Colorism in the Latinx Community! Ft. Lee Chin | Decoded | MTV

– Why would black people
in Brazil get upset about a black woman winning a beauty contest? The answer ends with “ism” but probably not the one you think. (soft techno music) Today we’re talking about
a mode of discrimination that predominantly impacts people of color and you might be surprised
hearing this from me, but this episode’s not about racism. I’m talking about “colorism”. First, let’s be clear about what the word colorism actually means. Colorism is not synonymous with racism. It’s a form of discrimination
based on skin color. And before you’re like, wait, isn’t that like the
literal definition of racism? Hold on to your social constructs because we’re going to knock a few down. And today we’ve got a special guest to help us with this demolition project. Hey Lee, let’s break this one down. – Claro que si. As a Latino of color, colorism is something I’m
all too familiar with. Racism involves
discrimination based on things such as skin color, but it’s also dependent on power dynamics that become perpetuated by years of structural oppression. Black and Latino men
getting longer sentences for the same crime as white men, racism. Black and Latino aunts telling you to date light skin men, colorism. Because we all think
of race with skin color sometimes distinguishing between colorism and racism can get tricky, particularly in Latin American communities where someone’s heritage
might include a combination of indigenous, black, and
white European ancestry. And let me give you a hint, it usually doesn’t get
better the darker you are, unless you’re Big Papi. Everyone loves that guy. The start of colorism we
recognize in Latin America today likely began when the
Spanish brought a European caste system to the Americas. Illustrations from Mexico
in the 1700s depict classifications for
individuals based on their gender, race, skin
color, or place of birth. And while this era generated
terms like “mestizo”, meant to refer to mixed race individuals, these hierarchies set the
groundwork for associating whiteness with power and desirability. How does this influence
Latinx culture today? Buckle up. First, is privilege. In a lot of ways, lighter
skin is still seen as better in Latinx communities and can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sociologist Margaret Hunter
writes in her research, Mexican Americans with
light skin earn more money, complete more years of education, live in more integrated neighborhoods, and have better mental health than do darker skin Mexican Americans. A 2012 study showed that
employers viewed light skinned Black and Latino job candidates as more intelligent than the darker counterparts. And for those of you who
haven’t figured this out yet, skin color doesn’t determine intelligence. Go ask Bill Nye or Neil
Degrasse Tyson, thank you. Prioritizing light skin
tone also illustrates how colorism operates as a mechanism that encourages “passing”,
particularly among Latinos. That’s how you end up with
a 2010 census where almost 76% of Puerto Ricans identified
as white, despite data estimating up to 46% of Puerto Ricans had significant African heritage. Puerto Ricans: who are we lying to? Which brings us to Number Two: Self Image. In Brazil, a model named
Nayara Justino faced the impact of colorism head-on. In 2014 she entered a competition
to become the reigning queen of the Globeleza Carnival, which is televised throughout Brazil. The title had always gone to a woman of Afro-Brazilian heritage, but Justino was Black
and very dark-skinned, whereas previous winners were
traditionally lighter skinned. Despite that, she ended up
winning the competition, only to have her title stripped
away after the Brazilian public was up in arms because she was “too black” to be the Carnival’s queen. In this instance, the outrage
over Justino’s skin color came from both white and black Brazilians. She was eventually
replaced by Erika Moura, a lighter skinned woman more in line with the color of previous winners. Colorism, it sucks. This is one way racism and
colorism are different. Systems of oppression favor white people, meaning black people can’t
technically be racist toward other black people, but clearly
in this case they can and do perpetuate colorism in
their own communities. The discrimination is coming
from inside of the house. Example number three: language. There’s a pretty common
phrase people in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic
grow up with, cafre. Among Spanish speakers in
the Caribbean the word means someone low class or brutish
and is said of people of all colors and racial backgrounds. The word implies you’re acting darker in both complexion and behavior. But the word itself carries a linguistic and cultural connection to blackness. It shares roots with the South
African racial slur, kaffir. Should we have bleeped that? A colonial phrase that rose to prominence during apartheid and that’s often compared to the “n” word in the United States. While cafre might not carry
the weight of an ethnic slur in Spanish, it’s indicative
of how colorism can quietly become a part of everyday life. So how do we begin to eradicate colorism from our communities? Let’s get to work. It starts with some self-reflection. Sometimes our learned prejudices can take over like muscle memory. So first and foremost, ending colorism means unlearning what we’ve been told about what beauty and success should look like. So that goes for you, the “I’m not Black, I’m Dominican” guy. You can be Black and Dominican, guy. But it also means breaking
the steady stream of whiteness that still dominates Latin American media,
politics, and culture. Trust me, I’ve been
working in entertainment for a while and I’ve seen things. Perhaps, most important,
be conscious of elevating and uplifting voices that break our cultural expectations
when it comes to colorism. And yes, have those tough
conversations with family members, especially the ones encouraging a premitas to date a lighter skinned guy. Grandma, ta quieta,
back to you Franchesca. – Ultimately, no one
wants to be judged solely based on their external appearance. Whether these judgements come from people who look like you or don’t, your skin color shouldn’t determine your job prospects, your worth,
or your place in society. We don’t have to be colorblind but combating colorism
means embracing the full spectrum of our skin tones, especially in our own communities. Special thanks to Lee Chin
for helping out this week. And thanks for watching, we’ll see you next time
right here on Decoded. (techno music)

