Civ 5 in 6 Mins: Poland Probably Into Space – Civilization V Let’s Play Summary

Poland! Random map Found a place to found Warsaw, maybe a scout
first? A pangea map. Scout it is. Liberty start. I need cities last week. HELIX HELP ME Republic… for that productive feeling Our Ducal Stable comes once we ride horses Ethiopia you just love showing up now don’t
you Collectively Rule the land! Here is some Ducal Stable info. Do research. This is ideal We got them archers too! Archers mean Temple of Artemis access, Krakow
is pretty sad down there It reached out for the salt, Stonehenge is
gone Workers who are expected to work faster They are good little workers! Representation for inspiration To the coast! Finish up the tree meritocratically GREAT an Engineer A nice little empire… I’m in 2nd place Trade begins A great Great Wall hurriedly engineered by
a great Great Engineer Maybe some Mausoleums too NOW we’ll go back to Tradition, grow them
borders Hanging by a moment… in the garden NAH We need soldier statues Oligarchical discount on garrisons The highways will be born, and I’m in first Hey Look – more men! Goodbye Scout I’ll be Notre Damed soon Sooner than later The mountains are rather majestic, eh I think I need these oranges, wait these are
tangelos I want this! Someone wanted it more, I want THESE +10 happiness means we’ll probably stay first
for a while The Pyramids are complete, barely any extraterrestrial
help This will provide some amphitheatres – Krakow
is doing Our Town on Tuesday Trade trade trade, Our army is a little lacking, and Gandhi has
taken control of the board I will land some elite! And bring in some opera houses This Sistine Chapel might get us back on track Maybe Monarchy – illogically logical There is good reason to buy that natural wonder
over there Free Navigation – this brings back memories Hey look – trade opportunities Harbour time With a pinch of rationalization Gimme 6 turns to Industrialize! Libraries, banks, windmills and opera houses
are all amazing We found some Secularists, they’ve really
changed my thinking Customize your very own custom’s house This guy’s gotta get in the borders to upgrade. Gatling Guns mean bullets aplenty A Sovereign state World’s Fair production I suppose… I really
just want to get the army together I picked the cathedral because it was first A university for the smarties Not even close, well kinda close Humanistically close, whatever that means The ultimate in Porcelain products Public School – for ridicule Free thinking school officials will help Academics, aggression, and a stock exchange Our science will be militaristic by tomorrow Radio’s are picking up signals! Finish this tree, it’s a revolution Free dynamite! Do not eat. Patronage for a Forbidden Palace! I think I should build Brandenburg here actually… Ya this feels right Perfect place for a Forbidden palace Fridges in four turns, musicians guild to
the west, and an east coast public school! Plant a hydro plant Bring in that Legion Make my ideology the best ideology Hermitage – nothing to do with hermits Ship by sea Stimulate the music scene Our army is almost fighting-fit More of that ship business Walls… to keep the music in Science science science! We can build the Statue Of Liberty Happily increase the usefulness of the money
marts More culture for the kingdom Research this! Freedom has become number one, now if only
i could. Golden Ages for crazy wages So much music Better golden ages? Of course Goodbye scout, you done good Culture culture culture I’m in first! All it took was combustion My flight is tomorrow but the international
games are today We can afford to buy a few things A happier place Trade isn’t maxed out – fixed More tourism to keep India from winning Put stock in this! I got into the parade! Just in case someone has a death wish I could wait but I want science now We’re closer than ever! Keep ’em grinning The internet in 4 – Gandhi’s tourism is a
bit out of control This could help that science thing Internet done, archive all the things! Money for parts! Money for parts! It is time to shine They world stole my silk! Airports – because flying Trade boost Science boost (5000 beakers worth!) Let’s go part-crazy More science! Shout out to Turing – he gave us our lives Almost time to leave Earth behind Who even cares anymore we are SPACEBOUND Science research learning I will be victorious I’ll pretend the others have a chance But this booster is mine And that hydro plant must be salvaged for
aluminum A friend for the first booster This is also a useful way to get aluminum Booster numero tres Gentleman, start your engines add it! BLAST OFF Anyone know how to land this thing?!


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