Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – Spring 2018 Developer Update

Hey everyone, I’m Anton Strenger, lead designer for Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. We really appreciate everyone’s response to the game’s latest update. Here’s a preview of what you can expect in the next update. First, we noticed a lot of players wanted to see the Loyalty system work with Religious gameplay. And we thought this is a great idea. So what we’ve done is we’ve added increased Loyalty for cities that are following your religion, and decreased Loyalty for cities that are following a different religion than the one that you’ve founded. We’re also continuing to make many different balance adjustments, including updates to several Social Policies and Governments, as well as Seondeok’s Hwarang ability and Magnus’s first promotion. Plus, we heard that there weren’t enough turtles, so we’re adding more throughout the map. We also recognize that England was nerfed a little too strongly in the last patch… So we’ve updated Pax Britannica to grant a free unit when you settle not just on a continent other than your home continent, but also when you build a Royal Navy Dockyard in that new city. There has also been a lot of discussion in the community about Joint Wars. These rules have been updated. First, Joint Wars may now be declared using Casus Belli, which will require a denouncement from at least one of the players. Second, AI and players can join wars that have already begun, and gain the benefits of the Casus Belli in effect. Fans have also reported a blunder in an AI favored yields table. This addition was initially added to help the AI prioritize similarly to how we’ve seen players prioritize. We’ve fixed this so that they’re working as intended, and we’re seeing a general all-around improvement in AI scores. Finally, we’re extremely pleased with the response to the Historic Moments we added in the Rise and Fall expansion, so we’ve added even more of these that are targeting things that happen later in the game. These include things like creating National Parks and finishing all buildings in the Aerodrome district. We’ll have a full list of all changes once the update goes live. We hope that these updates addressing major player feedback will have you taking one more turn for the months to come. Thank you for your continued support of Civilization VI!

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    Which change are you most looking forward to in this update?

  2. Game runs WAY to fast in terms of tech and cultural progress on higher difficulties. It ruins the game.

    UI is still bad. Too many clicks needed and many things work worse than in V.

  3. Glad to see a slight buff to England after how badly they were nerfed. Please give back the unit upon conquering a city.

  4. I'm glad that joint wars are beign improved in their mechanics. It suck's that you couldn't use a Casus Belli before. I would make the suggestion to add a "hipocrisy-meter" mechanic to the AI's behavior. It's annoying to have leaders nogging because you transgresed their agenda, or just by beign at war, and then doing that exact thing themselves.

  5. Brazil needs a serious buff too. Pedro's hability and brazil's early/mid game are very weak and awful to play. If you start in a position with not many rainflorests, your entire game will be fucked up ;-;

  6. Could you fix nationalism? It doesn't allow you to make corps anymore, which makes the mobilization civic impossible to boost.
    At least that seems to be the case in the not-expansion game. I just started last week but I'm told it's a recent problem.

  7. Please. Make satelits or something like that. I wanna control 3 towns and would be great let to control rest by AI like in civ5.

  8. Al fin, las guerras conjuntas prácticamente eran guerras sorpresa más cabronas, las tortugas la neta vale madres, lo que necesitamos es una mejor IA que analice su situación, y quizás algunas catástrofes como las del civ 4 estarían bien en las edades oscuras y eventos buenos en las edades doradas, y algo que realmente se necesita es reparar esa brecha entre el soldado con espada, el mosquetero y la infantería, quizás añadir algo así como los soldados de espada larga y mosqueteros, como los casacas rojas o la guardia imperial, pero estandarizado, porque prácticamente siempre hay una unidad mejor que otra y se rompe ese esquema de piedra, papel o tijera, por último creo que se deberían añadir nuevas civilizaciones, ya sean de rise and fall o al juego base

    Atentamente un jugador de habla hispana que ama Civilization 🙂

  9. Why your didn`t put old civilizations in the game like Denemark or Sweden they are only in the scenario Vikings but you can`t play them as normal civilization

  10. You are clearly reading a script that is in front of you. That's not a problem of course, but if you are going to FILM a guy for a video don't make it so plainfully obvious– or just use his voice combined with gameplay footage or whatnot… LOVE THE GAME THOUGH! KEEP IT UP <3333

  11. This version of Civ is still a regression from the other version’s proceeding it…..35 turns to build a wonder, 10 turns to manufacture a tank, GTFO here.

