Civ 5 in 5 Mins: Mononesia – Polynesia OCC – Sid Meier’s Civilization V BNW LP

This is a One City Challenge – because Jeff
told me to – if it all goes horribly wrong, blame Jeff. Movin’ on down Must get all the ruins Hello Honolulu See ya later Gotta figure out what’s around Maybe find an enemy worker Pantheonizing! Chose God King if you’re curious – perfect
for O.C.C.s Shaka might have a worker for me Or perhaps from Songhai Got one – but they killed the military man Then they killed the worker Anyway – in Honolulu there’ll be a Library Friends? You killed the worker I abducted! Gonna send more military might out to fight
the good fight Slash any fight – can’t let Civs thrive We freed a Worker! Now flee from the South
China Sea! Archers – in case of China Nevermind – things should be calm for a bit Build a huge man (the Colossus) Then build a bunch of men (the Terra Cotta
Army) It seems China is guarding the labour Another war begins – I hope it’s not endless One turn ’til Physics, and a Great Engineer
will appear So Notre Dame was built! And now a National
Epic Not never-ending at all – managed to destroy
another worker though One City Challenge means others get bullied Also light up a Lighthouse – for snacking And we’ll need a market – again, for snacking See – it’s food And now – a university See – it’s a university Graduated and went to Oxford for Grad School
– mastering in Acoustics Every turn I check down south for renegade
Settler activity Also part of the whaling trade – #notproud It’s time you did what now? He’s got something else to say, he wrote
it down for me to narrate: Yo – stand back I got weapons and a shield I’m danger I killed a leopard What are you going to do about it? Killing a leopard ain’t easy You gotta charm it Gotta play cat and mouse That’s a bad analogy Anyway – I got weapons I know how to use ‘em Yo where my boys at? I don’t get no respect Well that happened – here is Astronomy and
the Leaning Tower of Pisa being finished Great Engineers bring more Wonders Just stop Shaka, just stop talking Crossbows keep us safe – as will the bank
– in 4 turns On top of that add a Forbidden Palace to ensure
more votes in the congress It’d be cool if expanding was an option
but alas, not today Gotta deal with isolation Actually it’s kinda cool Then again Shaka makes his voice loud and
clear wherever we are And Wu is all about sharing textbooks I removed Beijing’s influence Shaka will be upset if I attack his Settlers
– who actually haven’t tried to Settle over here Archaeologists will be sent out soon 13 turns later still training Archaeologists And Shaka declares war?! Taking to the seas to defend the land is the
only way Get as many as possible Gonna need to fight back Convert their vessels – ultra useful Got an armada! Surround the invader! Going on the offense – wave at China as ya
sail by Down here you’d think the spare tiles would
be claimed by now So many boats of doom to deal with Let this war end! We’re running out of sailors Sing at China – they have to listen Broadcasting on HLLU 93.3 – Hawaii’s #1
smooth jazz mathcore fusion superstation featuring DJ Slide Rule Why are the oceans so dangerous?! Sure lady Got a Settler! It’s a worker now – it’d
be great if Shaka would be cool with a ceasefire Hey look – a ceasefire And a Golden Age And lots of boats Need a Stock Market to make more money – money
means – less stress? Looks like a happy area to call home Can Kremlin-ize if we’re lucky Let this not be sunk Nor this one Even more boats – but not too many boats Need more Tourism opportunities Here’s a chance to ruin China’s day The thing about a One City Challenge is that
captured cities sorta… disappear Instantly. Oh hey – you enjoy the pop music, eh? Who’s
playing? You got Elton? Holy BEEP that’s amazing We have Enheduanna – she’s an Akkadian princess Only 111 turns ’til Victory – China will
wear the jeans! Maybe an attack is in order – speed up that
Culture win Wu already got a win with the World’s Fair So we’ll have to attack Removing Shanghai from existence should teach
her a lesson It was quick, but loud Celebrate by building a bomb A bomb for culture! It’s good to be approved And here’s the rankings – wait, where’s
us 11 – one better than 10


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