Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Hungary

Matthias Corvinus leads Hungary in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. He was King from 1458 to 1490. Despite infamy for high taxation, he became a popular folk hero as ‘Matthias the Just.’ Hungary’s unique ability is “Pearl of the Danube.” Districts and Buildings constructed across a river from a City Center are built faster. Their unique building is the Thermal Bath. It replaces the Zoo, and provides Amenities and Production to every City Center within its range. If there is a Geothermal Fissure within the city’s borders, it also provides Tourism and additional Amenities. Hungary’s unique unit is the Huszár. This is an Industrial era light cavalry unit that receives a combat bonus for every active alliance. Matthias Corvinus’s unique ability is The Raven King. Levied units gain movement and combat strength, and it costs no gold or resources to upgrade levied units. Levying troops from a City State also rewards two envoys with that City State. The Raven King also grants the unique unit the Black Army, a light cavalry unit that gets additional strength for adjacent levied units. Hungary is a civilization built for rapid expansion and domination. The Black Army upgrades into the Huszár, giving Matthias an extra militaristic edge for a long period of the game, and Thermal Baths will be particularly useful to keep conquered cities Loyal. River settlements will develop quickly, leaving you plenty of time to produce more military units. To further bolster your army, keep up with City State relationships and take advantage of levied units. Will your mercenary armies flood over the riverbanks and establish a mighty empire? How will you lead Hungary in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

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