CNBC Host Attacks David for Being "Socialist"

here's something interesting and also kind of sad CNBC's Joe Kernan attacked me as a socialist on Twitter the other day and this actually relates to a bigger picture thing that's going on when I was 15 years old I started paying attention to political news and business news and financial news and I started investing a little bit of the money I earned Circuit City where I worked in in high school I started watching CNBC and CNN and reading newspapers and political magazines and reading old investing books by Ben Graham and by others and just learning about this stuff and in doing that I got to know a lot of who the news people were at the time and sadly now is an adult who's working in news media I've gotten a chance to meet or interact directly with a lot of these people and I am so disillusioned with a lot of them that I can't believe that I ever thought that they had great things to contribute but when I was a kid I mean maybe they did at the time so like one example is I never met her in person but I used to respect Maria Bartiromo okay when Maria Bartiromo was on CNBC she was the first woman to report from the floor of the stock exchange very interesting I saw her as a strong interviewer who would confront corporate CEOs with tough questions and deliver financial news in a business that was so dominated by men at the time she now has a show at Fox Business Network has completely jumped on board the Trump sycophant brown-noser train and she truly disgusts me like it's just sad what has happened to Maria Bartiromo someone else that I used to admire who I now know personally and I'm hugely disillusioned with is scott adams the creator of the Dilbert cartoon when I was growing up I loved the Dilbert comics I read all of them I read some of Scott Adams books I thought that the comics were hilarious in terms of being commentaries about corporate culture I found the books interesting I've now interviewed Scott Adams multiple times sometimes we direct message privately on Twitter and as I've told him publicly it's become a huge disappointment I mean a childhood disillusionment to see him become this staunch defender of Donald Trump really really sad and there's now another person we can add to this list list and his name is Joe Kernan from CNBC Kernan has been on CNBC yes since I was a fifteen year old and started watching Business News he's a guy in his early 60s who's been with CNBC since 1991 I don't want to pretend he was ever a hero of mine but similarly to to Maria Bartiromo I grew up watching him interview corporate CEOs and the whole thing and I already started to look at Joe Kernan very skeptically when he was on a panel interview with a former Facebook executive a year or two ago and he was asking like the dumbest and most uninformed questions about social media and social networks and I thought man Joe Kernan might have no clue what the hell he's talking about and it is now much worse because over the weekend in late last week he got into an argument about whether CNBC is now jumping on the climate science denying train because of an interview that he did related to climate science or something I ended up getting tagged into this Twitter thread about it and Joe Kernan tweeted something so ridiculous about carbon dioxide which has become a popular talking point on the science denying right that carbon dioxide is great because plants need it to breathe we breathe out co2 and plants breathe in co2 so more co2 is great for plants which of course ignores all of the science around this and it ignores the idea of an ecosystem imbalance in the same way that listen humans need water in order to live but at a certain point too much water becomes bad for us right the same sort of logic applies to carbon dioxide so then Joe Kernan shows up and tweets in this thread that I'm in you do know humans exhale 100 times the concentration of atmospheric co2 ever had a coke be careful laced with poison which is just so dumb and I responded damn to think I used to watch Joe on CNBC when I was a kid growing up depressing and sort of surprisingly joke Hernan responded to me and said yet you still grew up to be a silly millennial socialist that is depressing which of course is number one using a socialist and insults but more importantly I am NOT a socialist which I told them saying hey Joe I'd love for you to present one shred of evidence that I'm a socialist and of course I never heard back so when this stuff happens yeah like it's depressing on a personal level to see these people out themselves as toxic fact free science denying ideologues and it's also just depressing that I used to actually look up to some of these people not ideologically but in terms of their kind of place and role in the media sphere and some very basic sense and it turns out that they are truly horrible people contributing to the weaponization of ignorance that has become endlessly prevalent in the era of Trump so I guess someone someone else on the list that now is going to be seen very differently by me and probably by much of my audience although my guess is my audience probably already had a far more negative view of Joe Kernan that I did before these tweets let me know what you think make sure you're following the show on instagram at david pakman show and follow me on instagram at david pakman

  1. As you told your story about this man, the image of Ron Burgundy came to mind. His comments about you sound like Will Ferrell's Anchorman character. Keep up the great work David.

  2. joe kernen is a total idiot..he never knows what hes talking about;he takes 5 minutes to ask a 20 second stupid duh are you kidding me? question;he pushes nationalist ideas on a finance channel? #retard 1.0..hes just so stupid and hes real goofy lookin; and his co anchors sorkin and quik you can tell they are disgusted when he flexes to open his mouth (rolling eyes) its like 'here we go , dumb old joe farthead is trying to make another irrelevant imbecilic point again. hurry up with it joe we gotta go to commercial' PLEASE CNBC IF UR READING THIS 'REPLACE THAT DUMMY' put a withered plant on his chair , that would make an glorious improvement. why doesnt he just retire and work for trump as another retard economic adviser like that loser kudlow

  3. David same here. But what i realized is that those three are sorry because they want socialism for themselves and their wealthy friends . Thanks Bernie!

  4. Funny how he says you grew up to be a millennial. Like you had any choice. Just had to fit that buzzword in there.

  5. I am a Progressive socialist and proud of it ? as in Free Healthcare for all and yes Social Security for people over 62 years old or disabled at any age

  6. Joey Ramone would 100% take back his love song he wrote for Maria if he lived to see her devolution.

  7. Watch his video interviews with Ray Dalio in which he pulls the "I know more about economics than you" garbage out on him. It's hilarious, because Ray Dalio not only has made the most money out of any hedge fund manager on wall street, but he is simultaneously on the interview trying to give in depth analysis on why the mechanics of capitalism desperately need reworked, which makes joe literally shit his pants on live tv.

  8. In the movies, when the country or the planet is in peril, the nation/world band together.
    In real life, when the shit hits the fan, people would rather slaughter each other then to even admit there's a problem, unless they can find a way to personally benefit.

  9. "…the weaponization of ignorance that has become endlessly prevalent in the era of Trump…" DAMN! Well said, bro!

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