1. On behalf of this very perceptive lady, I present the "fatherly" government of CHINA with the following
    distillation of some ancient Jewish prophecies: 1) a powerful gamma ray burst (GRB) from within the Milky Way galaxy will strike earth by surprise and IONIZE the two major gases in earth's atmosphere
    (nitrogen and oxygen) so they unite chemically (over 100 miles up) and blanket the entire planet with a
    "smoky-colored" haze (or smog) that cover the face of earth from the sun (just as a widow places dark veil over her face before attending her husband's funeral; read Amos 5:18-20 + AMOS 8:9 "it will be sadder than the death of an only child" — when the sun appears to "go down" on a CLEAR DAY (see also Jeremiah 25:30-33 & Isaiah 24:18* "the floodgates of HEAVEN are opened"). 2) It turns out that NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) is a reddish brown gas that's 1.6 times HEAVIER than air (get it?)so it will slowly SINK DOWN to the altitude where the famous "ozone layer is" (9-30 mi. up) and wipe it out by catalytic action (it will take a few weeks). 3) Now few humans realize that this OZONE LAYER is CRUCIAL to life on earth' surface, for % 98 of all our sun's D E A D L Y ULTRAVIOLET (invisible) LIGHT
    is screened out bu this ozone; thus with the PROTECTIVE OZONE LAYER mostly depleted, life on earth's surface will be (r to say the least for mammals) "tormented". No kidding, UV comes in three basic classifications, "A", :B, & "C" — and both "B & C" rays can BREAK STRANDS of DNA (a dimer bulge appears, which slows or even stops protein synthesis, and may cause cancer). The strange thing is that UV light is VERY SHORT WAVE-LENGTH, meaning it pack more energy and can actually penetrate up to FORTY FEET UNDERWATER — and kill odd tiny green plankton living there — the BASE of the entire oceanic "food chain" — get it, Sir? Now it will also hinder the growth and productivity of thin-leafed FOOD PLANTS W O R L D W I D E (damn!). The western barbarians are much like "pigs eating apples under a big apple tree. NOT ONE ever looks up and asks himself, "WHERE are all these apples coming from ? " 4) The great prophet known as "Jesus" (that wasn't his real name) even PROPHESIED the arrival of a GRB, likening it to " a great lightning like FLASH IN THE SKIES " — VISIBLE FROM EAST TO WEST (Mt. 24:27-29).Wicked men in America and Europe "jumped to the WRONG CONCLUSION" and opted for something else(shooting "arrows from the shadows", Psalms 9, 11 + 35:7-10*, 20* + 64:2-8*) but in the END, it is THEY whom will become BANNED from entry into HEAVEN (Deuteronomy 27:24*, Deut. 13:6-10*). They "dug a pit", called it "HELL" — and fell right in themselves, ha-ha. and their leader in America is a chubby, arrogant man who spends nights TWEETING nasty words against others (get it NOW, Reverend? You voted for the wrong person — perhaps he's the "anti-Christ", read John 10:34, then Psalm 82 — or ISAIAH 58 "the PROPER FAST"). 5) Jesus prophesied a time of "VERY GREAT T R I B U L A T I O N — get it? That has to be a WORLDWIDE F A M I N E caused by that GRB,
    [ read Habakkuk 3:17 "it obviously PRECEDES the "apocalypse" also Jeremiah 8:13* & Isaiah 17:4-10* + Jeremiah 4:28-30* "why do you dress in scarlet?" , a;so Isaiah 1:18-20 "sins like SCARLET"-get it? And the "snow" or "lime" is the RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT from an H-bomb that vaporized MECCA (1.8 billion Muslim will really be PISSED at D.T. for pouring more fuel on the fires raging in YEMEN – and for ignoring advice not to "avoid the (nuclear) STING OF A DYING SCORPION ("fools rush in" — where angels fear to tread). 6) My personal advice to the wonderful people of CHINA is simple: very quietly begin to establish a NATIONAL (strategic) FOOD RESERVE (enough freeze dried and irradiated basic food staples to provide a minimum caloric intake for about a decade — and also establish many places where people can hide UNDERGROUND (in case of a nuclear war or the plague of the SUN BEATING YOU DOWN EVERY MORNING (Isaiah 28:18-22). Also provide "wrap around" Polaroid sun-glasses (the human eye is but a tiny"water balloon– get it? UV causes CATARACT BLINDNESS (read
    Zephaniah 1:17*18*; and should it happen tomorrow, Trump's wealth wouldn't save him, nor could he and his offspring eat their money- it tastes bad). Please say nothing but slowly prepare for this event. If it seems slow to arrive., well— WAIT FOR IT ! (Zephaniah 3:6-9). GOD BLESS CHINA — the first human "civilization state" which I hope will also be the "last". Whoever can survive until the OZONE LAYER HEALS, will inherit a "new heavens" and also a "new earth". And it was only that SMOG of reddish -brown NO2 gas that made the sun appear "dark as sackcloth made of horsehair" and the moon at her rising "dark as dried blood". ZEI JIAN! Xie-xie, Xie-xie!

