CNBC Host Attacks David for Being “Socialist”

Here’s something interesting and also kind
of sad. Uh, CNBCS Joe Kernan attacked me as a socialist
on Twitter the other day and this actually relates to a bigger picture thing that’s going
on. Um, when I was 15 years old, I started paying
attention to political news and business news and financial news. And, uh, I started investing a little bit
of the money I earned circuit city where I worked in, in high school, I started watching
CNBC and CNN and reading newspapers and political magazines and reading old investing books
by Ben Graham and by others and just learning about this stuff. And in doing that, I got to know a lot of
who the news people were at the time. And sadly now as an adult who’s working in
news media, I’ve gotten a chance to meet or interact directly with a lot of these people. And I am so disillusioned with a lot of them
that I can’t believe that I ever thought, um, uh, that had great things to contribute
when I was a kid. I mean, maybe they did at the time. So like one example is I never met her in
person, but I used to respect Maria Bartiromo. Okay. When Maria Bartiromo was on CNBC, she was
the first woman to report from the floor of the stock exchange. Very interesting. I saw her as a strong interviewer who would
come confront corporate CEOs with tough questions and deliver financial news in a business that
was so dominated by men at the time. She now has a show at Fox business network,
has completely jumped on board the Trump sycophant brown noser train. And she truly discussed to me like, it’s just
sad what has happened to Maria Bartiromo. Someone else that I used to admire, who I
now know personally, and I’m hugely disillusioned with it. Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoon. When I was growing up, I loved the Dilbert
comics. I read all of them. I read some of Scott Adams books. I thought that the comics were hilarious. Uh, uh, in terms of being commentaries about
corporate culture, I found the books interesting. I’ve now interviewed Scott Adams multiple
times. Sometimes we direct message privately on Twitter. And as I’ve told him publicly, it’s become
a huge disappointment. I mean a childhood disillusionment to see
him become this staunch defender of Donald Trump. Really, really sad. And there’s now another person we can add
to this list list and his name is Joe Kernan from CNBC. Joe Kernan has been on CNBC. Yes, since I was a 15 year old and started
watching business news. He’s a guy in his early sixties who’s been
with CNBC since 1991 I don’t want to pretend he was ever a hero of mine, but similarly
to to Maria Bartiromo, I grew up watching him interview corporate CEOs and the whole
thing. And I already started to look at Joe Kernan
very skeptically when he was on a panel interview with a former Facebook executive a year or
two ago. And he was asking like the dumbest and most
uninformed questions about social media and social networks. And I thought, man, Joe Kernan might have
no clue what the hell he’s talking about. And it is now much worse because over the
weekend and late last week, he got into an argument about whether CNBC is now jumping
on the climate science denying train because of an interview that he did related to climate
science or something. I ended up getting tagged into this Twitter
thread about it and Joe Kernan tweeted something so ridiculous about carbon dioxide, which
has become a popular talking point on the science denying, right? That carbon dioxide is great because plants
need it to breathe. We breathe out CO2 and plants breathe in Sio
two so more co two is great for plants, which of course ignores all of the science around
this and it ignores the idea of an ecosystem in balance in the same way that listen, humans
need water in order to live, but at a certain point, too much water becomes bad for us,
right? The same sort of logic applies to carbon dioxide. So then Joe Kernan shows up and tweets in
this thread that I’m in. You do know humans excuse exhale 100 times
the concentration of atmospheric co two ever had a coke be careful laced with poison, which
is just so dumb. And I responded dam to think. I used to watch Joe on CNBC when I was a kid
growing up, depressing and sort of surprisingly Joe Kernan responded to me and said, yet you
still grew up to be a silly millennial socialist. That is depressing, which of course is number
one using a socialist as an insult. But more importantly, I am not a socialist,
which I told them saying, Hey Joe, I’d love for you to present one shred of evidence that
I’m a socialist. And of course I never heard back. So when this stuff happens, yeah, like it’s
depressing on a personal level to see these people out themselves as toxic fact, free
science, denying ideologues. And it’s also just depressing that I used
to actually look up to some of these people, not ideologically, but in terms of their kind
of place and role in the media sphere and some very basic sense. And it turns out that they are truly horrible
people contributing to the weaponization of ignorance that has become endlessly prevalent
in the era of Trump. So I guess someone, someone else on the list
that now uh, is going to be seen very differently by me and probably by, by much of my audience,
although my guesses, my audience probably already had a far more negative view of Joe
Kernan than I did before these tweets. Let me know what you think. Makes sure you’re following the show on [email protected]