  1. A lot of people in the comments are saying colorism and racism are the same thing, but I feel like there is a difference. To me, I think racism is hate against people of a different or certain race or just seeing them as less than your own race. And colorism is seeing people who can be from the same race, but have a darker skin colour as less

  2. Ahahahahahahahahahaha
    EDIT: As an Italian with fairly dark olive skin, I can pretty much be as "colorist" as I want now, and it's not racism!

  3. I’m Latin American and I can actually tell you, most of Latinos ARE racist, since racism is based on skin color, and the oppression system is only a compliment

  4. Colorism is bullshit. You just don't want to admit that you're racist and sexist. Do your reasearch and watch your own hypocritical vidoes.


  6. Colorism is racism….everyone can be racist, white people can be racist, black people can be racist, asian people can be racist, indigenous people can be racist…EVERYONE can be racist. Also on top dude! so what if 70% of the people identify as white! DUDE they are white because of their color of their skin! omg, yes they may have genetics from Africa but that doesn't mean they HAVE to identify as POC? what the hell dude!! really? So if a really white person who is a ginger found out they have 10% African dna, does that mean they have to identify as POC?……WOW the logic is so amazing! Guess what im of MIX race, but I don't run telling people ohhhh Im a marginalized person….aye…i embrace both my native heritage, my European heritage and also my African heritage (Yes, my mom side are from African descendants)

  7. If the speakers know about music, let them deal with music, not with sociology
    I think that they were using word racism with not understand what it mean.

    Now they noticed something(what real racism mean) and they can't call it racism because they have thought it's mean something else.

    So now they create new sentences and definitions, But why? when what they can go to library and read about it, what was described many years ago…

    That's happens when people are not educated or when people learn about it and they have problem with that they were wrong.

    Maybe people are lazy(don't want learn about it when they are young) and they interpret words in own comfortable way and they define something which was defined.

  8. According to your own definition for there to be racism there needs to be a “system of opression”. Also according to you lighter skinned people black people are privileged over darker skinned black people… who are hence more opressed. Why cant lighter black people with privilege be racist then?

  9. Stop calling latinos "Latinx". The hell does that even mean? In fact, stop this whole clusterfuck of a show, you wannabe.

  10. The amount of people that think colourism is a made up term 😂 I don’t know how this channel is, but colourism is a real thing.

  11. Lo más estupido que e visto en mi vida , colorismo 🤣 weed kill neurons I am sure that the brown guy smoke a lot of weed

  12. im hispanic, ive been hispanic for 26 years, i have no idea what latinx is.

    edit, i looked it up, and wow, mtv youre fucking stupid.

    the word latinx proves how racist you really are

  13. You fools have brainwashed yourselves to a truly remarkable extent. Whenever I come back to this channel, I am reminded of the astounding stupidity which initially struck me years ago. You people who love playing the victim so much will never be truly free in your own minds, constantly oppressing yourselves and blaming others for your failures. What a pathetic, disgusting, and miserable existence it must be.

