Columbia Association Personal Training Studio

Hi, my name is Dena Taylor, I am the Assistant Director of Personal Training for the Columbia Association. I am really glad you came to visit us today at our brand new personal training studio here at Columbia Gym. We put this studio in this year in June, and we are really proud of what this studio has to offer. There are so many different nuisances in this studio, that you never have to leave this room if you don’t want to train in a public forum. This personal training studio allows you, personal services in a privatized manner. So, you can come in with your trainer at any time, from any other facilities. So if you purchase at the Athletic club or purchase at Supreme Sports club you can rest assure that you can also train here at the Columbia Gym. We are one company, one department- offering services to all of our members. One of the things I would like to point out to you today is our brand new Synergy 360 unit by Life Fitness. This brand new unit is one of a kind right now in the state of Maryland. We are the only ones that have this unit. It offers you a playground of activity to work out, not only by yourself, but with a partner if you want to small group training. We have some of our trainers here right now working with their clients. We are also able to do TRX, offer kettle bell services, and offer free weights services. We’ve got bio-metrics, we are able to do whatever it is that your goals and objectives are for your personal services. So here are the things that personal training does for you. It allows you a baseline of where your fitness levels are right now, and it allows you to set goals and objectives to achieve this in the future. Our personal trainers help you accomplish that task. One of the services we also provide is that you start off with diagnostic testing with a baseline fitness assessment. That will give you a world of information. You can purchase personal training packages at any of our three gyms or at our Membership Service Center. So let me kind of explain what we have going on here. We have a lot of activity going on- which is really a great day! Over here in the corner, one of our trainers is now training with our battle rope. Talk about a work out. This really helps your upper body, your center core, your quads, your glutes. It is a total body workout. Go Allie Go! And then over here, we got some center core workouts going on with chest pass with our dynomax ball with our trainer John and Ryan Ward. Our Columbia Association trainers want to make sure that we pre-abilitate so you don’t have to rehabilitate. Right here we have Bill, our Kettle bell expert instructing someone on a proper Kettle bell swing. If you’ve never done kettle bell, you should give it a shot. It is a total body workout. And right here, we actually have serious center core training going on, with not only balance movements, but also shoulder activities for shoulder stabilization from our rebounder.
It takes a lot for balance to work. We even have our own vizio balls right here, so if maybe balance is not your cup of tea for center core training, we definitely can protect that lower back. We even have some russian twist going on. There is so much we can do for center core training. This room has it all. I am almost certain that our trainers can help you reach your goals and objectives. From Supreme Sports Club, to Athletic Club, or right here at Columbia Gym, I know that we have the best trainer for you! Hope to see you training! Thanks for visiting!

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