  2. The Basic Formula/Formulas Of The Economy Is/Are Wrong.
    For Example How To Calculate The Interest Rate For Two Variable Is OKAY. For Multiple Variable However Is Wrong.
    So Stay Tuned For The Right Formula/ Formulas For Multiple Variable Insha-Allaah Soon. Today Is Tuesday, May 28, 2019
    And The Time Now Is 5:19:00 PM EDT

  3. China was the very first real civilization, and (despite two centuries of humiliation) she has regained her position and managed to survive recent stormy water. This means the West should now show some respect where respect is due. She has never (in her long history) been aggressive toward the West; however the past two centuries show that Westerners did in fact mistreat and humiliate her — often with her own inventions. (Read ":The Man Who Loved China", by Simon Winchester). Thus fine lady is a good example of Chinese "meticulous thinking" — for she considers nearly everything except the effects of a
    tragic worldwide famine, which would of course have enormous implication for both Western and Eastern growth models. Gee, I could listen to her talk forever! (Always ideological shifts plus reforms; America has been "digging through the bottom o the barrel" in Washington, and coming up with NOTHING.

  4. 4 years on…time exposes lies. Since facts dont change, wishful thinking narratives must. That s the modus operandi of the world's China watching community, decades after decades.

  5. Keyu Jin has clearly exposed the fakenews spewed by Gordon Chang. I have said many times Orrdon Chang's views are not worth tuppence. Beware of all tje fakenews by anti-China writers. China has no wish to be the world's hegemon like the USA but China will outstrip the USA sooner than most people can conceive of.

  6. The reason why China could move so far for so long and to move up the ladder of technology while other developing countries are caught in middle class trap that they cannot cross is precisely the political system that allows the state to control the critical technologies within the SOE or private entrepreneurship with a red string linked to the state that allows the country to move up the ladder. Too much emphasis is put on state capitalism but in China, it is a complex mix of centralized capitalism and decentralized capitalism where it is appropriate that pull the whole economy along. Compared this Chinese agility with the western version of capitalism with very rigid pre-assumptions.

    Take for example, the great concern of most developed countries on the robotic and AI revolution while China seems to embrace it despite that it could be a larger problem for them with the much larger number of workers trying to come into the employment market. It seems a socialist society makes this transition easier as what Karl Marx had said that the realm of freedom begins when the realm of basic necessity is left behind. Evidently, it would be easier for a socialist country to find a solution to this revolution. Also the focus on education of the Chinese means that it would also be easier to move workers into new economy jobs when manufacturing (and standard professional) jobs are being filled more and more by robots and AI. Even the western concept that the individual rights are sacrosanct now faces challenge from the socialist concept that it is secondary to the communal good.

    It is well known that China is trying to reproduce a Chinese version of the Silicon Valley. In the Silicon Valley, any budding entrepreneur who has an idea can work on the idea without any fear that someone else will work on the same idea. In China, the incubator space is free and housing is cheap, thanks to the government, but ideas are allowed to be freely thrown around and many people could work on the same idea at the same time. Not only that, any progression of that idea, someone can add on to it. This is a paradigm shift that is not present or even allowed in the Western world. The end result is in China, the idea bears fruit much faster than the same idea in Silicon Valley, because of greater team work rather than individual effort. There is no question of intellectual property here because IP is recognised only when the idea is developed enough to be registered. You can see this same team effort being applied in the design and construction of complicated projects like an aircraft carrier, for instance and admire the speed that the Chinese can do that. Can western competitors challenge the Chinese? Not if they cannot make the paradigm shift.

  7. The presentation softens the deadly seriousness of a series not of challenges but of crises facing China each of which would be frightful in itself but combined create a truly ominous picture. There are serious omissions of other elements that are equally frightful and in the two years since this lecture events have made things worse, in fact much worse.

    First of all the rise of China from a feudal agrarian nation where 90 percent of the population worked on collective farms and there were still famines to what it has become was due to an American initiative to alter US tax laws that encouraged American corporations to invest in China by building factories and employing labor on a massive scale. The lure China agreed to was that there would be no restrictions on these companies, they had a limitless supply of very cheap labor, and could pollute the environment with impunity. There were no labor laws, no workers rights, no penalties for anything, and any problem could be solved with small bribes to local officials. The other component was the United States allowing reimportation of these goods back into the United States with little or no import tariffs. To compete European companies were forced to do the same thing. As a result there was a massive outflow of jobs, factories, entire industries. This is the same strategy the US used to rebuild Western Europe after the devastation of WWII. This was done for reasons of US national security. In Europe's case it was to prevent the spread of communism, in China's case it was to bring it out of the same isolation North Korea is in now. Anyone who thinks that China and Europe rebuilt themselves on their own initiative and with their own money is dead wrong and working on that assumption both economies have destroyed themselves in different ways but the net result is the same. Now both are failing badly and their efforts to fix their problems have been ineffective at best, or even made things worse. They didn't understand how they came to their current state and had no idea how to manage an economy effectively.

