Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Mapuche

Lautaro leads the Mapuche in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. He was just a teenager when he led the Mapuche tribes to battle against the Spanish, and is still revered among the people of Chile as a War Chief and the nation’s first true General. The Mapuche’s unique ability is “Toqui.” All units trained in a city with an established Governor receive additional experience in combat. They also receive a combat bonus against civs in a Golden Age. Their unique improvement is the Chemamull, which provides Culture based on the tile’s Appeal. Later in the technology tree, these improvements also provide Tourism. The Mapuche’s unique unit is the Malón Raider. This Light Cavalry class unit receives combat bonuses when close to friendly territory. It also costs fewer movement points to pillage improvements and districts. Lautaro’s unique ability is called “Swift Hawk.” If a Mapuche Unit defeats an enemy unit within the borders of the enemy city, that city loses Loyalty. This is a versatile civilization that will compete well culturally and in combat. Even in a peaceful game, your Malón Raiders will keep you safe at home. Consider establishing a Diplomat Governor in your empire to spread increased Loyalty to nearby foreign cities. Train your army in the same city to ensure they are promoted quickly as you conquer the cities around you. Can you harness the spirit of resistance to soar above your oppressors? How will you lead the Mapuche in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

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    Will you play as the Mapuche in Civilization VI: Rise & Fall? Which feature is your favorite?

  2. Hello, i'm a chilean Journalist, and i'm writing an article about the addition of Mapuche in Civilization VI. Is there any possibility to speak with someone from company about this matter.

  3. 0:23 Is it the unit receives additional strength when you have a golden age or the enemy? I think it is probably yourself in a golden age but the wording is unclear.

  4. GOOD JOB its cool that less famous civs have recognition We need kievan rus ,first bulgarian empire,serbian empire , great Moravia, Livonia Lithuania. ..

  5. I'm so glad for this 😄! I'll finally be able to play with a civilization that lives on my country! But I just need to know DOES ANYONE RECOGNIZE THE SONG THEY USED? I thought I would recognize it

  6. Hahaha Yes! I like this Native American theme going on, typically people only think of Native Americans as Incas or -Aztecs, but there is so much more.

  7. well, ……. this makes more sense than scotland? they're just picking random civs now who they've never done before.

  8. Now we put Terrorist Organizations as CIV's?? Next Civ's which will be? The FARC? Al Qaeda?? Boko Haram??? This game is sucking so bad… Firaxis and 2K, you're gonna eat sh**

  9. Translation for idiots:: more rules the AI will not have to follow that players will have to juggle to allow the game to cheat you out of victory since they still can't make an AI capable of winning within the rules.

  10. Will Jewish Civilization be added in the future? Solomon or David could be the leaders, Kibbutz could be the unique improvement, Zealots (swordsman replacement) or Merkava Battle Tank (modern tank) could be the unique units… Diaspora could be their unique civ trait

  11. Here are some new civ/alternative leaders that we haven't seen in the Civ series yet that I'd love as RaF DLCS:

    Roger II of Sicily
    Thomas Jefferson of America
    Mikhail Gorbachev of Russia
    Constantine of Rome
    Jose Marti of Cuba
    Eva Perron of Argentina

  12. Debieron añadir una pasiva llamada :" en medio del fuego" lo cual si quemai(destruyes) una casa ganas esa zona de su territorio.
    Hasta que llegaron los chilenos a vender sus tierras! Pacificacion de la araucania INCOMING

  13. Deberían poner a los pacos como civilización y que su pasiva sea inventar pruebas para incriminar a sus enemigos

  14. LAUTARO the Mapuche at the age 16 and made the conquistadors tremble for 8 years he gave them hell until he unfortunately got betrayed and diead at age of 24. But in 8 years he fkn dominated the spaniards by copy their own tactics twoards themselves its fkn amazing story like hollywood type story, the only Diff this happend for real

  15. Is Lautaro holding Philip II's sword? I don't know anything about the Mapuche history so did he conquer Spanish Colonies?

  16. This civ is op in my since you can lower a eneme cities loyalty and when the city youre attacking liberates itself you can just conquer the city without any warmonger penalty

  17. This game would have been amazing if not for the shitty AI. I can't play it now due to the failure if the agenda system. sigh

  18. Thanks for this, we really appreciate it. A salute for you "Chapala pachala grin gosculi aos" (that means peace and love for our brothers)

  19. i like how the civ, unit and leader traits lead to any player who encounters the mapuche to immediately learn the lesson it took the inca and the spanish decades, if not centuries, to get: "STAY THE FUCK AWAY WINKA"

  20. Lol. It’s funny because Mapuche and Lutaro are still pretty much someone no one knows about. Also in the game he is an asshole. He quickly turned on me each time he was building something near me. Declared a surprise war for absolutely no known reason. I hate that guy.

  21. Just unacceptable… how is this possible?! Mapuche people are alive and struggling for survival… how can you make a video game out of it??? you show the misery of human being…

  22. if your little mind aloud you to listen to this song… you may understand what our struggle is until today … as mapuche people and you wouldn`t be promoting stupid video games about a fallen civilization…

  23. This is my most hated civ of all time (of course, gameplay-wise), probably surpasses greece from civ 5. It’s that kind of civ that in the AI’s hand is extremely annoying to fight against, and in my hand felt virtually useless.

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