  1. …and I'm sure Scott Adams is disappointed by what a moralistic judgmental asshole you have become David…

  2. David – the fact that you use the term 'climate change denier' shows that you 'believe' in man-made climate change in a religious sense, as a TRUTH that cannot be denied. You are no different from a dogmatic religious zealot. Follow the science, not your political agenda. Funny how people who disagree with man-made climate change get de-funded and de-platformed. Kind of like back when the Catholic Church ran Europe and dissenters were excommunicated….or like Islam of today, where 'unbelievers' or apostates are killed. And that is what you are David, a petty moralistic liar, who at heart is no different from a 15th century priest of a mullah of today. Oh, and you are a lying asshole…

  3. It's like back in Nazi Germany when people you knew and looked up to for decades all of a sudden began shouting hail to the Führer… except maybe less genocidal and more stupid, like everything that has to do with Trump.

  4. Trump is Trump, and has always been the malignant personality that he is now. What I find much more fascinating (in an unsettling way) is the people that fall for his blatant BS, as with so many other tyrants of history, i.e. how is it that so many people disregard every logical instinct and not only fall in line with these 'leaders' but do it with passion and a disregard of their own self-respect?

    I get the regressive tendencies and hunger of being in 'the clique' of the moment so common in these crowds, however it is still a bizarre thing to witness. Think of all those during the campaign who initially had scathing opinions of Trump (politicians and vocal personalities), who then turned around and scramble to kiss his ring and praise his every poor decision.

  5. This is the kind of shit you should be fighting against David. Your " lets make a distiction between democratic socialism and pure socialism" tactic is garbage. They arent honest actors. They will just paint you tjat way anyways.

  6. There are no good people in mainstream news, its corporate propaganda, it's like being a profeshional hitman immorality is a job requirement.

  7. "…the weaponization of ignorance that has become endlessly prevalent in the era of Trump…" DAMN! Well said, bro!

  8. In the movies, when the country or the planet is in peril, the nation/world band together.
    In real life, when the shit hits the fan, people would rather slaughter each other then to even admit there's a problem, unless they can find a way to personally benefit.

  9. Watch his video interviews with Ray Dalio in which he pulls the "I know more about economics than you" garbage out on him. It's hilarious, because Ray Dalio not only has made the most money out of any hedge fund manager on wall street, but he is simultaneously on the interview trying to give in depth analysis on why the mechanics of capitalism desperately need reworked, which makes joe literally shit his pants on live tv.

  10. Joey Ramone would 100% take back his love song he wrote for Maria if he lived to see her devolution.

  11. I am a Progressive socialist and proud of it ? as in Free Healthcare for all and yes Social Security for people over 62 years old or disabled at any age

  12. Funny how he says you grew up to be a millennial. Like you had any choice. Just had to fit that buzzword in there.

  13. David same here. But what i realized is that those three are sorry because they want socialism for themselves and their wealthy friends . Thanks Bernie!

  14. joe kernen is a total idiot..he never knows what hes talking about;he takes 5 minutes to ask a 20 second stupid duh are you kidding me? question;he pushes nationalist ideas on a finance channel? #retard 1.0..hes just so stupid and hes real goofy lookin; and his co anchors sorkin and quik you can tell they are disgusted when he flexes to open his mouth (rolling eyes) its like 'here we go , dumb old joe farthead is trying to make another irrelevant imbecilic point again. hurry up with it joe we gotta go to commercial' PLEASE CNBC IF UR READING THIS 'REPLACE THAT DUMMY' put a withered plant on his chair , that would make an glorious improvement. why doesnt he just retire and work for trump as another retard economic adviser like that loser kudlow

  15. As you told your story about this man, the image of Ron Burgundy came to mind. His comments about you sound like Will Ferrell's Anchorman character. Keep up the great work David.

