Collapse of USSR - सोवियत संघ क्यों टूटा - World History - UPSC / IAS / PSC / SSC - Break up of USSR

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  2. All was well set but sir you didnot consider the main reason the Afghan war which was the main blow to USSR. disintegration and was led by Pakistan and backed by USA.

  3. Mahipal Singh rathore sir. You are the best. I love your narration. It just binds the person in front of you. Lots of love and respect 😍

  4. State control may not give profit, but that means there would be no theft either. Since 1992, at least $2600 Billion were stolen from India and went away to Swiss Banks and other such banks.Imagine what would be the development of India if that money is invested in India to develop factories and improve agriculture.
    If Free Market is efficient, how the USA can have so much foreign debt?

  5. Joseph Stalin killed more than 25 Million people. That is 4 times more than the Number of Ppl killed by Hitler.

  6. Sir England britern me kya antar hai or England journal kit freedom milihe please video upload kare

  7. Gyan vardhak hai lekin ye video aise hi hai jaise ki ham ratta mar rahe hai. Wajah saf hai ki isase rat sakte hai kuchh din bad bhool jayenge as a documentary laya jaye toh bat hi alag hogi

  8. Mikhail Gorbavech did a great job because of him these nation became independent from their dictator communist regime

  9. महिपाल जी का ये वीडियो बहुत अच्छा है,,जबकि प्रशांत अग्निहोत्री के बनाये वीडियो बहुत बकवास है

  10. Iam 12th class student but o watch your every vdo sir ,no one can explain like youu may i know how i cn be like u making each nd every topoc clear☺😊😊🙆

  11. कम्युनिज्म दुनिया की सबसे कट्टरवादी विचारधारा है।

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