be held liable this is not even a close call okay pour drinks over the course of four hours as you said at the outset that is literally the legal limit like you are not even theoretically going to drive drunk right at Rincon hours what you're supposed to do I mean I hear what's going on the details a story and I think Good Samaritan I think something much closer to like Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient like the SKA flog we should be locked up behind bars here I mean we should be holding this person up as an example of going beyond the call of duty but it's just an egregious law I mean like III II this is state statutes David yeah yeah yeah I mean it's crazy I mean likewise legislature not talking about this I mean like this hopefully this gets out there because this strike fee is just completely unjust since Texas Alcoholic Beverage code okay so it admitted so administration probably not of actual statute but regardless that should be repealed obviously I mean this is just egregious especially they're just a ridiculous use of it I mean I you know even if you think there could be a case where you're gonna let someone walk out with a ridiculous blood-alcohol level which this guy had when he died I mean he was he had apparently had a lot of alcohol but that's the reason she was concerned and try to do something about it yeah I mean you want to weigh in on this I mean I have no words I don't even know where to begin with something like this I mean look there's a lot of crazy laws on the books I think there's a law where you can't have a sandwich in your hand when you cross I'm kid you now and you cross a rail crossing in some state I don't think it has been prosecuted for that last time I checked so I think it's about the application of the laws more so than the silly law but I would have asked you where was I expected to be Seattle yeah or San Francisco but but in Plano Texas you would think maybe the baitul thing was real here maybe there was something up there something up with Texas and that scares me a whole lot if that's the case we just talked not to not to make it way more somber but we just talked yesterday about the the 10-day rule that we have in Texas Josh I don't know if you've if you've seen this you drop food on the floor we extend it to 30 seconds depending on how aggressive really hungry at that point but the the 10-day rule that Texas hospitals have the right to invoke for any reason that they determine if they have a patient that they have just determined on a whim that caring for that patient is as futile the patient they can say for whatever reason they don't think is going to get better they can then make the decision to pull the plug on on the patient they only have to give the family 10 days notice and it's like you don't you know the family doesn't get to challenge it I mean they can take him to court you know and good luck if they you know don't run out of time in the mean time but that was going on to remove them to another place often right yeah yeah the police that wants to have them entry the people hospital obstructs their you know their ability to try to transfer them so it's just I mean you think about Texas being the most free state here but then when you start hearing about all of these crazy laws happening you're like who who are the people who signed these you know who passed these and sign this into law the the one the hospital one was signed by george w bush so it's like you think things on the surface and then you start looking into the actual laws on the books and it gets really crazy and that's just thinking about the fact that we haven't even seen the state like you mentioned we haven't even seen the state turned blue imagine how far down hill we would go if we see the state turn blue oh god that would be a disaster also the Republicans will never win another national election that's a whole another situation there yeah anyways Texas where would we move Alaska that's too cold it is too cold there's no I just feel like there's nowhere left Oklahoma maybe I mean God forbid though right yeah just kill me in that case back in a minute Wow that's a very anti Oklahoma talk before we move on to Kevin I'll want to thank our sponsor really factor so I was in a car accident 2013 messed up my neck and my back and my knee and all sorts of stuff and everything kind of resolved itself except my neck issues and I had protruding discs well I still do but it's just a big pain in the rear and you don't realize until you're in it how much pain affects your everyday life like it's just you're in constant pain you're grumpy all the time maybe you like cause fights with your spouse for no reason I don't know I'm just saying maybe she was very oddly specific yeah I wouldn't know I'm just assuming um but a lot of us including me have had a lot of success here at the blaze with relief factor it's 100% natural it's drug the drug free it fights the inflammation in your body which you know is often the root cause of your pain so if you are trying prescription drugs big pharma as Stu loves and nothing 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legal roadmap to uphold Obamacare was a case called 7 Skye it was actually the reason most people understand the Brett Kavanaugh was actually not on the federal Society and Donald Trump's first judicial list was a means of punishing I have an offer coming up with this so look here's the deal we are less than a year into Brett Kavanaugh his first term but I'm ready to sound the alarm because this needs to get better needs to get better quickly he got to a rough start really early on there with a k' there's a case in December where he refused to grant a writ of certiorari so to grant a hearing any case involving Planned Parenthood basic what happened was various state governments were trying to defund Planned Parenthood from the Medicaid programs it was a kind of procedural not subjective abortion case but abortion related he refused to grant cert to that just as Thomas vociferously dissented and actually really called out Kavanagh quite personally in his dissent he said this is we're probably not granting cert here due to the nature of the party involved we're getting a little wishy-washy when Planned Parenthood's a name party to the case there been numerous death penalty cases where Cavanaugh has side with the liberal bloc he overturned a Texas Criminal Court of Appeals which is the Phi the highest criminal court here in Texas he refused to defer to their assessment of who would count as intellectually disabled person under Supreme Court precedent which is actually also flawed in my opinion but under that press and you're not allowed to execute someone who's intellectually disabled Cavanaugh refused to defer to the highest court in Texas his assessment of who had counted until intellectually disabled he had a really bizarre kind of First Amendment Establishment Clause adjacent death penalty decision where he basically said that this Buddhist man in Texas who was a murderer was gonna be said to executed could not be executed because a Buddhist monk I believe the right word was not in the end the actual chamber and then it's kind of built up and then yesterday there was this weird case Apple antitrust case and generate some headlines 5-4 decision cavernous eyes the Liberals it is a an aggressively Pro plaintiffs bar opinion