  16. I guess we all have our unconscious bias and deeply-conditioned beliefs. The current trend to conflate criticism of the Israeli government and AIPAC lobbying influence in the US as anti-Semitism is just one example of this. Also common is the misunderstanding of the terms Socialism, Democratic Socialism, social Democrat and Communism. This is due to decades of propaganda, disinformation and deliberate media bias directed and heavily funded by vested corporate interests.
    By the same token, left-wing sources have used similar tactics to demonise Capitalism and the evils of the free-market economy. It can be tricky to negotiate a path between these conflicting ideologies but it has never been more clear that no one system has all the answers, and that every situation has both benefits and drawbacks.

  17. Lol, I don't understand why public news individuals can be such idiots and then in the same breath insult an obvious highly intelligent person such as David I would probably call it what it is, jealousy.

  18. Never Never ever do UNDERESTIMATE the Effect of their Scare Tactics and Lying about Socialism !!!

    Literally Decades and Decades of Propagandas about Socialism have WORKED well in this Country,
    and the Millions and Millions of Brainwashed Lemmings and Zombies don't have any Critical Thinking Skills. –
    The Sad Reality is that The US is the ONLY country where the word ''Socialism'' is generally understood to be synonymous with ''Communism''.

    Americans can't distinguish "communism" from Soviet-style totalitarianism, either.
    Where has actual communism existed?
    Radical democracy is what scares the kkkleptocrats.
    Including the hypocrites bearing the name "Democratic".

    Technically speaking, America is NEVER Pure Capitalist Country,
    and already Bit Socialized Country like any other Developed Countries.

    There are already many Socialistic Programs in America
    such as Corporate Socialism of Government Subsidies and Bailouts,
    Socialized Military, Socialized Police, Socialized Firefighter,
    Socialized Infrastructures like Road and Bridge,
    and many more Government and Public Social Programs.

    If someone scream socialism, ask them like this ;
    Do they mean government takes CONTROL of all forms of PRODUCTION or
     having Social Responsible Policies that take care of all its CITIZENS ?

    MLK said, ''socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for everyone
    someone else put it, ''privatize the gains, socialize the losses''.

  19. I wholeheartedly agree about Bartiromo and Kernen. I remember the era of internet bubble. Joe used to be funny but now he's a clown. IMO

  20. Just curious why supporting the potus is automatically bad. I can understand not liking the potus but supporting the potus's actions are not the same. I am not trying to "stir the pot", but to what extent are the particular personalities in support of the potus's actions so I can understand why those personalities are wrong based on the conflict of ideological differences. This video is under 6 minutes, so clearly David Pakman had enough time to offer depth to counter the support of the potus if only for the sake of intellectual discussion. I personally always prefer empirical data over opinion as logos and pathos hold more weight in the long term than ethos. No discredit to David Pakman's questioning of being called a socialist but the same logic can be applied to support of the potus's actions being bad. In no way am I saying supporting Trump is right but if David Pakman is going to tell me it's wrong, explain why as it pertains to the individuals' particular reasoning of support. Otherwise this weaponization of ignorance is only being made more prevalent by David Pakman, who I know to be better than that.

    — side note —

    To off hand say Trump support is bad without reasoning is like telling me Oreos are bad without reasoning because you support chips ahoy. Both chips ahoy and Oreos have reasons to be liked/disliked, but you don't tell me why Oreo fans are bad for supporting Oreos just that Oreo fans are bad for supporting Oreos. These kind of actions are the basis of the weaponization of ignorance as no information is offered to nuetralize an opposing view.

  21. i watched an interview with joe and druckenmiller a few weeks ago. you could almost feel stanley's frustration with some of joe's comments. like how does an educated person even rationally deny we are having an effect on the climate and even if you did, don't you want to address the haze of pollution in every major city?

  22. Love the idea that growing up to be a silly MILLENNIAL socialist somehow makes it worse. As if you could somehow reach the same age and not be a millennial.

