1. You can activate the subtitles to get the complete titles of the track you're listening to. If you recognize some of the pieces used in this soundtrack, you can write them in comments and I'll add them [between brackets] in the subtitles.

  2. Track "1" at 9:58:39 is one of my new favorites. I was very disappointed to see it not listed in the original soundtrack. I don't know what it's properly called, just that I seemed trigger it in-game when I colonized a landmass other than my starting continent.

  3. 4:01:32 > french medieval song's cover called "Douce dame jolie", if someone wanna know 🙂
    Thanks Vlavv, great list (It was impossible for me to find it out) 😀

  4. Russia. Balalaika improv 3 is a song called "Chto stoish kachajas, tonkaja rjabina" (Why are you swaying, thin rowan?)
    Sorry for bad translation of the song's name and my bad English.

  5. Anyone know what civilization the 'non-civ named' files are for? EG – Oud_Improv_D_2 (808072913.wem) – Oud looks like to be a Persian instrument but cant be sure? The majority of song files include the civ name, but theres a dozen or so needing clarification. Massive thanks to all for helping this full list by the way :)!

  6. OK managed to get clarification on all the English songs, as below (kept the original file names for clarity but let me know if you need further help:

    England_Ancient_GreenBushes_Vielle-Dulcimers (350832821.wem) = Green Bushes (Medieval)
    England_Ancient_GreenBushes_Dulcimer (844424076.wem) = Green Bushes (Ancient)
    England_Ancient_Greensleeves_Dulcimer (136724476.wem) = Greensleeves (Ancient)
    England_Ancient_Greensleeves_Vielle (668293734.wem) = Greensleeves (Classical)
    England_Ancient_Greensleeves_Vielle-Dulcimers (1055539067.wem) = Greensleeves (Medieval)
    England_Ancient_HighGermany_Vielle-Dulcimers (386552898.wem) = High Germany (Medieval)
    England_Ancient_HighGermany_Vielle (584533337.wem) = High Germany (Classical)
    England_Ancient_LovelyJoan_Dulcimer (217686789.wem) = Lovely Joan (Ancient)
    England_Ancient_LovelyJoan_Vielle-Dulcimers (563634062.wem) = Lovely Joan (Medieval)
    England_Ancient_BonnyBoy_Vielle-Dulcimers (25372810.wem) = My Bonny Boy (Medieval)
    England_Ancient_BonnyBoy_Dulcimer (407179789.wem) = My Bonny Boy (Ancient)
    England_Ancient_BonnyBoy_Vielle (727529777.wem) = My Bonny Boy (Classical)
    England_Ancient_Theme_Vielle-Dulcimers (252742950.wem) = Scarborough Fair (Classical)
    England_Theme_Industrial (608341097.wem) = Scarborough Fair (Industrial)
    England_Ancient_Theme_Vielle (792758949.wem) = Scarborough Fair (Ancient)
    England_Medieval (866414075.wem) = Scarborough Fair (Medieval)
    England_Theme_Modern (983563384.wem) = Scarborough Fair (Atomic)
    England_Ancient_Grenadier_Vielle-Dulcimers (495654171.wem) = The Bold Grenadier (Medieval)
    England_Ancient_Grenadier_Vielle (513620692.wem) = The Bold Grenadier (Classical)

    I've had to estiamte the era some of them are from so do correct me if you know for sure!
    Anyone who can clarify the other country song names ideally but the file name/ wem number will be appreciated 🙂

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