CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Nubia

Amanitore leads Nubia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. She was one of the greatest Queens of Nubia, and her reign was the most prosperous time for the Kushites. The site of her palace, Jebel Barkal in modern day Sudan, is a World Heritage Site. Nubia’s unique ability is Ta-Seti. They get bonus production towards Ranged units, and all Ranged units gain combat experience faster. Mines give bonus production over strategic resources, and bonus gold over luxury resources. Their unique unit is the Pitati Archer. This Ancient Era unit is stronger and faster than the Archer it replaces. It upgrades to the Crossbowman. Nubian Pyramids are their unique tile improvement. These require Masonry, and must be built on Desert, Desert Hills, or Floodplains. They provide Faith, and get bonuses based on adjacent districts, or food from City Centers. Amanitore’s ability is “Kandake of Meroe.” She gets bonus production towards building Districts, which is further improved if there is a Nubian Pyramid adjacent to the City Center. Since many of Nubia’s production-focused abilities unlock with Masonry, you’re going to want to prioritize that early, and build a Nubian Pyramid as soon as possible to help speed future District construction. Your Pitati Archer will help protect your territory as you set up early, and ranged units will always be the core of your military strategy with Amanitore. Will your people’s prosperity be your legacy? How will you lead Nubia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

  1. They actually conquered the throne of Egypt during the 25th dynasty, therefore establishing a new Nubian Kingdom. Egypt, although powerful as they were, economically, and in culture had finally succumbed to The Empire Of Kush even after capturing territories in upper Nubia. Spiritually, these Civs believed in many of the same gods, and Nubian's were actually credited to introducing gods of their own faith into Egyptian Society and vice-versa. A well deserved Civ that shared a unique relationship with Egypt, though not always at war.

  2. I'm still waiting for world war scenario and leader packs, and alternate leaders.

    Let's stop being politically correct. You can't have a world civilisation sim and war without Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

  3. Sid, please bring back civs from other civ games. I would like to play Korea. It is starting to be irksome because I feel it is coming sometime, but you only announce one civ at a time with large gaps between. It seems like it will be an eternity before I get to play my favorite civ once again.

  4. will we ever see Serbia as a Civ
    me and my friends would really like to see them in the game
    they have an interesting history
    and some cool leaders like Dusan the Mighty
    I understand the most recent controversies about Serbia and the country of Kosovo
    but i beg you that those things dont stop you guys from creating civs that can be fun

  5. theres lots of important empires that hasnt been added to the game and now you add this dumb illiterate bitch as a civ
    no one cares about them ffs

  6. Are you really telling me that the Civ audience wants to shell out money for this?  C'mon, now.   Get your fucking shit together.  33% dislike ratio.

  7. We don't want Nubia. We want Prussia, The Ottomans, Austria-Hungary and that nice images where the showed how much land thst leader controlled in his time

  8. Literally the "We Wuz Kangz" leader. It's upsetting that Civ 6 has forsaken historical accuracy for a liberal meme.

  9. Comments are what I expected from insecure white dudes who are retarded enough to believe Africa had no kingdoms. Just because you didn't learn about them in (white) history class doesn't mean they don't exist.

  10. The sheer amount of virtue signalling and outrage storm in this comment section is vastly bigger than the amount of the alt-right comments. Additionally, every single person here who used the word "racist" unironically just devalued the term even below the depths of meaninglessness where it already was.

  11. Why so many dislikes? Nubia was a great civ and Amanatore a great queen. I love to see this in the game.

  12. I've owned every Civ game since Civilization 1 but I will never buy another one.

    you SJW turds have ruined Civilization with forced diversity for diversity sake.

  13. I think nubia is gonna be the civ i start with because there features and abilities seem really beginner friendly and last the entire game also amanitore was a warrior queen so why is she so fat did they did that on purpose to get extra diversity in there? EDITED nope they dlc in the switch version

  14. Couldn't they make a more accurate nubian , akin to south sudan !..(even if Nubia lies in North Sudan..but current N sudanese are Arab infiltrators/mixed over the centuries).
    DEEP shiny black with nimble bodies. Like the Dinka.
    This milk chocolate ' moma' , big assed, small titted reminds me/us of Louisiana …..
    djeesh..everything to invoke US black(=brown) african consumers to buy this game…

  15. Just recently find out about this civ from quill18 walkthrough, laughed so much. My thoughts at that moment "OMG, so much polit correctness, i can feel how this oozing from my monitor" 😂

  16. this civ just sucks. no good units, "unique building" just kills your living space + the leader is ugly as hell. free slave material for any other empire.

  17. Nubian Queens were active warriors! There were "bootylicious" like Serena Williams, Beyonce, or your favorite 90s to early 2000s "thicc" Ebony porn star. But instead, they made a Nubian queen overweight. These developers made one of the few, mainstream representations of Queen Amanitore or any African queen into a "mammy" like cartoon. Amanitore is depicted in hieroglyphs as being "slim-thicc". Civilization has made most of their female characters including, Cleopatra (who wasn't very pretty according to historical records) attractive. But, they made Amanitore into "Precious". Nothing against bigger women, but why depict an African queen, especially a Nubian Warrior Queen in this way?

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