  23. I wouldnt say "attacked" more like, intentionally misrepresented you to shut you down out of the conversation.

  24. FYI: There's been an actual study on this Myth of CO2 being 'good' for plants-Scientists grew many different crops in a lab w CO2 being pumped in. The result; plants were huge, NUTRITIONAL VALUE was = or less than regular crops. The SIZE = the sugar % was greatly increased, thus making the fruits UNHEALTHY to consume.

  25. You should have heard how disheartened I was when James Woods turned out to be a racist reactionary asshole.

  26. I think you should just become a democratic socialist DP. You’re a smart dude and a good speaker. We could use you on our side.

  27. These corporate schills don't even understand what real socialism is but they are terrified that their free ride of government handouts and bribery is ending so all they care about is protecting the corrupt system they built. Lowlife.

  28. We live in an extreme right wing society, at least in economic issues. Any reasonable position will be labeled "socialist" by these establishment extremists. You might as well call yourself a socialist at this point, it's a badge of honor.

  29. I don't know of a lot of the people mentioned, possible because I'm not american, but I completely agree on Scott Adams, he was a hero of mine at one point. Now he seems to be insane.

  30. David is obviously a Marxist guerilla, he is from South America after all. And here is Murica, we know that every one from the other America are all Marxist guerillas…. O, or cocaine smugglers. So he's probably one of those too.

  31. It's good to realize the people you look up to are also just people, and while they are good at what they do. That does not mean they have good opinions on everything!

    Coming to that realization helped me look into my own biases and misconceptions, bo one's perfect but we can all try to improve ourselves and help those around us in the right direction:)

  32. David Pakman is not a socialist? I am now disillusioned. You should really join us we have free state provided cookies.

  33. I remember the old saying: "Communism is the scariest word in the English language, and not one in five Americans can spell it right."

    The same can be said with Socialism by now. It's shorthand for "be afraid."

  34. Global warming may indeed help plants (and algae) grow. This is both because of the CO2 concentration and because plants are ectothermic and passively increase their metabolic rate in warmer temperatures. However to use that idea to say global warming is "no problem" is very stupid and lacks all caution and any sense of ecology. When baby boomers laugh off global warming I laugh off their cancer and dementia.

  35. people throw are the word Socialist as if it is a bad four-letter word. it is a 9 letter word I believe, but that is beside the point. Any totalitarian government is not a good idea. be it Capitalism or Communism or whatever it is easily corrupted. but if in a predominantly Capitalist when you add Socialism you add heat & soul into the Equation. The only time Socialism is truly a bad thing is when evil dirty men misappropriated the word & used it to soothe & calm the fears the public had over names like Fascist, Fascism, & evil dictatorships. the add Socialism to their word salad of a political name they have chosen because it seems more inclusive? But, someone has worked very had to make All Americans misunderstand & misuse the word. imho

  36. Why does everybody need/has a label of what they are? Why can't we all worldwide just be human beings with some common sense and care for each other no matter what race you are, and just enjoy life ffs!!?!?!!

  37. Obama nailed it. 45 isn't the cause, he's the manifestation of what these people always were.
    He just made it acceptable to show it.

  38. I feel for you. With me it wasn't the media but people in movies/shows. I won't bring up names because some are embarrassing but I will say it's when they turn out to be racist assholes who, as it turns out also support trump. It's dissapointing.

  39. Imagine someone trying to make a joke that people think fire is "bad" because it's poisonous if you eat it…

  40. it's funny because old democrats and anyone on the right love to throw out the socialist smear as an insult. But I have been hearing for like over a decade, from people on the right, that every democrat is a socialist!

  41. People are so stupid especially a guy at his level that he does not understand what the meaning socialist means. He is either the biggest moron or more likely the biggest sell out. When they say money changes you, it does not just means attitude but their thinking. They come to believe nonsense and sell out not just their soul but their whole self.

  42. They aren’t horrible they are simply sell outs to survive , survival means doing anything but there’s certain levels you just don’t cross but Americans knows no level until it starts to affect them personally like everything else

  43. Ur so corporate its untral. It shows when you dont mention stuff wen u shud be. Enjoy ur money that ur making off fake money cause thats what u admitted in saying u only cover stuff fpr political reasons…..but even wotse person reasons

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