  12. What is the effect on Loyalty if you haven't found a religion? How about giving you the option to follow a religion if at least half of your cities are following a certain religion. For example, 4 of your 7 cities have Judaism as the dominant religion, the other 3 have Christianity. You choose to follow Judaism. Those 4 cities get bonuses (increased happiness and loyalty) and the other 3 are penalized (increased unhappiness and decreased loyalty). Also, it could affect relationships with other civs, possibly creating such negative relationships that wars will be started. Just like they did in real life. It sucks that religion is obsolete in the game if you're one of the unlucky ones that don't find a religion. Also, makes it way more historically accurate, Spanish and French never founded Christianity but their empires were responsible for spreading Christianity throughout the world.

  13. The game is not about playing the AI, but humans. The AI fix or shall we say configuration is not that easy. Lastly a 8p online game usually ends with 5/6 humans that’s why the AI is important to configure. And sience 1month or less it’s doing better then before. AI is building more military and that is important so that he doesn’t get rushed over. Thank You for giving the game a shine. Vanilla still rocks

  14. The respect/fear system of Civ Beyond Earth should have been put in Civ 6.
    It would have kept the AI from being suicidal, which is the most annoying part of Civ 6.
    Besides the too close starting cites.

  15. This might be a dumb question but is all the update features exclusive to only rise and fall owners? Like the joint war thing can’t be accessed without rise and fall


    Maya and Inca Civilizations.

    Babylonic & Iroquois.

    Leaders: Abraham Lincoln,TokugawalJulius Caésar and Napoléon BonaParte (Add a chair so he can get up!)

    HALL OF GLORY (Civilization Revolution)

    even more civilizations

  17. When will you make a working Mobile CAM? Protects all units within 1 tile from nuclear strikes and attacks by air units. I'm waiting and the whole Russian-speaking community is waiting for 3 years. He does not work!!!

  18. Ahah a lot of comments asking for more changes ^^ Here's mine : multiplayer games post industrial era are dominated very heavily by cav and tanks rush, it feels like the only viable option to win late game. Rushing chemistry is a viable defensive option but you get overpowered if your opponent keep going straight to helicopters and modern tanks, since modern bazookas are in the bottom of the tree as well …

    A little change in the tech tree could fix that, maybe branch somewhere so getting tanks is not so easy and straight ? I mean you can get helicopter without having discovered astronomy or mass production !

  19. Downloaded the new update and started a new game. Germany started out with their capital 1 empty square from mine on a standard size map. They didn't get a second city down before it revolted. I took their capital when it had a population of two and germany was out of the game just that fast. Here is my suggestion to fix this. Walk across the hall and tell jake that he is now in charge and can everyone involved in this mess.

  20. Fix AI
    Right now, human strategy is:
    Civ is beating me with religion, I'll attack and destroy them.
    Civ is beating me with science, I'll attack and destroy them.
    CIv is beating me with culture, I'll attack and destroy them.
    etc, etc, etc

  21. What about stopping the weird mechanics of war against city-states? This is the issue. You declare war on a city state directly, and then some stupid suzerain change forces you to have peace with the city during a ridiculous amount of turns and even expell your units from the city state territory. I think this should be changed, because if you take the warmonger penalty for declaring war vs a city state, it is not fair that unless you conquest the city really quick, you fail. Besides, this issue is something frown upon in multiplayer games when it is (ab)used.
    PD. Yeah, also fixing the AI, but this must be much work than the city state issue.

  22. I would love to know why this game thinks a continent is a large island, every map is jacked up. We need a world builder already.

  23. Can you make the modbuddy easier.
    And creating Custom textures in modbuddy.
    Not only textures but music two.
    If you will do that civilization vi will have more modders and mods.
    Sorry if I have writen something wrong I am not a native enlish speaker.

  24. You guys need to seriously re-evaluate your prices on DLC. It's nuts, Creative Assembly levels of greed. Last expansion was disappointing and after a disappointing base game I'm just so bummed by Civilization now. I don't get very enthusiastic when "we added more turtles" is actually a line in your script… haha WTF

  25. Hi game developers. I really love playing the game but I am just so bothered about the orientation of improvements, districts, and wonders. Can you include an option where we can choose the orientation of things these things before it is placed on the ground. I have a OC so I am so bothered about this matter.

