Civ 5 in 7.5 Mins: Rushing Russia – Sid Meier’s Civilization V BNW LP Summary

There’ll be violence on the Russian home
front This looks promising – but there’s some
ice We’ll deal with the ice And Japan Prioritize Warriors – who needs a Scout on
a Duel map, not Catherine – actually call me Katy Upgraded dude found out how to dig Warrior found a Religious Mountain – that
actually explains this whole video Yes, it will be Russia’s What else is around? A wild Worker appeared so we gotta throw some
Pokeballs Goodbye Worker – the trek to Russia is too
dangerous So sorry – didn’t mean to offend Ceasefires it is – ah memories – Blue Jean
China – hmm? L A D Y To kill, or not to kill – that’s the question Didn’t kill – it settled, so instant Silk
it is Hey Japan – is that an army? If that’s an army we’re gonna have a problem Russia ain’t ready for war yet I said I’m not ready! You’re gonna hear
me roar! And Siam can roar too Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch Leave Moscow alone! That’s better – the real wars are LATER When we take Kyoto Actually let’s take that Great General now They have too many Great Generals And this farm is on fire As will be the town It’d be great if the units weren’t so
resilient And stealing land is a great idea too Goodbye Kyoto, it’s been great Why are you still here? I’m a horrible warmonger With a horrible Horseman I am the cleverest, man Hey look we’re Japan – but in fourth place Who to attack next? Can’t decide. Still, need more army first And more happiness Needs lots of happiness! And need to destroy enemy workers Target acquired Fires everywhere we go There’s also a rain of arrows And a Knight convinced them to be Russian Hey Poke – pay us Whoa whoa whoa just in time You too? Alrighty then. Just gonna bring in more military Then it’s a free for all Holding back the enemy gives us time for a
Sistine Chapel Siam had enough but wanted St. Petersburg
– um, no Then again, how can I say no to that face? Like this actually – No Hello Worker – put on this uniform Poland took the Italian Art Gallery Perhaps we’ll take Poland? Siam seems to be amassing an army again Looks like war one way or another! What? You were my friend 2 Wars, 1 Peace His escort was sacrificed for the good of
land-stealing War from the west AND north – scary stuff Our industry is war It’s quite lucrative 28 gold per turn? Not a bad investment at
all Can only afford one faith project Educational buildings can be purchased with
birds but we only have gold Electricity leads to Aluminum meaning Rocket
Artillery – that’ll be fun Until then – Operas 1832 AD and we are almost ready for more fighting Autocracy is great for war and There’s some trade to help us score an Eiffel
Tower Where’s a Great Engineer? When you need it? Hmm? Golden Age! A Great time to start a fight Also increase a bunch of numbers Archaeologists will have a field day Our day will be spent at the Museum Then we’ll paint a hand giving the finger
on the Broadcast Tower Hanging out! At another Museum Same old thing we did a few hundred turns
ago To prepare for the onslaught – make units
cheaper War will be waged – the Archaeologist reports
tension in the area Ahhhhhh! Eeeeeek War effortlessly Luckily Moscow is far away and defended And Askia is ready to give Siam a two-front
war Remember that time we had to switch to Order
due to overwhelming unhappiness? That was the previous turn Order Order Order Much Order Much Science Much putting down our weapons Much Russia! I hope it’s a name I know It wasn’t A Factory means you can hammer science A Courthouse mean one less puppet Had to take the reigns of the entirety of
Russia Attack Siam? How could I say no? Not gonna actually attack but the war is on Sort’ve working on another project here Come on Uranium – Mommy needs a new puffy
white dress There better be some Uranium under there You are kidding me – Siam has it And there’s more war on the horizon War text tells about things being bombed Siam says stop Not the same situation over here Yo Poland – attack the Shoshone and make it
snappy Did I mention Poland took Siam’s town? Yes yes yes – fine – destroy ya later Trying to focus on non-war for a few turns Research is always welcomed As are on-time arrivals Hubble in the sky for Science Guys Also utilizing the end of Rationalism to get
Nanotechnology The XCOMs will arrive soon – until then, those
Rocket Artillery do a great job The situation gets more serious An XCOM army will advance our stance Russia, Russia, Russia It’s a brand new Citadel Puppet, puppet, puppet Attack Songhai? Why not! Our Educational system is amazing Hey look: we trapped some Marble under a Citadel
and stole the enemy deer Songhai resists land invasions May or may not be nuking the north Head up there to check out the damage! Russia is ready for anything Puppetting the Shoshone capital take 1 Defending their old town in the meantime Puppetting the Shoshone capital take 2 Puppetting the Shoshone capital take 3 It’d be great if they’d stop re-invading
where we invade A free city? You must’ve fallen on hard
times – sorry about that Move the Great Works from it then let it burn Also find peace from within – we’ll give
him some cities later Until then – Sydney Opera House will be completed
in St. Petersburg And war with Siam will occur Slash war with a few people And a Golden Age! May have traded away a city for peace of mind Need to focus our forces and destroy K-town Razin’, razin’, razin’ Tourism optimization! Re-captured! 32 turns until Cultural Victory for Siam Poland will go even quicker! Just need to survive those 30-odd turns Kinda scary up here – maybe we hold back a
bit Could even sell something to Songhai… Turns out there’s a market for Shoshone
capital cities Which leads to Poke being less-inclined to
fight us But Siam is resisting the Russian jeans! And all the wars might be on hold now 12 more turns! Nuked most of the areas in preparation 6 turns! Just 6 measly turns! Oooh a Forbidden Palace – vote, vote, vote! Vote for us to win culturally It’s all over! Victory wins us! The motherland calls! How’d she get our
number? Here’s a bunch of numbers We’re number seven! Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch

  1. Jake, you seem like a "pro" civilization v player, so do you know why I can't add spaceship parts to win a science victory? I build them and then it doesn't let me add them on.

  2. You should try an actual playing channel. I wanna learn from you just from watching. I have 600+ hours but still playing King

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