  14. Yes, even fucking mexicans (all latino ppl) are racists against their own fucking race, mostly because they're also white because you can only be racist if you're white. Cafre means you're white trash, but more like latino trash. They're mostly talking about themselves because leftists are really fucking racists, so this actually makes sense in their world. Y yo soy un latino malparidos hijueputas, mtv es mas racista que la los del klan.

  15. Hello am a white Puerto Rican and I feel attacked were I come from so called "colorism" (racism)is not acceptable. This why I hate identity politics,pc culture and SJW.

  16. Decoded really try hard to make themselves the victim of everything. Then try to pass it off as some satire. Its really pathetic and a very regressive way of thinking and down right lazy. Life is too short to be so "triggered"

  17. Not a social contrast. And no the definition of rasiscm is judging people by there skin color. Also bring white became "better" because was the same time being fat was better. It ment you didn't work outside. Lastly your bashing racism off of America only. Africa is taking away and killing white people just cus and oh in Japan if your black they will literally separate themselves/ they have Asian only places. And Latin America and south America will also not allow you to go in places because your too dark

  18. Omg all the white people are butt hurt lol… everyone knows what racism is… but colorism is better described as discriminatory practices between people of the SAME race based on coloring… there are light skin and dark skin ranges in India and Middle East and Asia and Africa etc… and lighter people tend to be over represented in the media of these regions… this is colorism not racism… this is not the end all definition but just a start so white people made be able to make sense of it

  19. how yall bashing this girl when colourism is legit a real thing among minorities? Among blacks hispanics Asian indians ..y do u think ppl bleach their skin? its that belief that white is better so the closer to white looking u are the better and the closer to dark looking u are the harder ur life might be! colourism is a thing!

  20. Latin x is a gender neutral term. If you bitches did a quick google search that’s free, you can mind your business for free

  21. News flash: Colorism is Racism !!!!!!! You don't need to redefine racism. Also its Latino, not Latinx. White liberals came up with that bullshit term. For a group of people that hate things getting whitewashed, its ironic they do the same thing.

