Civ 5 in 5 Mins: Kalmar-dified – a Mod – Sid Meier’s Civilization V LP Summary

NO SPACE! NOT THIS TIME SID MEIER We’re in mod-land, and there are Large Islands
– call me Margaret The Kalmar union – they have big Baltic Warships
while the Church is Round and good for gold This is where we will live – mountains are
tough to come by Monuments must be built now that Tradition
was nerved – see Patch Notes version Anyway – look up, way up And find a unit-friendly Natural Wonder And the Pope’s house White smoke? They’ve chosen a new Pope! The smoke clears over Stockholm Siam says hi As does Enrico We saved a Worker from the Vatican and now
the Pope is angry He got angrier Not unhappy and there are unclaimed Bananas
– Banana? Banana! The Round Church will come to order Money will go to others There’s Brazil and William of the Netherlands
too The religion is complete Complete with a Grand Temple – in 8 turns At this point the Vatican will forget about
all past wrong-doings And a Harbor connects the coasts A spare Settler camps out in the field while
Astronomy is figured-out The Vatican will fall to Venice eventually You can Bank on that And found a city up North There’s not much land to go around nearby Plenty of Research Agreements though The clergy is tense And an Inquisitor appeared just in time to
scare away the Venetian Missionary Industrial – that means there’ll be violence
soon Going to need some War Boats And can’t let Culture be ignored The holy buildings bring all sorts of yields Margaret completed Macbeth – how ambitious The Public Schools can appreciate all the
Shakespeare we generate Maybe someone can write about Cathedrals,
or Monasteries Just a World’s Fair aka the Hunger Games Stockholm is stock exchanging while Oslo needs
Walls and a Castle Picking Order and making Brazil discontent
would be the best idea Just install a conflicting World Ideology! Also Hotels help Be all we can be in the Armory Oxford will teach us about Penicillin It’s free from the clinic This Brazilian Settler spends its spare time
in the Venetian sea Submarines can sink it if we go to war with
Brazil Or maybe we’ll go to war with Venice – if
the price is right – it wasn’t No one wanted to see Venice get attacked so
I’m stuck dealing with the lack of smiles There – the empire is alright And Brazil is friendly – the Settler is safe Everyone else beware – we got Gatling Guns Sorry but that’d be the dumbest thing to
do ever The research is ready! Turns out there’s a bit of radioactive geology
– and Silver was banned I’d feel bad for the Dutch since they traded
me Spices for Silver but their unique ability can handle it – You see, Siam got to the nearby Spice first Castles are upgraded next turn Optimize the Tourism output Initialize more shared studies It’s important to time the end of Rationalism
with the availability of Satellites And make sure there’s a Great Engineer for
the Hubble! Only 4 turns remain until two Bill Nye the
Science Guys Utilized the Uranium but the world isn’t
aware yet – so many friends Now everyone is afraid, but Tourism continues
to grow Don’t be afraid of education! Do be afraid of Venetian athletes – they aren’t
human Someone finally paid me to get belligerent
with Venice So drop a nuke on the Vatican I’m not sure what he’s saying because
I can’t really read good but thank you National Visitor Center means we’ll need
a wall to shield tourists from the Vatican He asked for a ceasefire, but he means gunfire Shots fired Holy new city, Batman Batman mentioned a new breakthrough at the
technology division of Wayne Enterprises Someone’s attacking Brazil and the Stock
Exchange still isn’t done in Stockholm Might as well launch our own assault Whoosh Glub Glub Might as well claim some of the new landmass It’s too easy – and there’s a Stonehenge The druids were actually trying to build Stone-Venn-ge And now I see a disappointed face – moving
on Brazil holds back on the conversion But resistance is – not gonna work Honey, I shrunk Brazil Honey, I blew up and lost – not done yet though ONE MORE TURN Operation defend Scandinavia First thing’s first: Citadel our way into
William’s Brazilian Deer – hit him where it hurts Then nuke the Venetians Yes, yes, William, Disney can rival Pixar
– let it go The XCOMs are ready to take over Did I mention everyone else is attacking? Seems I made some enemies The world slowly collapses There are a lot of angry boats Future tech won’t help There is hope for the others Sometimes the AI is a bully It’s equilibrium in action A lot of the land is on fire The villagers are fleeing Oslo goes to Wiliam Siam’s new home is Stockholm Our fate is undecided But we’ll be learnin’ a new language Any last wishes? Maybe we’ll order pizza? If we pick it up we save the delivery fee Sorry just trying to ignore the fact our new
capital is Brazilian A smokey Brazil But Brazil nonetheless This world is on fire I keep on wondering when this will end Building a Shrine because it’s a puppet
and I have no control over it I could annex but why – the screen is fading
– it must be the end – thanks for watching!


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