  26. One more thing, since the game gives us the fate of our chosen civilization, can you just give us an option to choose what civilization theme we can use during classical era? Example, in ancient time, we have the standard theme for castle and other structures but when classical era comes, the castle and other stuff is changed to the civ's art theme. What if I want my Majapahit empire to look like Japanese theme since I am the leader?

    I hope you have the time to read this. Thanks.

  27. I'm not even waiting for Civ7 now, cause this one is not the civilization game. If you look at the steam, people still playing civ5 more even after sales and all this 9-10 star review not correspond to users opinion. Especially of old fans.

  28. Can you add the Philippines maybe? I've been playing civilization since elementary and have always looked for a leader to represent my country. Although there are mods, to see an official version would really make my day. Keep up the great work, i can't wait to get the next dlc 🙂 ~<3

  29. Glad to see no updates for this awful game. Hopefully they're going to let it die, fire everyone involved, and get a new team with talent and the ability to program AI to make the next installment. Civ 6 is a disaster and that hurts me. This series goes back to my childhood and is one of the inspirations for my love of history. It's just that the no talent hacks that made Civ 6 hurt the series reputation. Let's hope Civ 7 is a true reinvention of the series instead of another glorified mod with half the features and twice the microtransactions.

  30. is adding a new intro screen, some new music, weather effects or anything new in the patch too much for you lazy money-grabing cunts at firaxis? its 2018 and you guys are offering the very minimum of everything consistently.

  31. it said that the berserker's ability was supposed to change to +10 when attacking and -5 when defending. I haven't seen that

  32. Can we start getting some American civs? There are almost as many Greek civs as in North and South America total. And you should have replaced the Aztec civ with Mexico. Mexico is one of the most recognized cultures on Earth. I don't think the Aztecs have been a huge influence. Also nations like Argentina, Columbia, the Aztecs, Canada, and far more native American tribes. Europe and Asia are done, let's show a little love to other continents. A couple more in Africa and a couple more Pacific Island cultures would be nice as well.

  33. It would be really cool if you guys could expand the civilopedia with photos and videos, and interesting facts like in civ revolution.

  34. This is great and all, but when are you going to get rid of that damn spyware you install on computers when people buy your game?

  35. I’m surprised mechanics like plagues and natural disasters are still not in civ (earthquakes, floods, volcanos that could even reshape the terrain) considering the profound effect it’s had on human civilisation – especially smallpox, malaria and Y. Pestis (Black Plague) this could even introduce additional mechanics like biological warfare and adds a new layer to diplomacy and research. This is what I feel is really missing from Civ at the moment. Anyone agree?

  36. I want this civs:ottomans,Austria,Portugal,gran Colombia,incas,Maya's, Byzantine,seleucid,belgic,irland,Aragon,central union of America.

  37. I'd still love for Denmark to return to this game, possibly Sweden as well so there could be an oppertunity for those nations to re-create the Kalmar Union

  38. I have noticed lots of times that these AI players doesn’t start from the Settler Age, they start from either Ancient Age or Classical Age, and they expand too quickly. AI needs to be fixed, so the AI will start at Settler Era to be fair for the human players who likes to start from the beginning of age same as me.

  39. No idea why you can only have so few governors. It would be better if you could have as many as you like, but obviously new governors would take away from the upgrade you could've had for a preexisting governor.

    This way, if I wanted to have 5 military governors, I should be able to. Or if my focus is entirely on envoys I should be able to have 5 of those types of governors. Obviously, the names and faces should autogenerate. But also, these governors should have to travel by foot and should be susceptible to death.

  40. I'm really annoyed with 2K Games, Civilization VI got really cool, BUT, the growth rate of the British Empire for example, is a nightmare when it comes to gameplay. Example: I found that the difficulty in building Big Ben in London was only at higher levels. As much as I level down levels (I'm accustomed to playing at the Warlord level, in previous versions) to play, I was cheated by the artificial intelligence of the game. For God's sake, the same is said of Stonehenge, you can not build it near London. I do not know if any other players noticed this, but the same thing happened with other wonders, the game favors AI and it's a hell of a thing to try to build. Can you try to change or improve it? The only exception was the Colosseum in Rome. Thank you.

  41. Still, no Portugal, which is quite difficult to understand, but hey, you guys don't really care right, why bother including the country with the oldest borders in Europe, close to 900 years, peanuts right?

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