  22. Basically Mexican mean mixed. And just because someone may have dark skin to very dark skin does not mean they are not Mexican. So what is that saying? Its saying that most black Americans are really black Mexicans for one. And how do I know this? Well, about 30 years ago a Mexican in his 50's told my father on his job during a conversation that, Mexican means mixed. Then my father asked him what do he think about interracial marriages. Then the Mexican co-worker said more power to them, because many people don't know that interracial couples are just making another Mexican when they have children. This is one of the reasons why I don't have a problem when a Mexican calls me bro. Then also for one, the real origin of all races begin as a dark skin people thousands of years ago, until the white explores came along and planted their seed in the gene pool of many dark skin tribes (really were making Mexicans). Even the real native Americans were & are black, until white explores came along & planted their seed in the dark skin native American women. Asians were still black also about a good 500 to a 700 years ago until white skin explores came to Asia & did the same thing. To be truthful & not going by the elites created labels of who is who in the human race. Skin color does not really make you what you are. The modern labels of the worlds tribes are just covering up the real origin of every person on the planet. And as a whole, we all are really Mexican (Mixed) no matter what color you are. This is why you see beautiful, pretty, & ugly – unattractive, people of every color on the planet. Because it really depends on what we all inherited from our great great grand parents & present day parents which determines whether someone is attractive or unattractive, no matter what color a person is. So even real beauty or ugly – unattractive really has nothing to do with skin color. Because whoever doesn't know this is really just brainwashed because of the main stream media putting down dark skin for a long time. I'm telling this hidden or ignored truth because I am really awake to the race game of the elites. So I know that each human being is more precious & more valuable them a car. But when it comes to the human race, its like God is saying; What color to you want? But whatever one you choose, just make sure that you are really in love & not in love with a color. Because God knows with any marriage, that if real love for the chosen one is not love for who the person is on the inside, then most likely the marriage will not last. And that's with the same color or a different color. No offense but, I see ugly white people everyday. But its sad that, most people have been brainwashed into thinking that white skin gets a pass for being beautiful, no matter how ugly the white person is. Its time for people to wake up to the color & race game. Some people even look more beautiful because of having dark skin. Its the natural glow of the dark skin that makes some men more handsome & some women more beautiful. Sorry, but I'm not brainwashed by the elites years of propaganda about skin color. Forget about that foolishness about lightening up the race. Some white skin people have come to know the real truth about the benefits of having melanin in their skin. And want to get the skin color back that their ancestors had before they migrated out of Africa thousands of years ago. And yes, white people are not from aliens. They just became alien to the heat of the sun when they lost the natural ability in their DNA to produce melanin in their skin. And yes, at one time in human history, all humans looked like what the world calls black people today. And there was beautiful & unattractive black people back then, just like there is beautiful & unattractive people of all colors today. If you was to talk to an honest white dermatologist, they will tell you that all skin colors came from black skin. Now there is this thing called featurism. But where do you think all of the different human features came from? Attractive or unattractive? Duh!! The attractive & unattractive features came from the first people one the planet, when all tribes on the planet were black people. The whole color spectrum comes from black. So when people are truly awake, they will be making their choice for a mate also based on featurism. And not based on the foolishness of color. And guess what? Some white women really want to have that glow that comes from having dark skin. Most have been so brainwashed & blind sighted by color that they miss the fact that the features in a persons face or body is what they are really attracted to. Now the next step is to see if the two of you will fall in love before a relationship possibly turns into marriage. I am black & know that it is hard for some people to accept the real truth that white skin tribes uses to be black. The encyclopedia is even deceiving by saying that a big nose & big lips makes a person a negro. Its a lie because Negro is a color (black). Negro is not about features. The elites put that lie in the encyclopedia to deceive the masses as a divide & conquer tactic, to make it easier to control the whole human race. Melanin in the human race is a necessity for the survival of the whole human race. Why do you think dark skin peoples skin age slower than white skin? Its because all humans are suppose to have melanin in their skin. Whether people know it or not but dark skin is starting to be praised. Its just that many people don't want what is consider as being ugly features. Its really depends on whether people come from an unattractive tribe of people or an attractive tribe of people no matter what color they are. Its not about dark skin that makes a people unattractive, its the features that they inherited that makes them unattractive. When my father was in the navy in the 1940's, & He said that he seen some of the most beautiful women all over the world of all colors. Dark skin & white skin. He got a good taste of all different types of beauty of all colors in the human race. People just need to know that everyone is mixed.

  23. Colorism exists and is a huge problem but this video just didn't do the problem any favors as seen by the like to dislike ratio.

  24. Luckily, I grew up with a PR dad who knows and identifies as one of the 46% with African heritage….because its true! damnit man, It reallly always be your own people smh.

  25. Why don't people understand this very basic concept. Colorism refers to discrimination amongst people within the same group/race/ethnicity. For example, colorism exists in Korea, where lighter Koreans are preferred over darker Koreans (look at pretty much all Kpop stars, who are much lighter than your average Korean). Therefore, this is not racism in the traditional sense, because they are the same race. Racism is discrimination against people of another race.

  26. In the colorism video with blacks, it was a smash hit. Tons of likes… but when it took place in the Brazillian atmosphere, things changed. Even among Latinos, it was met with the usual outrage. Why?

    Why was it so accepted in the context of light skin vs dark skin blacks and suddenly the same argument falls flat when it moves towards Latinos and other races?

  27. Wow all the triggered lil snowflakes in the comments 😂😂 Conservatives call us little pussies goodness the irony 😂😂😊😊

  28. I don’t know why you all are mad, this is about Latino America, not the us, and as a Latina I have seen this this in my country, this is real. A person with lighter skin is considered better and more beautiful than people with darker skin and black people are REALLY discriminated, you can’t know if you have never lived there, this is not about your country at all

  29. What's the point on wanting to avoid the word "racism" at all costs when that doesn't eliminate the "discriminating based on skin color" part? Arguing about semantics is just ignoring the main issue.
    When others call you racist you KNOW what they mean, and yet you divert the focus to talk about definitions.

