Civ 5 in 6 Mins: Deity Drawbacks w/ Japan – Civilization V Gameplay Summary

Oda and Enrico – but on the highest difficulty.
An experiment of sorts. Come on – it’s against Venice And it’s a Hunger Games Japanem Slowly sending soldiers over We come for Venetian labour Maybe the plan won’t work Venice knows how to make a military Should’ve expanded a bit first This military looks useless We demand tribute, or a tribute. I don’t
know exactly. Commence an invasion Light the fields on fire, target luxuries Watch out for Venetians Bring in the back-up Slowly but surely On second thought, retreat! We need composite bowmen He noticed the composite bowmen Don’t worry, Venice is a threat to our existence And they have bonuses! Bring in a Settler Stomp Stomp Stomp Why does Venice have to be so far away? Let’s get closer The Great General might’ve Great Generaled He’s blind and not aware no one is listening This is Osaka! It is Japan’s for all time Like Venice will be Time to shine Where’d the army go? The back-ups might be better left at home Osaka is a silly place Enrico has a puppet Kyoto is full of regret But there’s an eastern watch Venetians will arrive soon Feel it in the air Or is that just the regret Build Notre Dame! Lose more gold! Wait for Enrico It’ll happen Trust me Everybody ration! An army is growing – basically Lord of the
Rings – and no World’s Fair That’s a first The land is quite nice actually Venice is up by 1000 points Don’t worry though, I got a plan It starts with Gunpowder – so 277 turns left Just Kidding – we aren’t even researching
anymore Just enjoying the coast See! Venetians! Two! We’re screwed. Dang! It’s up to you now! See our exhibit down the road from the World’s
Fair Get ‘em while they’re vulnerable Slash soaking wet All good in Japan Do some recon Maybe the army is gone The muffin man isn’t impressed It smarts 1500 points ahead, but the game isn’t over Come at me, Doge! Change of plans: overwhelm the land And stop trying to go near Venice Bowmen, bowmen, bowmen I said don’t go over there! Nooooo! Stay on the west side or else… death Operation: Compose Bows begins The key is unit placement Much better Now triple the men Recruit the depressed athletes Venice has a cockpit? BEEP We have a watermill… almost Need more men Gotta keep Venice back Curiosity might kill the Composite Do you see anything? What was that noise? Do you see anything? The Kyoto protocol is changing the way we
look at Archery Venetians spotted up north! The Scout saw everything Hide behind a tree or something, man Look for a door – speak friend and enter He’s gone, must’ve found the entrance Don’t worry men, a Heroic Epic will be built
in your honour You can all be heroes Looks like you’re about to be one soon They have planes and we… don’t Bowman, plain and tall Turn 502: Venice is still in 1st place He’s a bully with Bombers Perhaps a sneak attack They are stronger according to math It’s a Ford Fiesta I think the key to victory will be roads Roads everywhere Oh, and Samurai! And bowmen Operation Maximize Deficit begins So crazy it just might work Goodbye Infant…ry Safe for now Need more roads, for security Roads mean the composed bows can swiftly run
around Slash run away Don’t make us call in Godzilla He’s around somewhere Roads are artistic Can we sneak ourselves into Venice disguised
as pavers? Might be worth a try What do you mean this game should’ve ended
forever ago? Actually, why isn’t Enrico in space? Could
it be he has no Aluminum? Change of changed plans! Peace won’t happen but neither can space… The Doge needs his shiny materials We might be able to win! Just get out of the gold slump And beeline to Electricity If Venice finds more Aluminum, they’ll take
off Chances are there’s some within reach of
his borders Remove the roads! Feed the new villages We have Machines! Eyck! Making money and funding knowledge Fuel the future Faithful technological advancement Why did we wait so long? Just gotta get a current going Three turns until potential salvation Alright… now where is the metal Is it over here? Enrico… you seem upset Is it because I took the last bit of Aluminum
that was about to be absorbed by your borders? Slash because we’re free? Stay back! This is my city. Nooooooooooo Regrets! Regrets! Regrets! Turn 800 – the Doge is refining We can’t even nuke him And I really thought Japan could win A country rich with history Buried beneath the sands beneath the waters
of Venice Oui oui


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