    What are the real numbers, the ones that matter. GDP does not matter. It is not an indication of wealth. It's an indication of activity. GNI, which is income matters. How much money you make and keep is a much better indicator. I built a million dollar machine for my company. That's my GDP. I got a net salary of ten thousand dollars for it. That's my GNI. PPP or purchasing power parity is another distortion. That's how much you can buy in your local currency. I can buy a motorcycle from my brother-in-law that normally costs $10,500 to other customers but he'll sell it to me for only $3000. That's what PPP does. but when I go to the grocery store I pay the same price as everyone else. That removes PPP. This is the only way to compare one nation's wealth to another. GDP adjusted for PPP is 21 trillion dollars a year. GNI not adjusted for PPP is 3.5 trillion dollars a year. The US PPP is by definition 1.0. China's is 3.5. US GDP is around 20 trillion dollars. But GNI is around 17 trillion dollars. In other words the US earns 5 times as much as China with 1/'4 the population.

    China's GNI/GDP ratio in 2010 was 0.13. This reflected an export driven economy where most of the profits were expatriated by foreign investors. The US was 0.83. In 2016 China's had rise to 0.50. This reflected a falloff in exports due to the worldwide recession but to keep people employed and the communist party in power the government added 23 trillion dollars of capital investment to its 9 trillion dollar debt much of it through an off the books shadow banking system. What did they do with the money? They built ghost cities, massive manufacturing overcapacity, and supported money losing SOEs. What is the return on investment for these investments? Zero. When will the profits on these investments reach its payback period and start earning money? Never. What is the quality of China's construction? Awful. Everything is falling apart due to massive corruption by contractors using inferior materials and little to no maintenance. So China's debt may be 300% of GDP but it is 1000% of GNI, now about 34 trillion dollars on a 3.5 trillion dollar income.

    Foreign investment is fleeing China. China demanded over 50% ownership of foreign company investments and disclosure of their intellectual property. What's more the US is now in a trade war not just with China but the entire world because Europe has done much the same thing. The US loses about a trillion dollars a year between trade deficits with the entire world and remittances by illegal aliens to their families not in the United States. What's more it loses more money due to non tariff obstacles imposed on Americans wanting to operate businesses abroad. President Trump is bringing that to an end.

    China is now engaged in increasing military tensions with most of its neighbors from India all the way around to Japan and the US that has moved a great deal of its military force to East Asia. The US has increased its economic advantage by becoming energy independent surpassing every other country in gas and oil production and is a net exporter (will surpass Russia in oil by the end of 2018.)

    China's pollution levels are staggering. It will run out of water by its own account around 2030. Much of China's water is so polluted it is unusable. In Shanghai only 3% of the water is fit to drink. Air pollution is another problem. China is the world's largest producer and consumer of electricity. 70% of it comes from burning coal. China burns as much coal as the rest of the world combined.

    Wages in China are rising. this is pricing China out of the lowest cost labor selling market. Factories and money are leaving China. There is a demographic problem caused by the one child policy. There will be labor shortages and those in the labor force will have to not only pay to take care of themselves but their children and parents as well. The Wealth Management Funds are a trick to cheat Chinese citizens into "investing" their savings of 22 trillion dollars with crooked institutions who want to use their money to pay of the huge debt of the shadow banking system. Chinese have a cultural bias that attracts many of them to gambling. They are also entirely unsophisticated investors. Many lost a lot of money in the stock market bubble and will lose even more in the real estate bubble. China's ghost cities have an estimated 70 million unsold homes and two billion square meters of unused and unusable space. This is how China's GDP growth came about in the last ten years. Anyone want to buy a city? China has many different styles to choose from. All they need is a little work.

    China's plans to improve matters are ludicrous. The AIIB, the petroyuan, the one belt one road project. more huge capital projects, all laughably stupid and sure ways to lose money.

  8. This is an amazing lecture about China! I am confident that China's central government takes those points seriously in a positive way, because CCTV9 (now CGTN) and NPC conferences echo those points. The need for system reform at every level is essential & fraut with conflict of interests. This is why a powerful leader like Xi is so important to get the reforms through.

  9. Very poor academic work and conclusions. Parroting ideological nonsense rather than real criticism is the fast food of the west. Sad to see such talent wasted on pompous academic falsehoods.

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