Commies Burn AMERICAN FLAG Outside Of White House!

before I begin today's video if you're looking to reach some conservative news from a trusted and reliable source check out my friends over at patriot post dot us a link for them is in the description box they're currently offering a free subscription so when you go over there and subscribe tell them that abl sent you how's everybody doing my name is Anthony Brian located today we got to talk about this group named the Revolutionary Communist Party decided to burn an American flag in front of the White House now before we even get into it I got to back up a little bit here to explain what's going on and give you some context of this whole situation now during the July 4th Independence Day festivities that you had to parade and a few other things going on this group called rev con for sure Revolutionary Communist Party decided to have some kind of protest they're talking about all these different chants just we coach his type stuff right one of the members decides to burn a flag I think he had burned one earlier and then he burned another one now if you ever been to the White House you're gonna see Secret Service right there I'm talking about right in front of the like the outside perimeter where you can't just hop over you know you got that fence that Barack Obama made a little bit of talk but that's a different story that fences right there and then it's like some kind of little barrier that's not as tall as defense anyway Secret Service are right there so one guy has his flag lit all the way up it's engulfed in flames there's a big ball of fire a Secret Service member comes over to him to get the flag stomp it out whatever the guy throws the flag at the officer as you see on the screen before you so obviously you can't have something like this going they extinguish the flames the police Secret Service or whatever and then that guy is arrested and I think some other people in the group were arrested they were starting all kind of fights the problem was with every day were trying to fight the proud boys the proud boys are trying to put out the flames they were trying to be the peacekeepers from what I saw but that's a different story it was just a big time man started by the Revolutionary coming this party far leftist organization now some would say you should be able to burn the flag freedom of speech right but I think not I call this situation unfortunately I figured it what happened about two weeks ago or more I think me June it was his whole hubbub Twitter because people were saying hey if you burn the flat you should go to Gitmo you should go to the penitentiary or whatever and I agree with that to a certain extent because I know what comes after the flat burn and I know the kind of behavior that is associated with flag-burning okay my question to those who thought that I was wrong was should she be able to burn the flag in front of the White House and I'll place that on the screen before you people got kind of quiet I heard crickets and like okay exactly you don't want to address what's going to happen next see I'm a kind of guy I've been self-employed for a long time so I know what it's like to be doing a certain thing to prepare for something else down the road I'm not looking at what's going to happen right now or I was going to affect me or those that are around me right now I'm looking at not only the right now but the future okay today tomorrow the day after that two years from now ten years from now how is it going to affect long-term that's how the people that are successful in the world think and my humble opinion okay someone else some people talking about these people to burning the flag I'm like okay let's look at the circumstances upon which this can happen in front of the White House you know at a funeral there's all kind of situations where you can't just do whatever you want to do so you can't just say oh I have total freedom you have great freedom in this country more than I would think that most countries on planet earth but it is limited you can't just do whatever you want to do obviously burning the flag confronting the White House and it's not only disrespectful but it's dangerous because if you're gonna do that what kind of mentality do you have what else are you gonna do oh maybe throw a Secret Service Officer and get yourself locked up you might go to Gitmo free that assaulting the officer with a lit flag throwing it at him that should be a felony right there but burning the flag should be a felony enhancement I would say like I said before that's Gitmo right there because now you are attacking people federal officers I'm trying to attack the president a little bit not quite but you right there in front of the White House I mean what are you trying to actually do what message are you trying to send it you know I see what's going on it's not really hard to these people these extreme leftists exist they're all over the place I see them out of time and they've got to be regulated to a certain extent flag-burning other things some may see as freedom of speech but I see it as kind of like broken windows policing I mean you see smaller violations you gotta treat it like you're serious because if you don't nip it in the bud it'll get worse it's the same thing with drugs you know like I said about weed before you shouldn't be legalizing weed because you're gonna get other drugs that come along with that not only as far as drugs that may become legalized like in Colorado the Hat we that was the first thing then here comes rooms what's next is always gonna be something most people told me oh it's just going to be weed and it'll be nothing else I was like watch and then here were Yarbrough shrooms what's going to be next is always the next thing in California they've already pretty much jumped that shark they've essentially legalized heroin now you got junkies making needles on the ground due to it and everything else you got to start with the smaller violations things that might not necessarily be a big deal to you will be a big deal if they're not nipped in the bud some people that like to use drugs Bay noodles whatever you want to call it smoked crack they may be able to do it responsibly but let's be real who's gonna be out there using drugs who's gonna be out there doing these kinds of things they're not gonna be responsible they're not going to your sanctioned injection sites to be clean like they are going to a doctor's office they're going to be junkies a lot of them got mental problems and when you don't get the smaller things taken care of you're gonna have bigger problems the same thing with the flag burners who's gonna want to burn the flag anyway an American flag for what why there are other things going on that's why you gotta regulate it pretty tightly because if you don't then they're gonna say okay I can do this what about that if you give them an inch they'll take a mile so that's pretty much all I've got what say you do you think that we should be able to burn the flag even after what you just saw on her if that's your viewpoint let me know by in the comments below or are you on my side we should not be able to burn the American flag if we think that way let me know why in the comments below you already know why I that way it's because if you allow that to happen you're going to get a lot of negative actions that come after that if you do not nip it in the bud if you don't get it early it's gonna just worsen it's going to fester you know started running small before it just gets out of control that's how you have effective policing effective society is running properly when you don't have that when you don't nip things in the bud you get California due to needles all kind of stuff just roaming the streets because you didn't want to start with the smaller things now it's gotten out of control and what are you gonna do you have an avalanche rolling downhill and when will it stop I don't even know but whatever your comments are please let me know in the comments below and as all gotta say for this video if you like what you heard please comment rate share and subscribe peace