is not subjective they don't actually reach the merits of the antitrust lawsuit but he basically says this case can proceed in my opinion highly flawed it seemed to overrule a 1970s case that basically said that you can't have what is called pass on theory and antitrust law pass on theory essentially is that you have to sue the direct person that is that is live was actually the same theory of liability discussion right so in this case Apple which is a 30% cut from the apple app store they were then passing on the cost to developers so this lawsuit that was at the antitrust monopoly lawsuit against Apple theoretically should not be able to go through because it's actually the app developers not Apple itself they're passing on the cost directly to the consumers Cavanagh opens up the floodgates for massive litigation sides of the plaintiffs anti business decision neela research rights a scathing dissent he's completely right so I'm sound the alarm on Cavanaugh this could get better but here's the thing some people like Rush Limbaugh in the air yesterday were talking about how this is Cavanaugh trying to appease the left he's trying to show that he's not this people guy that they tried to make him out to be I don't actually buy that I would like that to be true because in my mind if that were true then we could possibly expect him to get better but I just worry that this is who Brett Kavanaugh is I did I I think he is a country-club Republican he is the guy from Bethesda Maryland when the Georgetown Prep he's like he's he's frat boy Brett he is not a good old boy he's not like an Amy Barrett he is not a a Heartland conservative so I'm sound the alarm on him I hope I'm wrong mommy Amy right because you are a Democratic presidential candidate sitting at the table correct what if Brett Kavanaugh was a plant by the Democrats and they made a big stink about him on purpose to make us put him through knowing he was going to be a democratic plant my new party man could have pulled that off if they were so dumb look I think there's a lot of truth to what they were saying it's first term isn't over yet okay so I think these hold off the alarms let's not also forget that during the first term of of Justice Thomas he also voted often time with the liberal wing and often I think people were also using ascribing to the same motives with Kavanagh so I think we need to wait need to give these are people with me sitting there for decades I think the history books will be written years from now I think we have to we have to pull a foot off the the gas pedal it looks like like again Nicki you drafted a quarterback and he's having a pretty bad first year it doesn't mean necessarily it's gonna be bad but I gotta say the same thing I don't see it I see I don't I don't see the strong arm I don't see the accuracy that doesn't mean he doesn't develop it maybe he does but it make I'm definitely at the point I'm nervous already and I didn't like the fake initially and I will say like fundamentally you brought up something that is I think really key to this and and just infuriating which is they had a list of 21 at the beginning that had Gorsuch on it and it did not have Cavanaugh on it so unless you he named 20 other Supreme Court justices that I missed why did we need to add five more names including including Amy Coney Barrett by the way as well it was not on that original list that original list was really strong it was the best of the best there's still 20 people sitting on it that we did not name to the Supreme Court and I don't understand why we just circled back to that original list why and remember this is a good chunk of the reason Trump got elected was that list would work a lot of conservatives they were calling us like crazy saying like look I had a lot of problems with him but that list is really good and it was approved by the Federalist Society and the fact that he's adding names after him and now we're the suspicion is the next year juris probably to come from there to probably Coneybear it but again she has a shorter record and there's reasons to be she looks good to me but I mean there's reasons to have some nervousness there I don't know why we got rid of that first list as anyone know why we named more people so I really think it's as simple as Brett Kavanaugh is really personally chummy with Leonard Leo who's the executive vice president a federal Society and Dom McGann who's a former White House Counsel yeah again yeah close to he's like this him again so like that all about who you know yeah that's subsequently mean Kavanagh has the insight he's the insider guy he's the DC guy he's from Bethesda he's on the DC Court of Appeals I mean they all know got me all socialized with him he worked the Bush White House I mean I I think it's that simple I I me I think I think your point is sound right I mean Clarence Thomas got off to a stomach to a slow start as well I just worry a Cavanaugh has enough of a track record in biography he's like a he's a Bush Republican he's a big government Republican he's not a small government conservative and I don't think I've ever heard him actually self described as a constitutional originalist I mean Thomas would always describe as that so I'm worried I mean gorgeous got to a great start course it was courses right off the bat was joining Thomas descent Tom's descent on yeah hopefully eventually Thomas majority opinion of course so what I hope I'm wrong I mean obviously we are early on but I think it's time for conservatives to be very wary and be paying very close attention I think if she brings up a more interesting point that's right yeah which is that there was a study done on how often the Liberals vote with the conservative wing and vice versa and what it showed was absolutely explicitly that the liberal wing votes almost exclusively with liberal wing and the conservative wing often not often times but sometimes will vote the liberal wing and I think it's an interesting perspective on how each views the course yeah that's a great point all right back in a minute all right ah me running for president tell us why well it's it's it's really simple I when I found out what the qualifications were to get on the debate stage I thought this is kind of achievable I'm not saying deuces troll I'm not saying that at all I'm serious run this is no and the reason why I decided to do this is because I saw the Democratic Party's become so radicalized over the past several years I mean listen we've seen this leftward movement it's sort of an extra Billy happening over the last really 15 20 years but the ship has been so dramatic over the last couple of years that I thought their their their point of view is so radical maybe used to be like right-wing conspiratorial lists would ascribe these views to Democrats I mean like oh you guys are crazy they don't believe in open borders they don't believe in socialism then open it later every book but they do yeah I mean that's what's coming out it's maybe these are positions that 90% of the country don't ascribe to and I and the majority of the Democrats don't ascribe to so I felt like my voice had to be said and that's why for one this is the greatest dollar you ever spent for one dollar you guys can send me to the democratic debate stage at Omni for and see the greatest show on earth love it alright more to come in overtime and start snacks you

