1. This jackass wants every American to have a government job, what happens when the government shuts down again and the whole damn country is unemployed?!

  2. dear america love on the rich and hate the ideas of socialism–signed, the rich. Yeah that horse manure aint selling no more

  3. People are afraid of socialism because Nasiz had a socialist system, but that's the reason why they became great. Well except for they were also crooks, back stabbers and evil fascist. That became their obvious downfall

  4. The DNC is doomed. One sane democrat has the balls to tell democrats what they need to hear and he gets booed. So sad. Socialism leads to tyranny, poverty and mass deaths every time. (pssst, scandinavia isn't socialist, or "democratic socialist", or anything like that.)

  5. The people need something to vote FOR, not just against Dummy. This also goes for no policy Kamikaze Pete.

  6. Save that "Socialism bad" shit for the Fox News audience. The rest of us are too well-informed for that.

  7. Tactically speaking it'd be best for democrats to pick a centrist this time if they want the socialists to win because Trump is going to win anyway so whoever loses against him will be blamed for his victory. Same goes for centrists, they should all vote for Bernie so they can make the case that he lost harder than Hillary so they need centrists.

  8. wht Americans don't need is the old welfare to rags system we had before. tht was doomed to failure. the only way you could get assistance was if you did not work. if you worked you were not eligable for anything. my youngest son had a congenital heart defect. the insurance my job would not cover him. I went to see abt getting state help to cover him. I was flat out told I made too much. I worked part time at a nursing home as a physical therapist assistant. his father was a shrimper. we ended up paying out the ass for his insurance which we had to have. if he had of ever needed surgery we would have well I don't know wht. fortunately he never did so the insurance company got a nice tidy profit from us.

  9. every American a goobermint job? hot damn uncle Jed we going up in the world.

    trump will have a field day with tht brainchild.

  10. I love how all of these establishment shills are getting booed mercilessly everywhere they go.
    It shows that people aren't getting fooled by the usual propaganda anymore.
    The only thing that is going to stop Bernie Sanders is another sabotage of democracy.

  11. Donald Trump isn't gonna need to try with these guys on the team. I'm starting to think they want to lose to Trump.

  12. Hickenlooper must have thought that taking his mom to a porn theater was embarrassing, until he spoke at this convention!

  13. Hillary Clinton the epitome of "Washington Centrists" lost, People that reside in purple states and Blue States just refused to vote for her… A Centrist…

    Move left or change your party affiliation to Republican.

  14. Hey jeff, I realize I'm a relatively small content creator, but I'm a big fan of your work at TYT Nation, and I would love to have a conversation with you on progressive policies, the era of trump, and 2020. If your interested just let me know!

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