Hello Civ Fans! We’re back again with another update for Civilization VI. As always, we want to give a big thank you to our fans for the valuable feedback you continue to provide on all of our social channels and forums. We’ve packed a ton of new features, balance tweaks, and fixes into the latest update and that’s not even the best part. We’re unleashing an exciting new multiplayer game mode that is unlike anything we’ve done before. We can’t wait to tell you more about it… but for now, let’s go over what’s changing in the game. Coastal City Updates Based on your feedback, one area we wanted to focus on in this update was making Coastal Cities stronger. For starters, we looked at our Great Admirals and added a ton of new bonuses. Here’s just a few examples. Francis Drake now instantly creates a Privateer with 1 promotion level and Military units get a +50% reward for plundering sea Trade Routes. Ferdinand Magellan grants 1 free copy of the Luxury resource on a tile to your Capital city and grants 300 gold. Horatio Nelson instantly builds a Lighthouse and Shipyard in this district on top of his already existing +50% flanking bonus for all naval units. We’ve also added more bonuses to the buildings Coastal Cities benefit from. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus now gives +1 Science, +1 Faith, and +1 Culture on all Coast tiles for a city and Great Engineers get an additional charge. Lighthouses give +2 Housing if the Harbor is adjacent to the City Center. Fisheries now provides 0.5 housing. Shipyards give +1 Production to all unimproved coastal tiles in the city. And finally, putting a Campus on a coastline tile next to a Reef gives the Campus a major adjacency bonus. New Maps Our previous update added the Seven Seas map and the Small Continents map. We’re happy to say this update will introduce 6 more maps! The Terra map will always include a distant continent populated by city-states, barbarians and mystery. Each game will be a race to see who can grab the riches of these new worlds first. Primordial maps are a chaotic mixture of the game’s most extreme terrain types. Set your disaster meter on 4 and let us know if you make it out alive. Mirror Maps feature a randomly generated world where the 4 map quandrants are mirrored to provide exactly balanced starts that are ideal for multiplayer. There are 2 spawn options here as well: Standard, which allows players to spawn in different locations in their respective quadrant, and Mirrored which forces all players to spawn in the exact same location in their section of the map. To try these new maps, you can simply double-click any of them from our newly organized map selection UI screen. One more thing… We still have a lot to show you, so please keep watching for more details on the upcoming changes. We’ll have the full patch notes available when the update goes live. Make sure you stay tuned to the Civilization social channels where we’ll drop more details about our new multiplayer game mode soon. Also, you might have seen that the Rise and Fall expansion is now available for iOS. We wanted to let you know that we and our friends at Aspyr are working very hard on getting Gathering Storm to the platform and bringing both expansions to the Switch by the end of the year. We appreciate your patience and hope to have more details on this soon. Now, please enjoy the rest of the video. You’re the best fans in gaming! Balance Updates

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