Civ 5 in 5 Mins: Denmark Disembarked – Sid Meier’s Civilization V Brave New World LP

And we’re back… let’s attempt some aggression
as the Danes – Archipeli-Denmark – there will be lots of WAR – with Germany – and Kurt Wagner
– and Iron Man – and Butters Harald has two mountains to the south What a wonderful world Building a Monument because a Scout won’t
go far Our Warrior’s name is Xena He’s a dude though Soon there’ll be more food Copper and Bananas aplenty Gonna go on a boat The boat boats away Making another boat Now it’s time for a Temple of Artemis attempt #OneMoreTurn to complete Sorta Settling too late An eastern town exists As does war between Denmark and Germany Why? Because Munich. Need a bit more time to get ready But then we’re movin’ in! And it’ll be a success next time ‘Cause there’s a Great Wall Everyone moves down to attack the tile Slowly the Germans succumb to the violence Could puppet but I think razing is a better
idea Ya – razing… still want the land though So we sent a Settler down south And happiness isn’t being managed – people
are going berserk There’s a lot of space to traverse before
we can attack the Brazilians Maybe we’ll be friends for a bit Also Taoist An army sneaks in, and a pathetic navy Almost thought this would work There should have been more military It seems Salvador has no trouble keeping itself
secure Back in Denmark, there’s a new Grand Temple,
in Spanish that’s Temple Grande Kaupang has a Cargo Ship We’re number 6 for Smiles Just 2 unhappiness though – that’s good
for us War comes from Brazil! Ahhh Gonna need to submerge Can’t lose a city to Pedro – so sell it
to Venice Come on man, offer stuff! Please? I got him down to 7 gold, come on lucky number
7 He took 6 – anyway we happy now And Brazil friendly now Generally feeling musical and in harmony Kinda wish there was less Venice though Gonna get a Broadcast Tower and tell the world Also ordered in some Order to deal with the
lack of smiles Life is better now – that we’re guarded
by a navy of Submarines Rome is Friendly and wants to kill Enrico
– but I couldn’t do it Then I wanted to do it a few turns later and
he declined So life was devoted to enjoying the peace Schools went up and the French didn’t attack
or anything Seems we’re intimidating enough Could’ve used that Hermitage a few turns
ago – it’s 1954, like 200 years late The square empire is mighty in it’s math Brazil is the only one with power tools or
something They think they’re so cool with their Roman
acquisition Meanwhile we’re being intimidated by Bismarck Stay back Bismarck, stay back! Gonna need some Satellites and a Hubble before
war Come on Uranium, gotta get a new set of glassware I’m wearing the jeans? Uh oh – must reverse
the trend Rome has denounced Brazil and we’re just
sitting here making subs I actually like the square view better But focus should be on the grand opening of
Oxford’s Danish campus Pre-free-Internet we are both Popular and
Exotic Post-free-Internet – ya, not much changed But this foolish man gave up Uranium And IGNORE THE LOSS Hey look – a Hospital! and Brazil took Venice The French wear OUR jeans! Lookin’ fine
Mr. France Now we avenge Venice! The military gets mightier But Brazil did some nuking So we avenged ourselves! Should’ve built a Bomb Shelter Should always Plunder Trade Routes As well as any aquatic improvements Investing in that Bomb Shelter before we’re
blown-up again I’m pretty sure it’ll re-occur There’s all sorts of attacks with each click
of the button The waves are our friend! There’s some extra Science – we’re saved It’ll zip us to Nanotech, right? Goodbye Helicopter Gunship! Hello unattainable Uranium If only we could enrich the fallout Finally he’s alright with not destroying
Denmark Now it’s a rebuild year Gonna need Trade and stuff Stuff being Pedro’s Uranium Making XCOM squads and Atomic Bombs Also attacking Germany because I’ve had
enough of Germany The plan: pillage everything to send a message Whoosh The new plan: don’t let the Germans invade
us And pillage all their tiles Over here is basically a barbecue All of Germany is under siege Ja Wha? You barely exist as a Civ right now Auggie How rude – we’re invading There’s still too much Rome on this map Remember when he wanted me to go to war, then
I didn’t, then I wanted to, and he didn’t… like come on Gonna remove Rome and see how the world reacts Attacks from land and air work together This is getting depressing again Goodbye Mr The Terrible! Now – who to target next? Let’s see who
disagrees with our way of life My oh my – nothing but Friends – so who am
I to attack ‘em? See ya later!


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