Civ 5 in 5 Mins: How To Get 200 Happiness – Polynesia Civilization V BNW LP Summary

Turn 1. Don’t ask what difficulty. Scout those seas! Write down writing Weaponize Legalize Animalize Land the elite Ancient era complete Monarchize Compromise If only we could philosophize Dream of engineering Mathematics we are fearing Work the land! Gotta expand! Library and walls next turn National college where tuition will burn The Great Lighthouse could play a role Let’s go settle the cold north pole! Nice hat, you are so pretty Machu Pichu in my city? Two wonders are expected! Additionally the north will be connected These fish could be selected… We’ll need lots of nets! And pyramids we gets Here comes a boat And another A northeastern one So many boats Printing Press means religion gets stronger I really would like it, I can’t wait much
longer Read what you must We are star dust Temples are useful, we need Great People and that Sistine Chapel has one kick-ass steeple Railroads ensure happiness from each castle, Attila banned my salt, he is such an BEEP Harbors to focus on city connection Porcelain tower next turn? Pardon my BEEP And now the rationalism tree is complete 69 happiness is quite the feat Settling here strictly to be annoying Little do they know I’ll soon be destroying The citadel will ensure this coal is Polynesian And water mills mean happiness for some BEEPING
reason Wonders and some research labs, happiness
at 85 Atomic Theory will BEEP BEEP up and enemy
scores will take a dive! There is some uranium, just head that direction The archaeologist digs BEEP up, maintaining
my BEEP Uranium in the snowy mist Exploring every orifice. The Scientist is expended Cities totally defended But this is not the end! Bring in the marines! They’ll be back up for… Polynesian Giant Death Robots! Everybody was Robot Fighting Huh! Who’s pretty now! Stomp stomp Crush crush Pillage the village! BEEP YEAH gimme your cities I am the puppet master! Hey Spain you bojo! Hoverboards don’t work
on water and peace treaties expire! BEEP the honour tree Goodbye Isabella Crash smash Puppet permanently Secure Seville Adios Close in on the others! More happiness! Must get over 200 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED BEEP YEAH BEEP BEEP U BEEP Die you stupid BEEP farm Ya that felt good You get a city! And you get a city! We get all of Attila’s cities! Knock knock Mr. Kahn You won’t be destroying BEEP Prepare your BEEP Stealth bombers bomb Polynesian victory number 2! But wait, there’s more BEEEEP BEEP BEEP I can congratulate myself But I’m never sure BEEP


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