  1. They are trying to make sense of something that makes no sense; instead of laying the blame at the feet of the perpetrator they blame the bartender. Be careful Texas, you are being assaulted by the leftest fleeing California because those same leftest policies in California has created a failed state. Instead of realizing it they are bringing those same policies and trying to institute them in Texas.

  2. Kavanaugh wouldn't be anywhere near being the first "Conservative" defended by most everybody on the Right, to turn around and stab America in the back. Whatever he does, he's In For Life…Nobody, but Nobody should ever be appointed to any job in Government for life…..Even for the SCOTUS, some sort of Term Limits seems necessary. If you have any doubts Google "SCOTUS Justice McCormick" from the 50s and 60s. He was in a wheel chair, deaf as a post, blind as a Bat & slept through everything…..He makes RBG look young and vital in comparison

  3. ~Someone offended me! Get them banned!
    ~Pregnancy timing’s bad! Abort the baby!
    ~Life is hard! Measure my intersectional victimization score!
    ~Freak accident/Alcohol related tragedy! Blame the server…
    Or – for each of those grievances, blame whomever’s got the deepest pockets.

    Personal Responsibility. That used to be an actual thing…

  4. It looks like Texans have allowed too many Californians into their state. "Time to issue a travel ban."

  5. TABC is an anti common sense thing. It is not the death of Common Sense in TEXAS!  This criminal organization regulates bars and cigarette sales.  When I first moved to Texas you could have a beer on your dash while driving down the road and a cop wouldn't look twice at you. But, you couldn't purchase that beer on Sunday. Blue Laws. Now that is just one of the silly things which is a hang on from prohibition days. It made the Baptists feel good. At least those who didn't drink.  A bartender didn't sign a contract with any customer to be their legal guardian. Serving an adult beverage does not actually create a contract. But, sadly the laws are so screwed up "here is your lack of Sense", the bartenders may be held liable. So, to keep bars from creating drunks, there must be enacted a one drink maximum. Pretty much shuts down all bars. Pretty hard to make money that way. These laws are SIN TAX. Nothing more. Lawyers will always find a way to cash in. Lawyers make the laws. Sort of convenient isn't it?

