Civ 5 in 6.5 Mins: Russia’s Rampage – Occupation of Palenque – Civilization V Summary

Russia on a random map! Hello Katy Perry Moscow is rather unexciting Southern Maya! Tradition tree taken Lower tiers are best Horses are our friend Also settle a Mount Ruble to the west There it is Warrior makes a wall. Hundreds of horsemen! Intimidate the enemy A horse wall Finish this tree Russian barracks are special I will not make it easy for the Maya At least occupy the land Battle begins Lots of smoke Pillage Palenque Smash this and that And we’ll just build walls Occupy Palenque Archers can upgrade Perfect place for horsemen to wait Trade is good National College – I hope I don’t forget to
get it built I think I’ll just keep soldiers down there Palenque doesn’t deserve trade anyway Commerce for cash I caught a sneaky Settler Notre Dame in just over 20 turns, can it be
done They don’t need resources anyway Give me your gold and I’ll let you go Building stuff! Workshop to build stuff faster! So many workshops Why not another wonder? Settler will get the furs Internal trade! Cheaper stuff Custom barracks again More culture! Fur Town Hey… you are trouble waiting to happen And the Maya live under smoke Take advantage of the river Give me ALL your money! Maybe I’ll take out the city Angkor Wat so we can express ourselves University time Hey Denmark, Palenque’s already pillaged Harboriffic Such a beautiful southern smoke, I don’t think
I’ll ever leave Palenque Hey the whole ocean is accessible now! Commerce tree, commerce tree! Just occupying Mosques! Golden Ages! Entrepreneurship for money More mosques Production is key Any trade is good actually A happy little empire Worker can chop down some jungle Goodbye science Hello science of my own! Ya, that jungle was really ugly Boom more Golden Age Commerce complete My expansion postponed the National College
a bit The Maya aren’t pleased Claimed some coal That Great Engineer is gonna die I can purchase these guys Pew pew The Citadel looks really nice there actually Maybe peace… Freedom and two free tenets! Another mosque! Longer Golden ages… ya! A Great General? Better kill it Y-Town is rather nice too actually Science boost! Different kind of science boost! Golden Age Please… this is about to get
serious We’ve taken most of our landmass And that land mass too… should settle those
furs though 300 bucks, why not Free tech! Mosque-tastic Fur Town 2.0. No one gets furs but me. Little Russia We have hospitals too Better participate in the non-Olympics Oh great! Luckily Moscow has a lagoon I just want peace! Brandenburg hurried with a Great Engineer?
YA They are mad at my Mayan occupation Various build projects during the war Pew pew pew Tourism is tops These places aren’t really defended But the action is all north anyway Wild barbarians appear! Submarine solution Arsenalize So much boat fights My subs are strong They win every time I don’t have cash to buy ’em protection I wanted to be 1st Now I need a legion There, protect Rostov, ignore Fur Town number
1 My archaeologist was removed from the site Subs could do something! Like destroy a scary boat Research Labs! Protect Fur Town 2.0 I miss occupying Palenque Submarine warfare But… peace! Subs stand together Multiple museums soon Vital subs Maya better stay back Well this is great Just fighting back and forth Get the science in order BOMB Research labs, it’s space time Uh oh We lost a town! We’ll probably lose another Soldiers stay where they are Goodbye Rostov Science science science Increase city strength – take that Carthage Little Russia is also undefended Moscow IS defended So is N-ville We’ll wait it out Workers working’ Hurry the Sydney Opera House Carthage is destroying our oil wells Red arrow of death! CN Tower… Ontariariario Carthage wants Little Russia So much text Goodbye other city You ain’t getting my harbour! I didn’t wanna live down there anyway Golden Age for our three-city empire! Scary boats! We can survive! Railroad in 5 The armada is back Time to be Rational Guns guns gun Subs subs subs Yay negotiations! Never forget faithful engineers! Peace means prosperity! Work boats! Carthage and the Maya are fighting while I
research Humanists! Buying airports keeps tourism under control Lots of airports! So many airports Two turns ’til rockets Peace means not much happens Cockpit to start Hubble Telescope would be useful Golden Age please Tons of science! One turn ’til a telescope Buy boosters! Import one from St. Petersburg So much space ship Particle Physics leads to an engine! One piece to go! Let’s get a culture boost Science gold science Research those last few techs! Please no one attack me! Protect a bit just in case Finish the tree! Finish the tree! Faithful scientist too Nanotech is no problem Last piece! I’m gonna win, I’m gonna win I won! Blast off


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