  1. I dont know whether to laugh or cry. 😃 Everytime you turn around some new unknown group is protesting or causing problems at the White house. The funny thing is they think they can get away with it.

  2. if you paid for it then you can do with it what ever you want ….my opinion…. not a fan of burning a flag but if they paid for it they can do what ever they want with it … free means free

  3. There should be laws for somethings but, you shouldn't over regulate things either. People should have the right to express their beliefs if their not hurting other people. If people are harming others like in this case they should be arrested.

  4. I agree this shouldn't have never been allowed to get started. Cause theses nuts will take it to another level which we saw. I see terrorist goes beyond free speech.

  5. You can burn the flag, but you should also accept the consequences. That could mean jail (in this case) or an ass kicking, if you piss off a vet or patriots.

  6. That is not freedom of speech. That’s is sending a big F U to the country. It’s saying I have no respect this place or its leaders.

  7. Freedom of speech. And then people start categorizing certain actions as "forms of speech". NO! It says Freedom of Speech and burning the flag of the United States of America is not speech! The definition of speech is "human vocal communication".

  8. The way i see it if u burn the flag its a massive spit in the face to all the people that serve and protect the country past and present

  9. "Revolutionary Communist Party…"
    Oh, you mean the Democratic Party. Or "Democratic Socialist Party" as they're calling themselves now.

  10. You shouldn't be able to burn anything in a city without a permit.  The video showing the man burning the flag shows no safety measures being taken place.  He lights the flag in a crowd which could have potentially injured those in the crowd – catching someone's clothing on fire etc.   There is also danger that the wind could have picked up and it could have caused a bigger fire and led to property damage.   I dislike these protesters and how the government handles protestors.   Different protest groups are not kept separate.  Protestors are allowed to protest on streets that are not closed to traffic.  Protestors are allowed to assault others and damage property.   Its out of control and there is no regard to safety.

  11. Stupid friggin ppl. If your unhappy, simply, leave!!! Gather whatever you have (thanks to America) and go somewhere you'll be happy. How thick is a person for that not to register?!

  12. One big problem with freedom is it breeds this kind of retardation in spoiled little brats. If y’all clowns don’t like it here then leave.

  13. If you hate living in America and want to burn the flag then do it. But first you should wrap it around you then pour gas or alcohol on it then light it. Problem solved.

  14. It’s unlawful to leave the flag in inclement weather as well. Leaving the flag out in the rain is not practicing free speech, so how can burning it be a form of free speech?

  15. If you want comunismo, that paradise already exist, it’s name is Cuba, only 90 miles away from Florida, go there, be happy. What are you doing here? Oh right, you’re eating and being free.

  16. If you hate the flag, you hate America. You are right about policing the small things. Look at all sanctuary cities. They are disgusting. People allowed to do nasty things with no consequences.

  17. If burning the rainbow flag is consider a hate crime then why isn't burning the Confederate and American flag consider a hate crime?

  18. Flag burnings normally occur in the middle east and indonesia. Now it is happening the US. Those ppl should go and live in flag burning countries.

  19. I have to disagree on the cannabis issue, as a chronic pain, due to illness sufferer, cannabis and it’s derivatives are the ONLY thing that help manage pain besides handfuls of opioids which I’m completely not interested in.🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏽🇺🇸💯

  20. Its funny how some people enjoy the freedoms/privilege that come with living in this country, then turn around and spit on it…the burning of the flag should be looked at as treason…and should not be tolerated. those people should be jailed and heavily fine for their treasonous action.

  21. I believe our flag is sacred I also believe that taking our flag down and replacing it with another is far more evil.

  22. If you want to burn it you need to burn it at a private setting if you burn it where you are inciting anything whether it be a riot or hate speech or exciting public disturbance then you get what you came for even a $500 fine with me in these people have to call their parents or miss out on a month's rent none of them make a lot of money at all

  23. Anyone burning our flag, which is our symbol of freedom, should go live elsewhere! Try Brazil, they like people like that there.

  24. Anyone that' burns our flag should not be here. They don't respect our laws our rules or our people. If they hate our flag then they hate us. They should be deported or put in GITMO so they can't cause anymore trouble or harm to our Citizens. Why else would they want to burn Our Flag. Another thing people who go into the streets with hoods masks covering their face are allowed to do this then how come when the KKK wears their hoods and cover their face that's not allowed both of these are wrong and they should be locked up

  25. I say we start burning that rainbow flag. No use in being tolerant to those who dont tolerate us!!! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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