College Kids Are Asked Who Will Pay For Socialism WATCH THE RESPONSE

college students have become far more vocal in their support for socialism partly because the government has put them so deeply in debt with student loans but it turns out that making everything free is expensive the raises the question of who's going to pay for it all Kevin Phillips of campus reform visited a campus recently to get that question answered here's part of what he found I feel like everyone should have like free education and health care how are we going to pay for this who in your mind should pay for all of the free things all the free things well some of it should come from taxes but the government should pay for it but the government is funded by taxes yes I don't know where the money would come from but they can figure it out okay the people with a good idea and a good reason to spend their tax money wouldn't mind actually paying more taxes Kevin Phillips joins us tonight they can figure it out that seemed to sum up a lot of the responses you got that is exactly what happened these were all people in Alexandria Acacio Cortez's district I might add and I think it's it's easy to laugh along and get caught up in seeing how funny it is but it's ultimately not a laughing matter and just how popular socialism has become Millennials were the most likely to support it we're now the largest voting bloc in America and millions of them are graduating college every year with the work perception of reality I think that's where this starts as college campuses I've been on about 50 college campuses in the past year with the leadership Institute's campus reform they all have one thing in common and that's that socialism is viewed as highbrow it's viewed as compassionate and if you dare support capitalism or free markets you're evil you don't care about poor people and I think the left is winning the messaging battle right now by teaching people that socialism is tolerant and it's it's not actually in line with what history is showing that socialism really is yeah what's just what the finance economy has brought us cabbage Phillips thanks for that report great to see you thanks for having me

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