  30. The people who never gone through this, do not have a clue. I get this, but to deny anything because it irritates/did not happen to you, is so arrogant and inappropriate.

  31. So I guess Indians in the U S must be whiter than Latinos, because on average they have a higher income and better paying job.

  32. Latin people as myself only come from Sicily, Sardinia, Capri, Malta and Italy..!!.
    Sicilianu Pazzu 🇮🇹

  33. Wow a lot of ppl were super ignorant just a year ago about colorism..since then I hope y’all see that it’s real and a major concern. This video was dead on

  34. Scientists have now proven that 60% of Puerto Ricans (on the island) have significant African ancestry. ~20% +

  35. That is messed up they took that woman’s carnival title because she was too dark. I thought that was what the carnival was about. It’s disgusting and the fact that they actually took it because people didn’t like it.

  36. This wack video is making something that's simple seem more complex than it really is. The root of colorism IS RACISM!!!!!!! The ONLY reason why people of color with the least pigmentation are elevated is because they're considered to be close enough. Close enough to whom? The RACE that controls most of the world's resources, politics, and military defenses. That RACE is caucasoid. If it were 5000 years ago when the wealthiest kings and pharaohs were negroid,most people would aspire to be darker. That was an era when the majority of europe was still underdeveloped while suffering from disease and famine. Who wanted to fit it with whites then? Nobody in their right mind! Recently, as in the last 6 centuries, the outcast continent known the most for poverty and sickness is africa.
    Even many african descendants in the americas disassociate themselves with that predominantly black place. Just ask the average dominican. They are notoriously known for self hatred. Ironically,they're more negroid than puerto-ricans and cubans combined. But, I'm not going to waste too many youtube posts talking about these lost and confused negroes in latin america. I'm afro-american,and there are way too many inner conflicts in black america to tackle online and in person.

  37. Yall sound so dumb in the comments. colorism is real, and it's different from racism. And to make it clear for some of you with thick skulls, white people can not face racism.

  38. I don't think you people understand. no matter how dark or light your skin is, if you're Hispanic esp in the U.S.A, you are still seen as a minority. end of the story.

  39. Spanish people from Spain are also NOT white people. When the Spanish colonized the Americas they were already mixed with "marginalized minorities" (like the moors) who raped their ancestors out of existence. All the people of southern Europe from West to East to the Balkans are not white, sometimes because of rape but sometimes because they're Turkic (like the people of Bulgaria), or Hunic, or Slavic, or Mediterranean, or Persian or what have you. Under US government all Caucasians indigenous to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa are labeled as "white ethnicity". RACIST liberal America loves calling every caucasian "white" and than blame them for slavery and segregation in North America. Even the most peaceful and persecuted people throughout history, the people of the Balkans.

  40. Colorism is a word they made up to give a pass to there Latina racists aunts who don’t like dark skinned Latino men. It stems from their misguided view that Latino is a race to begin with. It can’t be racism if the people doing it are the same race. However since Latino is not a race their left with just racism. Which is what it is when someone with one skin color (race) says or does something derogatory to someone of a different skin color (race).

  41. Why do non Hispanic black people care so much about the Hispanic community do or live but are colorist towards each other though 🤦‍♂️🤔

  42. Idk why this video has so many dislikes. I don't agree with the definition of racism presented in this video, but I like its general message of addressing colorism. The definition of racism given in the video IMO is actually that of systematic or institutionalised racism, because people of colour can be racist too.

    But apart from that, the message of the video is important. Because of that I'm not going to dislike this video- colorism is a topic that needs to be addressed. I'm glad MTV decided to bring it up. Lighter skin is preferred in many countries with dark skinned majorities. Skin whitening creams are popular in several such countries. You should not feel like you need to lighten your skin colour in order to be viewed as more employable or to have greater prospects of success. More dark skinned people being represented in the media in prominent roles would help to change these views.

  43. Colorism is racism. Latin American is not at all homogeneous, plus colorism is not seen with the same severity as racism.

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