  6. This sounds like a case of the police dropping the ball and trying to cover their asses. She should sue for false arrest, if they carry it through.

  7. If someone is falling off the bar stool, slurring words, has trouble walking then I understand the NO SERVICE rule. If someone does not act drunk then how do you know if he is drunk? People must be responsible for themselves and not the responsibility of someone that you don't know.

  8. im from texas and i have to say that beto doesnt represent us. i havent met anyone that supports him. i think he cheated to get in

  9. she's being charged because she called police multiple times and they ignored her. If they don't blame her then they have to take blame

  10. For all of the 39 confirmed, and the 75-100 probable. I was totally sober. 99.927 of all killings in the US are done every year by leftists. Prove me fucking wrong

  11. This irritates me to know end… so you leave the state the you screwed up just to come and ruin our states… leave us alone you stupid liberals…

  12. The ones who come up with these stupid laws are people who moved to Texas from Kalifornia, People's Republic of….. 😱😜😈
    Also after watching a clip of a Fox story about the family of a man suing Tiger Woods and company for being over served in his restaurant because he was killed driving drunk and the circumstances around it…..
    I made the comment of how I felt it was Woods with his deep pockets etc. etc….
    And Youtube would not allow me to post the comment to the video……
    In fact Youtube wouldn't let me see any comments for the video after that…..

  13. The Cruz to O'Rourke race has nothing to do with the TABC the TABC has been here for years!
    A single senate race does not determine the state. 😑Yes, the licensing laws are bad but that doesn't mean you trash the state as a whole for it!

  14. Yeah, it's not a good idea to become a cashier simply because of the mental laws on alcohol. But you saying shame on Texas the entire state is something else.

  15. They want to change law, go after the server, the bar, owner, the beer maker, the farmer. Same with guns. But heaven forbid they actually hold a criminal liable, give them the right to vote, give them more rights then citizens. It's crazy. I am (want to feel) certain the case will be thrown out and I hope she sues the city for a million dollars. The bartender did nothing, zero, nada, wrong.

  16. Pray for the people of Texas. Hope funding can go to help build the miles & miles of southern US border walls needed for Texas.

  17. My friend Tony cross was murdered there. He was part of a viking group and knew how to fight. He was a big krav maga fanatic and he had a badass Jeep that he used to crawl on rocks. He was cool.

    I understand the perspective of the murdering husband. The elephant in the room is feminism. Women shouldn't have the right to divorce without fault…especially if they investigate the divorce.

  18. That bartender went way beyond the call of duty. She isn't remotely responsible for his actions. It isn't illegal to leave bar intoxicated. It isn't illegal to be intoxicated. I would have never left the bar, at most called the police to report his behavior. They may charge her, but no jury will find her guilty.

  19. the issue with the apple case is that Apple cut developers off from OS level services like Siri etc if you don't put the payment thru their gateway. Send someone to your own website to process payments and all of a sudden your app is crippleware. In essence, Apple is FORCING app developers to charge their user more. BK was correct in allowing the case to go forward due to the causal link.

  20. Was saying so last September, Cavanaugh is not conservative, nor is he an originalist in regards the Constitution.

  21. Personal responsibility is the issue vis-à-vis the bartender/drunk story. Overzealous prosecutor taking himself too seriously with a law that shouldn't exist to begin with. Four drinks over four hours?!?!? Utter BS. Wonder if the prosecutor is from California originally?.

  22. Yowza. Sara's got a case of the hubba-hubba going on this episode. Outfit, hair, jewelry, etc.

    I'm sure I need to be stoned in a public square for saying that nowadays . . . but, there ya go.

    Thanks for show.

  23. Liberals have moved into Texas to swing it blue and crazy! This is what happens when crazy takes over

  24. Boomer Sooner to you guys also. You can still move to Oklahoma for 51 weeks a year. Just go on vacation during The Red River Rivalry.

  25. as a jew i amtelling you the amee guy is a sociopath, charming but a total covert narcissist, you whites will never learn

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