Class Struggle – Capitalism VS Communism combat footage

in November Lenin and Trotsky as leaders
of a huge farmer worker army union called the Soviet call for destruction
of the Republic They imagine that serious political questions are decided by voting! As a matter of fact: They are decided by class war! In a remote mountain province a man of
the soil, Mao Zetung challenges chums leadership a founder of the Chinese
Communist Party’s smile believes that the ultimate power in China belongs to
the peasants who make up 80% of the country’s population so says Mao Zetung they
took China’s Communist revolution must take root in the countryside and then
sweep over the cities yet we know that Russia today is
regarded as a grave threat to our nation to our freedom to the peace of the world
public display of giant portrait of communist leaders these leaders by their
actions cause the world to stand guard. You see the reason why we are
spending billions of dollars in defense production while your family is paying
the highest in our history in our history. he looked at the world and saw man as
divided into two classes – workers and capitalists. In the Communist Manifesto
he called upon the workers the proletarians to rise up and overthrow
their capitalistic master he cried the proletarians have nothing to lose but
their chains they have a world to win working men of all countries
unite! we move back into the hearts of Chavez
Supporters when all of a sudden firing started we couldn’t tell where the shots were
coming from but people were being hit in the head One-in-four Venezulans carry a handgun. And soon some of the Chavez supporters begain to shoot back at been the direction of the sniper fire [Look at that Chavez Supporter] [That Chavez supporter has just fired…] [at the unarmed protestors below!] – What the TV station didn’t broadcast was this other camera angle which clearly shows that the streets
below were empty the opposition march had never taken that route. With this
manipulation the deaths could now be blamed on Chavez.

  1. Lowkey – Terrorist music video starts 4:30
    What did you think, was it a good tribute to revolutionary struggle against Imperialist propaganda? – did it make your blood boil or did it amplify your love and solidarity for comrades against imperialism?

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